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RSS: Spearheading the ‘National Renaissance’! Biases in Hinduism Studies: PART-I Power centers and Power brokers
Time to Revamp Indian Democracy? Generation "Vice" and Kamasutra In India, a man from a high caste is never punished.
Plainspeaking the US State Department Will US back Pakistan, If Hostilities break out Austerity and the Secular Hindu Religio
Will BJP let Uma in? How can India Defeat Militant Islam? What are India's national security interests?
Know More About the RSS Arise, Awake to Safeguard Dharma Incorrect interpretation : Concentration camp
Repealing POTA would prove to be a suicidal act Gandhi`s grandson and Gaza Varna Vyavastha: Class System of Vedic Society
Is Parthiv Patel playing his last Test? November 2004 Elections IN US Protestant Pedagogues Peeved at Protest Against Porn
Biases in Hinduism Studies: PART-III The Shambles of our Education System My Phone Bill and India`s Elections
India & Hinduism - Perspective Peace activists or Terrorists’ enablers? US Should stay in Iraq and Make it a Role Model
Advani faces an uphill task A Solution for the Kashmir Problem Congress-led coalition: a stooge of Islamists?
Manipur: Repealing AFSPA, not a solution! The Art of War on Terror Can India afford this?
US Elections: Hard Choices for Indian Americans Will US dump Pakistan Eventually as an Ally? Citizens’ role in India’s war on terror
Indian virtues pre-date ‘secularism’! India?s Options to Pakistan?s Nuclear Threat India 2015
Biases in Hinduism Studies: PART-II Why I Refuse to Condemn Post-Godhra Riots Did Modern Values Enrich Cultural values?
Election in India and After-effects

Indian Democracy – Large but in poor health

BJP heading for a doom?
Olympic Success- A Realistic and Necessary Dream BJP protests too much India's Vedic History / Holocaust Museum
Brave American Soldiers - An Analysis Let`s Call it Post-Godhra Riots The clout of Sonia Gandhi
Dynamics of Proselytizing All roads lead to India villages Mandate for Indo-Pak peace settlement
Pakistan ki Gulami Din Resurgence of Bengal Economy: Myths, Reality & Future Pakistan's Cost to Build Nuclear Bomb
Fake Historians & Sold Media India commits not to Israel but to Muslim World Globalisation: Gandhian Perspectives
The Conflict of Chechnya: The cause Bribes to Indian Congress Party My personal experiences with Palestinians