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  Need for a Robust Publishing House  


By: G.P.Srinivasan
May 19, 2007
iews expressed here are authorís own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


In the last five years, we have seen many issues cropping up suddenly, like the book on Ganesa by Paul Cartwright, a book on Chatrapathy Shivaji by Laine, California Text book scam, the Indo Euroasian, yahoo groups dedicated to denigrating Hindus and Hinduism, assault on Thirumala, Ram sethu, and the recent assault by Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere, which has seen most Hindus crawling and few self respecting Hindus putting up a spirited defense.

A quick visit, if anyone wants to verify facts, is to go into a well stocked library, and check in the colonial section, that houses ancient books and documents and travelogues and missionary literature to check for the extent of attack, verbally and in writing, that is still available for scrutiny going on for at least 500 years.

Both Swami Vivekanada and Gandhi were victims of these vicious attacks and propaganda.. Late Marie Lousie Burke has documented these attacks on Vivekananda in her monumental her "New Discoveries". Every one is aware of the comment that Mahatma Gandhi made regarding Ms.Mayo"s report as a "Drain Inspectors report".

In this context there is an unusual report like Sir John Woodroffe's reply to Mr.William Archers book " India and the Future", that deserves commendation. William Archer wrote "India as a whole to be in the state of Barbarism" was given a fitting reply by another Britisher, who was a Judge of the Calcutta High Court and known for his books on "Shakatism", but not this book, a small book on his reply to William Archer is not known to many..

A random survey of Missionary websites, point out though the language has changed , the attitude Christianity has towards Hinduism has not changed. A German Arch Bishop has published a document saying that the teachings of Satya Sai Baba is the foremost enemy for the Propagation of Roman Catholic doctrines.

Sanal Edamaruku, who claims himself to be rationalist and gets interviewed on Indian TVs, says in his so called Rationalist website Bulletin # 53 (29 October, 2000), under caption, "NOW IT IS SAI BABA"S TURN!" by Sanal Edamaruku, says :

" Many of India's high profile super god men are closing down their shops. Swami Sadachari, once spiritual advisor and tantric of many top politicians including Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister, has been in jail for running a brothel, following his exposure by Indian Rationalists. Gone with the wind is Swami Premananda, again to jail, following sex scandals including rape charges. Chandraswami, master mind behind the "milk miracle" who had India's top politicians including former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao at his finger tip, faces charges of bribery and cheating. One fine day all of them lose their divine magic and the golden aura around them turns dirty grey. The rest is police business, court procedure, media sneer and silence. Now it seems to be Sathya Sai Baba's turn."

He does not say anything about the much advertised Christian Miracles performed by every Tom Dick and Harry ministries that have mushroomed all over the country, under the flagship of the multimillion dollar Pat Roberson's GOD TV. Pat Robertson is on record for having said that he wanted to Bomb the US State Department. Pat Roberson in the 700 Club called Hindus worshipping devil and must leave America. He is known to have indulged in large financial deals with African Dictators. His God TV and Angel partnerships have become a source of pseudo miracles, that does not attract the investigation by Pseudo-Rationalists like Sanal Edamarukku. http://www.rationalistinternational.net/archive/en/rationalist _2000/53.htm

John Woodroffe says "William Archer finds "India in a state of Barbarism". " what does it matter if he says so, said an Indian to me, adding , This is the only long list of misunderstanding works abusive of our country and its culture". Woodroffe writes " Yet this indifferent attitude is a mistake. India cannot at the moment allow any charges against her to go unanswered". The Christian Missionary still carries on a warfare against Hinduism "...is largely due to inherent biases inherited by them..." Asiatic converts are denationalized"... A meaner form of racial antagonism is racial jealously which manifests amongst others, in the orient lists of lower mind and which is cause of constantly belittling of things Indian...".

This he writes in 1919. " the British had fostered bias anything Indian. In one case of which i am informed there was Indian opposition in an Indian University to the appointment of a lecturer of Indian Philosophy of a mere native pundit. It was apparently thought that even Indian Philosophy requires an English education before it can be taught and understood." (In this context one can place Sir Joh Woodroffe in the category of Sister Nivedita, Swami Devananda, Sri David Frawley, and Francois Gautier, though born in western countries have been defending Hinduism.)

Is it not surprising though the British have left, the attitudes they created are still at large and alive and kicking. These attitudes are allowed to be perpetuated by institutions that were created by them. In this context, Hindus need to give vigorous replies at all levels both in India and abroad especially in Academic Studies, Colleges and Schools.

In this context the need for collaboration between nationalistic minded Scholars and wealthy individuals is the need of the hour. They have to come together to set up publishing houses, start TV Stations News papers and also strengthen the existing media.

Rare Book Under Scrutiny -IS INDIA CIVILISED By SIR JOHN WOODROFFE Published by Ganesh & Co 2nd Edition 1919.


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