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  Anarchist Losers Attack American College Students – And Flunk As Usual  


By: Ari Saja
May 07, 2007
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


It was the anarchist’s ultimate nightmare. A Report, all formatted and numbered and spell-checked. A grand gala Press Conference laid out at a safe house within easy reach of the New York anarchist community and paparazzi. Timed for April 15, when productive people would be too busy with their tax forms. Comrade anarchists all set with copies of the Report, ready to flood the internet’s 400-plus anarchist sites to make noise.

And then – WHAMMED! A blizzard in New England. Floods in New York ensured that the “Press Conference” was essentially empty. And then, worse. A co-anarchist chose April 16 to upstage them by murdering thirty-two innocents at a college in Virginia, in the name of Religion. No one wanted to hear about the Comrades” Report.

The anonymous anarchist authors got desperate, as evident from the following post on an anarchist forum: note the date – and the future tense of the “will release”. Desperation.

From: mathew@rider.edu
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 14:18:37 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: PRESS ALERT: ( bowbowbowbow! Bow bow! Hiss! Braaay!) says new report from ( Hiss! Bray! Whine! Whine! )17362 Boston Road, Hayward, CA 94541
bowbowbowbow! Hiss! Bray! Bow Bow !
Bray! Hiss! Whine! Whine!
says New Report
For More Info call 512 786 1862 or 917 232 8437…
New York , Friday, April 13, 2007: The bow wows of bow-wow-wow
will release a new report, … on Sunday,
April 15, 2007.

As Michael Jackson used to say: “Sad! Saaad! Soooo Saaaad!” Coming so soon after Mr. Mathew got kicked out of Stanford University (see “Stanford kicks FOSA out” ) , this must have been quite shattering.

What is “YSS”?
“YSS” stands for “Youth Solidarity Summer”. It is an event organized by the PROXSA. That apparently stands for “Progressive South Asians” abbreviated by the spelling-challenged anarchists who are also unable to figure out that April 15 in New York is hardly “summer”. Other names (as numerous as caves in Tora Bora ) are: “FOSA” (Friends of South Asia) and “FOIL” (Faculty of Inane Losers? Forum of Inquilabi Leftists?) The latter is so obviously redundant. Ever heard of such silly “Revolutionaries” advertising themselves as Rightist or Centrist? So it must be a cover for the former. Still others are ICA, NRI-SAHI, Promise of India, CAG, CIIS, CSFH (Communist Student and Faculty Hate-mongers), and SACW (South Asian Communist Web). Their sponsors include the Pakistan ISI that created the Al Qaeda and the Lashkar-e-Toiba, the Khalistan terror group, the Oberlin Shansi Foundation related to China, the NorthStar Fund, the “Resist Foundation” and as-yet-unearthed sponsors of lawlessness. They are Protest Organizers, right-wing Christian fundamentalists and South Asian Anarchists, a gang who sit and fume that the world has passed them by. This was a major event of the anarchists in America, because they rarely manage to get out of bed long enough to organize the event. Apparently, “YSS” is a modern-day commemoration of the bygone days of Woodstock, the annual drunken bashes of the Student Federation of India and the Democratic Youth Federation of India, or the Naxalite terrorist Conventions, or the annual Lahore Convention of the Lashkar-e-Toiba where Osama bin Laden gave his infamous “Kill Americans” speech. Similar gang orgies have been attempted, for instance in San Francisco. An Eyewitness Account:

“Many of the conference participants didn’t even have clue hat “progressive” or “radical” means. A girl even asked this same question twice during various panels, but they went largely unanswered by the esteemed comrades of Biju Mathew and Vijay Prasad.

This conference had representation from about 10-15 various communist organizations. Most of these organizations have members in single digit (numbers) and they work unregistered to remain unnoticed from US Government.

I talked to one guy, who told me that they send money to Calcutta through Hawala Channels … not through Official channels like Banks etc. According to him, they do it save overhead. My guess is that they do it to avoid detection by India Gov’t for cases such as Nandigram… .. Many couldn’t even find the conference event venue, for some it took an hour or they had to ask 20 people for directions!”

Those were the ones who showed up. For many, 20 was the limit of their counting ability. Some may still be wandering around looking for New York.

The Toddler “Professors” of YSS
The term “Youth” is as delusional as the “Progressive” in PROXSA. Mr. Mathew is an aging agitator festering in the optimistically-named “Rider University” in a dingy New Jersey suburb. Mathew is very young indeed - compared to the Politburos of the former Soviet Union, Red China or West Bengal.

Another “youth” of YSS is Usha Zacharias of Westfield College. She was the Editor of “Ghadar”, the “journal” of the PROXSA, in 2002, when, after several years of oblivion, they suddenly got rich and rushed an issue out with unseemly urgency, citing an urgent need to get organized. That was just 3 weeks before the Godhra atrocity of February 28, 2002. Why the urgency? One might well ask as well, how this gang came to be at Oberlin College for an International Conference called “Siting Secularism in India”, just 2 weeks after February 27, in time to pass a resolution condemning the government of India for the riots in Gujarat resulting from the February 27 atrocity. Their benefactor, the Oberlin Shansi Foundation, purportedly operates a Chinese-culture exchange program, including in Tami Nadu, and is approved by the Chinese government for operation in China since the late 1990s. Their interest in siting "secularism" in India is interesting, given their Xtian Missionary nature.

The saying “ain’t no spring chicken” does come to mind. Behind a Hindu-sounding name and Communist pretences, Zacharias comes with impeccable Soul-Saving family credentials. This rather than any Communist convictions, may account for the intense bigotry against people of other religions. Daddy “Ravi” Zacharias is said to run a massive White Shoes Preacher operation. It is hard to find evidence that Zacharias’ intellectual achievements run to anything better than joining gangs that attack leprosy patients, orphans and college students. This raises some interesting questions about the Westfield State College top Administration.

Mathew and Zacharias share another credential. Someone remarked a few years ago that both of these have been routinely inflating their credentials. Both have often described themselves as “Professor” in public representations of their credentials, though neither has ever achieved a rank beyond associate professor. As that author pointed out, this is far worse fraud than someone claiming to have a 4-year degree that they never earned. Apparently someone pointed this out to Mr. James Castagnera, then Asst. Provost of Rider University. His excuse nearly sent the recipient to hospital with a rib injury: Rider has almost no real full professors, so they allow their “senior faculty” (the young Biju) to pose as “professor”! Presumably this has the effect of conning students into paying fees and enrolling at Rider, hoping to be taught by real professors. Elsewhere, we see Mr. Castagnera waxing pompous about the lack of rigorous academic standards in India (!!!)Perhaps his evidence is the standard of his “senior” “professors” who came from India? Can’t say that I blame him.

As for Zacharias, she is a “professor” and Chair of Communications but apparently unable to see the need for accuracy in describing her own rank – she’s been fraudulently claiming authority, posing as “professor” since she was a first-year assistant professor. Westfield College is another Center of Excellence for Ethics in American education, no doubt, if those are the standards of a “Department Chair”.

Yet another YSS “youth” is Shaikh Ubaid, the President of the Indian Muslim Council whose top office-holders included the founder of the SIMI (Student Islamic Movement of India ) a declared terrorist organization in India. The IMC invited Khalistan terrorist organization representatives as invited speakers to a recent annual Convention. The SIMI is “credited” with bombing commuter trains, starting communal riots, and such other pleasantries. The South Asia Terrorism Portal has this to say: “The SIMI, an organisation of young extremist students has declared Jihad against India, the aim of which is to establish Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam) by either forcefully converting everyone to Islam or by violence.” Obviously, exemplary “youth” to inspire American college students!

Ubaid is also a senior member of the “IndiaUnity” Yahoo group, which is about as concentrated a congregation of Marxist, Al Qaeda and other terrorist gangs as can be imagined. The group routinely posts long rants from Maoists about the need to destroy India, America and other democracies. One postor with the ID “Kaleem .K..” there once bragged about how he is able to stop communal riots swiftly by calling the right people in Uttar Pradesh, of course raising the obvious question of how much control he has on starting them as well. The IndiaUnity gang is run by one Satinath Choudhary, whose claim to notoriety is that he was stopped by security officers when he rushed towards the podium to attack India’s President Abdul Kalam at a public function honoring the Indian diaspora. In the US, he would most likely have been shot by the Secret Service or at least incarcerated for a long time, but in India he was correctly diagnosed in time and merely tossed out.

Ashwini Rao, recent President of YSS, is still listed as an assistant professor of psychology since 2001, despite some 14 or more years of floating around the academic environment in India and the US. Most universities expect Assistant Professors to go “up or out” in 4 to 5 years. Given Rao’s thin record of research publication and grant productivity, it is easy to see why he would seek to rule the roost at a losers’ convention such as YSS.

Mr. Raja Swamy, who appears to have been a “graduate student” in anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin in 2005, but then was listed as a graduate student in anthropology at Michigan State University in 2006 (indicating another “up or out”) is now listed as an Education assistant at Wesleyan College, a small outfit in Connecticut. If he has any intellectual achievements outside of writing anarchist rants, he prefers to shield those from public view.

Academic Freedom of Thought, FOIL-Berkeley Style
Another YSS/FOIL “youth” is Snehal Shingavi. In May 2002 he was described as “Snehal Shingavi, 26, a fifth-year graduate student in English, who will be teaching an undergraduate English class”. Mr. Shingavi was described elsewhere in May 2002, as “..Snehal Shingavi, the UC Berkeley English grad student whose freshman composition courses are more invested in indoctrinating students than in teaching them to write”. The University of California Chancellor Robert Berdahl was quoted as saying in apology for the quality of his work: "It is not appropriate for an academic class to discourage or exclude anyone from attending on political grounds ...That is very objectionable. The discourse cannot be constrained by the political perspective of an instructor." The English department had to hurriedly promise corrective action.

In October 2006 he was described as: “Snehal Shingavi is a PhD candidate in English Literature at UC Berkeley.” That would make it 9 years as a graduate student in 2006. Good thing YSS members have trouble counting past 10. Past Achievements of the FOIL/PROXSA/YSS

Here are some of the FOIL/PROXSA/FOSA/YSS’ previous achievements:
1.Inspiring American Students: Biju Mathew, on his official faculty website at Rider, for many years, asked his students to be inspired by the UNABOMBER, a terrorist in America of the 1980s. And he was soliciting funds from students (probably in exchange for grades, given the rest of Rider University’s evident standards) for an Indian couple paid by the Congress Party to foment communal riots, to help them maintain their idle lifestyle in Juhu, the Mumbai equivalent of Beverly Hills. This website was taken off-line in 2005 after well-wishers instructed Rider’s President on how to view their own web pages. 2.Raising Funds for Charity: The YSS in 2005 (led by Ashwini Rao) was still collecting money through Biju’s “SINGH FOUNDATION”. “SINGH” is a setup designed to fool nostalgic supporters of the defunct Khalistan terrorist group (that caused over 20,000 deaths and assassinated Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and bombed an Air India Boeing 747, killing 347 innocents including many Americans) into giving money for anti-India causes. SINGH;s is known for it’s 52 percent “administrative overhead”. Its only evident “charitable” activities are to collect money for anarchists to travel around and spread their message of “peace and love”. 3.Brilliant Logic: In 2002, Biju led the FOIL gang in claiming, in another “Report”, that the India Development and Relief Fund was set up “for the sole purpose of funding hatred” - against Muslims and Christians. Against Christians, because they funded the Meerut Medical Center - an arm of the Presbyterian Church of North America! Against Muslims because they rushed $25,000 to the families of New York firefighters killed in the World Trade Center in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Reason? “The victims were mostly non-Muslim, and the perpetrators were all Muslims!”.

So now, dear Reader, watch out! If you donate a penny to help the families shattered by the FOIL’s anarchist buddy in Blacksburg, Virginia, you are ANTI-CHRISTIAN by Mr. Mathew’s Rider University “logic”: The victims included innocents of several faiths, while the PERPETRATOR WAS CHRISTIAN! Why, he even “gave witness” like they do in the Presbyterian Churches, that he murdered all those innocents in cold blood, shooting each victim multiple times, in order to “DIE LIKE JESUS CHRIST to inspire generations of the weak!” That he was more likely brainwashed by whatever the likes of Zacharias or Shingavi do in the classroom, or by what he saw on some movie or website like Mathew’s Unabomber page, is another matter.

Urging Mass Suicide: Vijay Prashad of Trinity College
Speaking of inspiration for youths, the FOIL’s Founder, along with Biju, is Vijay Prashad, another “Professor” – at Trinity College, Connecticut. An outfit where rich parents pay something on the order of $40K per year tuition for their kids who can’t get into professional colleges, to drive up in their BMWs to hear Prashad rant about the Revolution to Liberate the Struggling Masses. Prashad’s most famous book is an appeal to Indian-Americans to (drumroll and the sound of machine guns, please) “COMMIT SUICIDE” because he can’t stand the thought that they are a law-abiding, hard-working, peaceful “MODEL MINORITY”. Sound advice indeed, to impressionable students and wannabe mass-murderers. Probably representative of what “Youth Solidarity Summer” tries to convey.

Protectors of The Working Class
Not so long ago, Prashad was gushing praise for the Communist government of West Bengal in India, after a sponsored tour as VIP guest of that gang. To read his article in “People’s Democracy”, one would think the place was Utopia itself. Last month, the Communists continued their rape and mass murder of villagers in Nandigram, West Bengal, because these villagers dared to stand up and refuse to let the communist leaders grab their land. Prashad who had written previously in praise of North Vietnamese dictator Ho Chi Minh (“Red Salute to Uncle Ho”), had no comment on the honesty of his writings. The murderers and rapists in Nandigram were the Maoists – the same gangs that Mathew and Prashad have visited often for their annual terrorist convention to celebrate murdering policemen and other innocents. Oh! I miswrote. They DID come out with a “Statement by Left Intellectuals on Nandigram Incident”, co-authored by Vijay Prashad’s gang. Presumably authored by the same worthies who authored the YSS LyRs’ Report, going by the reader comments.

A post from one of their insiders who actually appears to have a conscience in response to that Statement, gave the first indications in the US of what Vijay Prasahd’s and Biju Mathews’ Utopian Maoists of West Bengal have been up to recently. I had to edit out certain parts in the interest of decency. The YSS was probably not able to include this piece of truth in their proceedings, or in their Report. (Note for those unfamiliar with Indian political history: CPM stands for Communist Party (Marxist), the party that has ruled West Bengal for many decades, enforcing election victories the old-fashioned Communist way – see description below of what happened to the poor villagers who tried to voice protests against their homes and livelihood being bulldozed for the cause of a Marxist deal with some corporation, conducted in blatant violation of Indian law. This is a rare account from the “insiders” on what really goes on in West Bengal).

“From: Arun Shrivastava
Date: Mar 27, 2007 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: [GRASSROOTS-in-action] A Statement by "Left" intellectuals on Nandigram Incident
To: GRASSROOTS-in-action-owner@googlegroups.com
Dear friends
The utterly disgusting bunch of "leftist intellectuals" listed below should be as much condemned by the people of India as Anup Agrawal [DM of Medinipore] and the police officials and CPM goons who committed the 21s century Jallianwalla Bagh masasacre at Nandigram. At least General Dwyer did not rape women, nor did he tear children apart between their legs and threw them in the well of the Bagh. That is "Indian Special." And also "CPM Special." Let us all, all over India, celebrate this new post modern method of torture by CPM goons and laud the left intellectuals for their cosmic LIE.
… (edited out due to decency concerns..)… Oh, I forget, why do we at all call these dregs of the society, intellectuals? Why should "all" bloody-minded dessicated, metamorphosed, brain-dead, intellectually challenged MARXISTS [never mind their posts in JNU, which itself has regressed into a cow shed . … (edited due to decency concerns..).] be called "intellectuals?"
… (edited for brevity and relevance)

Freudian Landslide: The LyRs’ Report. Written By LyRs. For LyRs. The FOIL’s self-described Spokesman “Ra” Ravishankar (apparently even three-letter first names have to be reduced these days to help FOIL/YSS readers) clarified the YSS authors’ profession in a classic Freudian landslide when he called it, “The LyRs’ Report”. This still left its precise authorship unspecified. Judging by the FOIL’s previous “reports”, this was probably because it was mostly plagiarized from assorted websites.

Mr. Ravishankar himself was listed as a graduate student at University of Illinois in 2004, but of late, his writing is mostly confined to the FOIL’s “Ghadar” and the interIIT gossip forum. An exchange there revealed why – other members cited published news reports of his career as a columnist for the Illinois student newspaper being cut short by a less-than-honorable discharge. Mr. Ravishankar called these reports “false” but refused to discuss them, even as he condemned the Hindu students for not bothering to “respond” to the “charges” in the LyRs’ Report.

So what exactly was this grand LyRs’ Report about? Sorry, it was way too boring to more than skim. The theme appeared to be some Earth-shattering Revelation like:



What an amazing finding! One wonders if it occurred to these Einsteins that the parents of many of those students came from India? Isn’t that AWESOME for a Report generated with such fanfare by several such “young” University “Professors”? What a credit to RIDER “university” and WESTFIELD “College”!

The contrast between the aging, pompous losers of the YSS, and the bright, decent, hardworking, law-abiding college students of the Hindu Students’ Council, could not be more stark. The Hindu-American students, many of whom had been busy trying to console and help the survivors and bereaved family members in the Blacksburg shooting, had been too busy to have seen the LyRs’ Report. Their reaction was, as expected, a bemused but disinterested “What was that? Sorry we’re too busy for such stuff – gotta study for Finals next week!”. The YSS, of course, does not worry about such things as exams, given their ambitions of being “graduate students” in English or Anthropology for the next decade or two. Or three. Can’t count beyond that anyway.

Is it any wonder then that the aging losers chose the YSS’ bash to launch their “Report” gushing hate at the HSC kids? That the muggers’ gang was led by a Department Chair of Communications at Westfield College, and an Associate Professor of Rider University, says it all for those places of “higher education”.

Ari Saja

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