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  NGOs, subversive activists and foreign funds  


By: V Sundaram, IAS, Retd.
March 27, 2007
iews expressed here are authorís own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


I am quite amused though not surprised by the recent statement of Fr Jegath Gasper Raj, a Catholic priest who had recently collaborated with Kanimozhi, daughter of Chief Minister Karunanidhi in organizing the recently concluded Chennai Sangamam in collaboration with Tamil Maiyam - ostensibly a cultural festival�which was held in Chennai city. He has said that some jealous and vested interests are responsible for the recent allegations that he is closely associated with the LTTE. To quote his own words, "if there is a strategy aimed at weakening the LTTE hoping to gain advantage at negotiating with the Tamils that would end in a disaster. The Tigers will never negotiate from a position of weakness. And the Tamils world over hold the view that the LTTE is their last Defense. I also hold that view. Definitely the LTTE has a streak of totalitarianism but I do not subscribe to the view that it is fatalistic. It has certainly shown intolerance to different ways of thinking. But whatever you may say, they are still the Tamils" last defense there. Unfortunately in Tamilnadu when someone talks about Sri Lankan Tamil issue rather passionately, he is immediately branded terrorist and there is no middle way to academically look at the issue."

Fr Jegath Gasper Raj has also dismissed as baseless the charge that he has been closely associated with the US based Tamil Socrates Nachimuthu who has been arrested by the FBI in USA for alleged attempt to bribe a State Official to lift the ban on the LTTE. Fr Jegath Gasper Raj has also said that he had never been directly involved with the LTTE and his only claim to closeness to the Tamil Diaspora has been his long and committed work in the areas of human rights and also helping the Lankan Tamil refugees. He has also attempted to clarify that Socrates Nachimuthu was not in any way directly involved with the LTTE and that he had only been active in the FEDERATION OF ASSOCIATION OF TAMIL SANGAMS IN NORTH AMERICA (FeTNA).What has been clearly noted by the main stream English media in India is that Tamil Socrates Nachimuthu, a nuclear scientist, was sharing the same dais with Fr Jegath Gasper Raj at the recently concluded and much touted Chennai Sangamam plus Chennai Maiyam cultural event.

No one disputes the fact that Fr Jagath Gasper Raj, a Catholic priest was the driving force behind the just concluded so-called cultural event Chennai Sangamam. A very intriguing and rather disturbing fact which has emerged is that one K Pandiaraj who is the moving spirit behind Tamil Maiyam also happens to be an important member of the "Think-Tank" of the BJP Party. Fr Jegath Gasper Raj is also another vital element in Pandiaraj"s Tamil Maiyam. Many sharp political analysts have not failed to take note of the essentially subversive, mysterious and hidden Sangamams within the wrapper of open SANGAMAMS.

I do not know whether Fr Jegath Gasper Raj has anything to do with LTTE. The great American philosopher Thoreau (1817-1862) said it for all time when he declared: "it takes two to speak the truth; one to speak and another to hear". However I would like to confront him with the stern, grim and scorching truth about some of the issues he has raised.

Any enlightened citizen committed to the cause of national unity, national security and territorial integrity of India has to only carefully go through an explosive book titled "NGOs, ACTIVISTS AND FOREIGN FUNDS, ANTI-NATION INDUSTRY" edited by Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak, two bold and fearless journalists. The first edition of this book was published in 2006. I had reviewed this book in seven parts in the columns of News Today. The second edition of this book has just come out within six months of the release of the first edition in September 2006. In this second edition, there is a brilliant and scorching article by Arvind Kumar under the title THE OXYMORON CALLED AID in which he has thoroughly exposed the anti-national activities of several Indian organizations (NGOs) functioning in the United States. They all have their overt or covert political agenda despite their calling themselves as "Charity Groups". Amongst these groups the biggest, the richest, the most widespread and the most dangerous organization is the one that calls itself Association for India's Development (AID). This anti-national group has spread its tentacles far and wide and has directly entangled itself with many anti-Indian forces, some of which are connected to Pakistan and also to terrorist groups like the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

AID began its work in 1991 and spread like AIDS among the younger generation in some of the campuses of American Universities. It started recruiting its members from the recurring crop of new students from India landing in USA every year. What was concealed mischievously from the Indian students was the fact that AID was involved in many subterranean, subversive political activities in India with close links to or connections with violent Communist and nefarious groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization that has been linked to the Jihadi outfit Hezbollah.

To quote the brilliant words of Arvind Kumar: "Apart from CAIR, a few of the groups that AID associates itself with are ASHA for Education (ASHA), Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), (The Youth Wing of the Communist Party of India�Marxist), and Friends of South Asia (FOSA). Each of these organizations has dubious credentials. And many of the volunteers of organizations like ASHA and FOSA are also volunteers for AID. In many cases, the same group of people is behind multiple organizations with pompous-sounding names and uses them as money-generating schemes. Thus it comes as no surprise to know that Anu Mandavilli, a spokesperson for FOSA, is also an editor Aid's monthly newsletter."

Arvind Kumar rightly describes AID as Allah for India"s Destruction. Having stated that there is a strong umbilical chord between AID and FOSA, Arvind Kumar goes on to say that FOSA was started by a fanatic Muslim Pakistani named Ali Hasan Cemendtaur. The website of this organization is still owned and controlled by this champion of compassionate Islam. In May 2005, FOSA organized a so called "Peace March" in San Francisco. It was attended by the same handful of volunteers who work for many of the shady anti-India and anti-Hindu organizations already referred to above and one of the banners at the event read: "ALLAH WILL DESTROY THE TERRORIST STATE OF INDIA." It is very clear that FOSA fits in with the classic mould of the organizations created by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). AID has maintained close links with Islamic fundamentalists in USA. It has jointly sponsored events with CAIR.

It is reliably understood that FOSA had recently roped in a group called the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FeTNA) to plan, organize, launch and act against Indians in the California Textbook Controversy. I remember reading in the Times of India in 2003 that the FeTNA was a Front Organization for the LTTE. In August 2006, Nachimuthu Socrates, a former director of FeTNA was arrested by the American authorities for supporting LTTE. The CNN reported as follows on this episode: "Eight men have been charged with plotting to buy surface-to-air missiles for Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger Rebels, US federal prosecutors have announced. The men also are accused of plotting to bribe US State Department Officials into removing the Tamil Tiger Group from a list of terrorist organizations and of trying to obtain classified information." This very FeTNA, aligning itself with Chennai Maiyam, played a pivotal role in the recent Chennai Sangamam cultural event!

Arvind Kumar has graphically brought out how ill-gotten money is being used by AID and its allies for acts of national subversion and sabotage. To quote his precise words in this context: "A careful look at the money trail of AID illustrates the functioning of the organization, and throws light on other organizations that are used to funnel money collected by AID. These organizations co-ordinate their fund-raising activities and shadow their proceeds by passing through multiple accounts all controlled by like minded groups. One such organization that has been funded by AID is called Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF). TNSF works actively with DYFI. TNSF listed Balaji Sampath, who is also a founder of AID. Thus while Balaji Sampath"s AID collects money in America, BALAJI SAMPATH (in his Indian incarnation!) receives money in India, ostensibly on behalf of TNSF."

I understand that TNSF "as a policy" would always impose a pre-condition on the libraries in Tamilnadu which they were financially supporting to the effect that the concerned libraries would only support DYFI and no other student body before receiving any funds. AID is a secretive organization which enjoys the full political support of the UPA Government in New Delhi. It was AID which extended generous financial support to Sandeep Pandey, founder of ASHA and a known Naxalite sympathizer, to undertake a political trip to Pakistan some years ago.

Those who work with AID and its allies also seem to be experts in organizing international prizes and awards to themselves as part of a civil and cultural conspiracy. One Sanjit "Bunker" Roy was given a prize by the Aga Khan foundation for having developed rainwater harvesting structures. Later investigations by The Week clearly revealed that he had hired a professional architect called Neehar Raina to get the job done. Upon this exposure, Aga Khan Foundation changed its citation to fit in with the known facts! A secularly shameless non-communal Roy, ended up by returning his prize. Bunker Roy"s wife Aruna Roy, is a Maoist and has worked closely with AID. Like many who have worked closely with AID in its undeclared mission of national subversion, she too has been awarded a prize by the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation.

I can only conclude that NGO"s like AID, ASHA, CAIR, FeTNA are all committed to their supreme objective of De-Hinduising the Indian State which means rendering the Hindu identity to any aspect of our national life illegitimate and irrelevant in public life and public discourse.

An explosively revolutionary book entitled "NGOs, ACTIVISTS AND FOREIGN FUNDS: Anti-Nation Industry" jointly edited by two fearless journalists and writers Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak and published by Vigil Public Opinion Forum (VPOF), Chennai was released by Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, in New Delhi in September 2006. Within a short period of six months this first edition has been sold out thanks to overwhelming public response. The second edition has recently been published with some additional material of great national significance.

When the first edition of this book came out in 2006, I had reviewed it in these columns. In the introduction to my detailed review, I had observed as follows: "In an era of "Publishing abundance" unfortunately ushered in by our perverted democracy and technological explosion, looking for needles in hay stacks has become the full-time occupation of a conservative reader who still clings to the old-fashioned belief that quality is all, I don"t feel ashamed to confess that I am a conservative in regard to my reading habits and I am immensely happy now that I have found "a needle"." My initial immediate impressions expressed in these words have been solidly confirmed and vindicated by the upgraded quality and content of the second edition of this avant-garde book.

This book exposes the evil anti-national designs of many NGOs and activists operating in India with great enthusiasm and gusto with the full patronage and strong political support of the anti-Hindu UPA Government in New Delhi. All these NGOs are fully committed to their supreme objective of De-Hinduising the Indian State. This in effect means rendering the Hindu identity to any aspect of our national life illegitimate and irrelevant in public life and public discourse, with the subterranean objective of eroding the "Hindu Consciousness" in the Hindus and finally wiping out the Hindu FACE of the nation. Against this dangerous background, Radha Rajan superbly summarises the consequential position: "Thus arises the demand for a ban on cow slaughter, the demand of Hindu bakthas that government withdraw from temple administration and stop usurping temple money and temple revenue, the demand for the right to administer their temples and utilize temple money in the interest of Hindu Dharma, the demand that governments take cognizance of growing religious demographic imbalance, the demand that governments acknowledge the consequences of foreign, State-powered and funded religious conversions, demands for an accurate and honest writing of Indian History and the stubborn "secularist" refusal to admit that all terrorism leading to secession is either Christian or Islamic terrorism, only attests to Hindu powerlessness in the face of political conduct which derives from a twisted definition of secularism."

Nehruvian secularism is committed to the cause of de-nationalizing and de-Hinduising Indian polity. De-nationalizing involves the processes of devaluing both nation and nationality. De-nationalizing the Indian State, Radha Rajan asserts, has resulted in deadening our consciousness to the ignominy of the rise of a foreigner in Indian polity who aspires to become our Prime Minister. What emerges from this book can be summarized in the following equation: Mohammedanism + Missionaryism + Marxism + Macaulayism + Nehruvian Secularism + UPA Soniaian Pseudo-Secularism = Promotion of Terrorism in India.

All the anti-national NGOs considered in this book have been operating in India under the self-chosen umbrella of this overriding, indeed axiomatic pseudo-secular equation. Against this known and dark background, several NGOs and their activities have been analyzed with facts and figures which is a wake up call to all the nationalist Hindus of India. This book is indeed a veritable mine of information on many anti-national and anti-Hindu NGOs and certain high-profile individuals who are brazenly parading themselves in the forefront of anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda on various public, social and political issues. Based on a careful analysis of the activities of many NGOs, this landmark book establishes a tangible relationship between the anti-India and the anti-Hindu dimensions of these sinister organizations and their leaders with questionable character and antecedents. In the view of Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak, there can never be any Indian nationalism that is contrary to or separate from Hindu nationalism. It is a natural corollary that the continuing attempts to de-Hinduise our polity by these NGOs and their activists have dangerous implications for the national security and the relationship of so-called religious minorities in India with Hindus and the Indian State.

The focus of this book is on the following issues: a) How these NGOs are de-nationalizing the Hindu consciousness in a cold and calculated manner with the covert and overt help from the government of India? b) A scrutiny of the loose coalition of opportunistic (only in respect of India) anti-Hindu Christians, Muslims, Communists and Nehruvian secularists who are indeed guilty of an ardent advocacy of secular sedition when they dismiss age-old Indian nationalism rooted in age-old Hindu culture and Sanathana Dharma with contempt, often mixed with a hateful denial of the concept of Hindu India's territorial integrity. c) Politically and socially criminal attempts to use history and social science to indoctrinate the young and impressionable minds with the agenda to de-root the Hindu community from its cultural enclave of geographical nationalism and all that goes with it.

Islam-embracing, Christianity-coveting, and Hindu-baiting UPA government has carefully planted many activists belonging to the anti-Hindu category as Members in the Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) and National Integration Council (NIC). This also includes the Archbishop of Delhi! It is indeed regrettable that many of the activists under the scanner in this book under review find a pride of place in both CABE and NIC. This fact is by no means incidental but by all means planned and fundamental. The most comic aspect in this context is that there is not a single member in CABE or NIC to represent the interests of more than 800 millions of Hindus in India even while Muslims, Christians, Marxists and Nehruvian Secularists and page boys of Sonia Gandhi have been nominated exclusively to represent the so-called minority interests in general and the overriding sovereign anti-Hindu secular interests in particular.

These anti-nation, anti-Hindu "peace" and "human rights" activists have the same contempt for all Hindu organic and traditional social structures and group identities as they have for the nation and national borders; so much so that they denounce family, varna, jathi and kula, religion and nation as "upper caste" and "patriarchal" constructs. The ultimate intent of their activism is to damage the Hindu social fibre and weaken social cohesion by De-Hinduising large segments of Hindu society.

Releasing the first edition of NGO"S, ACTIVISTS AND FOREIGN FUNDS, ANTI NATION INDUSTRY in 2006 Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat declared: "The topics discussed in this book are relevant in the present times not only to India, but even to "developed" countries, where the whole business of NGOs started. Sometimes I call these "Noble" people five-star activists. If you study them closely, you will experience what I am saying. In America they are called Limousine Liberals! In Europe, there is a new word for them .Just as there are entrepreneurs in various sectors of business, the social service sector is called the NGO industry". Why should we not make accountable all the NGOs that in the name of social service are increasingly developing and spreading as thriving businesses? To win public confidence, any big company entering the capital share market has to announce the tie-ups it has with specific banks, with specific financial institutions. Is it not then necessary that these NGOs, some of them in existence and operation only on their letter pads, should declare their financial resources? Today, we do not have any idea about the financial resources of NGOs - Funds are obtained from abroad; an NGO is set up; a PR firm is recruited and slowly, with the help of the media, an image is created. And then awards are procured from foreign countries to enhance this image. Such a vicious cycle, a network of "finance- activity- award" is set up and once, they have secured an award, no one in Hindustan dares raise a finger, no matter how many may be the failings of the Awardee. How much of the money meant for the service sector, for the poor, is spent by these NGOs on their own establishment? You will see senior bureaucrats traveling economy class, but not NGO activists?"

These fundamental and vital issues raised by Narendra Modi have been studied and analyzed with great objectivity by all the writers focusing on the different aspects of the uncontrolled, uncontrollable and non-accountable NGOs operating in India today in a treasonable and traitorous manner with the full knowledge and cooperation of all the functionally cosmetic and politically servile enforcement agencies of the Government of India like IB, CBI, RAW, Union Home Ministry etc. Each learned article in this book is marked by a patient pursuit of facts, and a cautious combination and comparison of them in a scientific manner. Each writer makes us aware that the main part of public education is not just the sterile acquisition of inert facts but learning how to make those facts live in the larger public interest of greater and greater public awareness of dangers and threats to our nation's identity and survival. All these great writers offer us the most direct representations of the possibilities of civil existence in India and the impending disaster of its dissolution in the absence of continuous public vigilance. Reading and discussing the seminal articles in this book, I have begun the wholesome act of repossession. I can declare from the house top that these writings not only scrape but drive away the haze of irresponsible and anti-national second handedness of the pseudo-secular mafia of mass media in India today.

NGOs, Subversive Activists and Foreign Funds- Anti-Nation Industry, edited by Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak, is a provocative book which exposes the political and anti-nation agenda of some very well-known NGOs and activists, and clearly reveals their foreign sponsorships, donors and funds, both hidden and open. It demonstrates and proves their double standards and their total absence of public accountability, and emphasises the imperative public need for the Government of India to ensure that a vigorous mechanism is created in the larger public interest to effectively counter this Anti-Nation Industry of NGOs.

The last article in this book is by George Thundiparambil under the caption "Closing Word: Who is afraid of the Hindu Nation?" In this article he refers to some of the well known NGOs like FOIL, ASHA, AID, ADP, ASATA, FOSA, CSE, SACA and PBN etc whose anti-national activities have been documented in this book as Instruments of Hate and Fratricide. To quote the incisive words of George Thundiparambil: "For Indians who are aware of the Anti-Hindu agenda of Christian, Islamic and Communist organizations in India and abroad, it is neither shocking nor surprising that numerous NGOs have sprung up through out the country, who act as sole agents for these alien and hostile organizations. As we come to know from the few, but meticulously written articles of this book, most of these agents are mercenaries of alien masters, and that they are best described as Nehruvian Secularists. The Macaulayan pat on the shoulder for submissive behavior has been loyally sustained and well-absorbed by Nehruvian Stalinism, which epithet describes the Nehruvian-Stalinist policy of sharing the loot among acolytes and relatives."

Nehru was very ashamed of calling himself a Hindu. But he was very proud of declaring himself to John Galbraith, the US Ambassador in the early 1960"s, as the last Englishman to rule over India! It was Nehru who laid the foundations of pernicious pseudo- secularism in India after Independence. He became the commercial and marketing manager for selling what he considered to be the two most secular products, Islam and Christianity in India. This anti-Hindu policy encouraged many Nehruvian pseudo- secularists and Hindu-bashers to overtly work for alien imperialist agencies that were flourishing in India even after our so called independence in 1947. In any other country such anti-national individuals would have been charged with the offence of treason punishable by or under law. But under the Governments of Nehru, Indra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Narasimha Rao and Dr.Manmohan Singh such traitorous behavior has been decorated/ rewarded with Government patronage, privilege and high positions in society. We see numerous, unscrupulous Indians like Harsh Mandar or Sandeep Panday or Aruna Roy or Nirmala Deshpande or Arundhathi Roy and many other captains in the Anti-Nation NGO Industry still prospering on dishonor. There are thousands of such characters out there with a different upbringing and educational background, but all have one thing in common� they are all Nehruvian secularists and Marxists working against Hindu India and the native traditions that brought them into being. George Thundiparambil asked the right question in this context: "Is it only greed or an evil mindset cast by India's enemies?"

Thanks to the minority appeasement policy of the Government of India, under the supreme hegemony of the anti-Hindu Congress Party for 50 years after our independence, the imperialist powers of Christianity, Islam and Marxism, have succeeded in continuously expanding the domain of their power and influence in India. These foreign powers often get their illicit designs in India translated into action with consummate skill by buying an NGO or a willing- to- be- bought activist, with the full support of the Government of India. Such imperialist anti-Hindu forces and organizations have never experienced any shortage of custom-made anti-national co-operators like Harsh Manders or Sandeep Pandes. George Thundiparambil cites the example of one Cedric Prakash, on assignment for the Vatican, but masquerading as a social worker in Gujarat, bending over backwards cheering and advocating for India's enemies, especially Pakistan, when he is not busy painting the Hindu civilization black and fully backed up by the Congress Party and the mafia of mass media. Let us hear the clinching words of George Thundipurambil in this context: "Here, greed is the perk, where Christian and Islamic organizations combined with their Marxist cronies lead the traitors by their noses".

To understand this situation better, let us go by their own allegories, which have significant indications. Let me summaries the conceptual frame work presented by George Thundiparambil with biting sarcasm. In the Christian tradition, the believing Christian is depicted or described as the sheep and the Muslim is the tiger. In Christianity the metaphor of sheep is developed further to make the clergy the shepherd dog or the hound of God juxtaposed against the lay sheep who include the already converted. The Christian metaphor includes within its fold those pagans and infidels who are potential converts�these are looked upon as the "missing" and the "black sheep" who could be converted into obedient, sacrificial sheep in future. George Thundiparambil says that in reality though, the hound of God is the wolf that infiltrates the herd of the sheep, and after taking control of it, finishes them off one at a time. Meanwhile, the tiger manages to remain unseen, but is always there hiding behind the bushes, always preying on the isolated sheep. George Thundiparambil sums it up all in these words: "In the second indication the allegory of tiger is extended to their own ranks of victims. By systematic training and solid investment from abroad, the Christian sheep and the Islamic tigers are fed and fattened in such unnatural and aberrant circumstances, more or less like broiler chicken. So much so that satiating the desire for wealth becomes secondary to the reserved seat in a nowhere land, also known as Paradise or Houristan".

Modern day CPI(M)and CPI Indian Marxist are viewed as the unscrupulous and vulgar hyenas chained to long transnational leashes, smacking their lips and waiting in the sidelines, while the more fierce carnivores (Christian wolves and Islamic tigers suffused with compassion) devour with delight the natural religionists. These carnivores do not mind the despicable hyenas. They might even make a few adjustments here and there, throwing scraps at them, as a potential ally /agent against the HINDU "black sheep" becoming more and more resilient and even assertive.

A very typical aspect of Abrahamic religionist behavior (which Stalin imbibed from Lenin and Nehru copied from Stalin) is that awards and funding go only to the Hindu- bashers. The "rewarding" serves as a finger print of the "almighty God" of Christians and Muslims and wily anti-Hindu Marxists like Prakash Karat, Sitaram Yechuri, A B Bharathan, Raju and the like follow them from scripture to fanatic fervor. Now the question can be asked: "What do Christians and Muslims from abroad achieve by proxy Hindu bashing?" George Thundiparambil gives a fitting answer to this question in a manner which ought to put all these known and sworn enemies of Hinduism and Hindus on the run. Here are his flashing words: "Why are the Abrahamic religionists, Marxists and Nehruvian secularists collectively frightened of Hindu Nationalism? Why is political power for the Hindus a dreaded nightmare for Imperialist religionists and ideologies across the world? The answer is: A successful and powerful Hindu nation poses a religious, psychological and cultural challenge to the very existence of these ideologies and cultures, because the very rise of Hindus is a success of all things natural that these enemies have been striving to exterminate. As if these enemies are afraid of the success of NATURE itself."

In short, the rise of Hindu Nationalism and Hindu economic and political power will only signal the failure of the monotheistic systems of Christianity and Islam that have been and still are striving to put down the Hindu and what the Hindu signifies. These wickedly monotheistic ideologies militate against the grain of human nature and reality itself. These brutal and violent ideologies arrogate to themselves the role of a plenipotentiary Government when they brazenly issue fatwas and pastoral letters from time to time in our own country in an authoritarian manner to gullible people. They are meant to override or subvert the rule of law of a nation. These ideologies/ religions of Christianity and Islam often throw out signals to the effect that they don't respect the concepts of a nation and democracy. We have an Islam-embracing, Christianity-coveting and Hindu-hating CPI(M) led coalition Government in Kerala. I understand that with the willing co-operation of this anti - Hindu, if not barbarous Government, many Christian churches have not paid the State Government levies due on the immense plantations run by them on vast encroached lands belonging to the Government. The Christian and Islamic clergy are members of exclusive religious, non-Governmental and non-Democratic organizations. They are all functioning as paid agent of transnational institutions which have known anti-national, anti-democratic and fascist agendas.

For more than thousand years, Indian paganism has been at the receiving end of preying monotheisms. What have they taught us pagans excepting their gigantic fraud, deception and villainy? And, after independence, even with us pagans all in numerical majority, Nehruvian secularism has twisted and continues to twist us under minorityism. Our degraded pseudo- secular democracy is being used to appease these monotheisms, with the numerical pagan majority being held hostage to a numerical minority.

For all the pseudo-secular NGOs operating in India with the help of unaudited foreign funds, Hindu national and cultural identities are neither relevant nor important. They recognize and respect only those regional identities which have been corrupted � or cleansed for ever according to the evangelists� by the process of induced and fraudulent religious conversion. Any Christian or Islamic NGO is essentially a hate propagandist. No amount of window dressing with affectionate words like "love", "brotherhood" and "peace" can ever remove the inherent systemic flaws of hate and internecine warfare that stain their theological cassocks. All the efforts and activities of proselytisation by many of the religious organisations who work round-the-clock in India emanate from the venom of hate and fratricide embedded in their scriptures. All the shady and nefarious activities of the anti-social and anti-national NGOs described in the book NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds, Anti-Nation Industry edited by Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak also stem from the same evil ideological domain.

When our NGOs use the term "secularism", which ought to denote the "exclusion of religious considerations", It means only "the appeasement of minority religions" in India. In the hands of Christian fundamentalists, words like "liberty" and "democracy" take on a different meaning. For them "liberty" means the "freedom to convert pagan people" and "democracy" means the "rule of the elite minority".

Krishan Kak, one of the editors of this book relating to the misdeeds and criminal activities of NGOs operating in India with nefarious foreign funds, had completely exposed the anti-national activities of a former IAS officer called Harsh Mander. He wanted to deceive the nation through the mafia of mass media that he had made the supreme sacrifice of resigning from the IAS on account of the inner spiritual anguish following the so called genocide in Gujarat. In the first edition of this book, Krishen Kak had given the facts and figures which can stand any judicial scrutiny to show that this officer was a layer upon layer of orchestrated fraud. Krishen Kak proved that Harsh Mander had cleverly lied to the nation with the full knowledge and consent of the main stream TV and Print Mass Media.

Long before the publication of the first edition of the book under review, Krishen Kak had sent an open letter to Harsh Mander on 25 July 2003 in which he stated: "your national and international credibility as a champion of Indian secularism and as a fighter against social injustice is derived from your oft- repeated and much- publicized claim of "resignation" from the IAS on moral grounds after the Gujarat communal violence. This act of yours had you hailed in the mainstream English-language "secular" media as "a man with a conscience". Subsequently, this writer discovered and revealed that you had, in fact, not resigned at all from the IAS and that you were, and you are, aware that this is not a mere technical or semantic quibble.... That once this fact was made public you yourself ceased making the "resignation" claim confirms your own consciousness of your duplicity". To make this complete, I would like to add dignity after Duplicity (!)if he had any at all!!

When the first edition of this book was released by Narendra Modi in New Delhi on 9 September, 2006, the Mafia of Pseudo-Secular mass media came out with half- truths, latent lies, patent lies, flowered and flowing falsehoods, tinged with malice, prejudice and hatred the very next day. The Indian Express came out with a factually false statement in its issue dated 10 September, 2006 to the effect that the book release function was held "at the BJP headquarters". To say the least it was preposterously abominable. The function was in fact held in an open ground on Ashoka Road, New Delhi and not in the BJP headquarters. Further neither Radha Rajan nor Krishen Kak has ever tried to conceal the fact that they are the fearless champions of Hinduism, Hindutva and Sanathana Dharma.

The Deccan Chronicle quoted Sandeep Pandey (one of the shady characters brought under scanner by Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak in this book under review) as saying "as a principle we do not accept foreign funds." The irony of the sordid story is that there is a whole chapter in this book dealing with the facts and figures of foreign funding obtained by ASHA and totally controlled by Sandeep Pandey. And yet The Deccan Chronicle chose to ignore it, if not to bury these facts and truths under the artificially created mound of debris of calculated Pseudo-Secular frauds and anti- Hindu falsehoods which is the normal vocation of the main line English Print Media in India, enjoying the unbroken patronage and benediction of the UPA Government in New Delhi.

On 11 September, 2006 ( 2 days after the release of the first edition of the book), Krishan Kak sent an open letter to Harsh Mander in which he wrote as follows (published as part of Appendix 12 of the Vigil Book)

Dear Mr Mander,
You are in the forefront of the Right to Information campaign and are on record as required "public accountability" from "funded NGOs" ("NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry", Chennai: Vigil Public Opinion Forum, 2006:143). You also continue to be in the forefront of the "secular" campaign for Muslims rights in Gujarat. The Deccan Chronicle today published an emotive response to the book, of which I am co-editor, and in the context of that book, the chronicle article, and your own stated position regarding transparency and accountability, I invite you set the public record straight in regard to your public persona, especially-....etc etc" Likewise, on 20 November 20 2003, Krishen Kak sent an open letter to Karan Thapar as well who had referred to the "Harsh Treatment" meted out to Harsh Mander in an article in the Hindustan Times Sunday Magazine. On 18 December 2006, I sent a letter to Krishen Kak to ascertain as to whether he had received any reply at all either from Harsh Mander or Karan Thapar to the letters I have referred to above. Yesterday Krishan Kak has sent me a reply as follows:

Dear Shri Sundaram,
Thank you for your enquiry about whether I received any reply to my open letters to Mr Harsh Mander and Mr Karan Thapar. As open letters, these were sent not just to Mr Mander / Mr Thapar and the addressees you see in the letters reproduced in the book, but copies were also distributed widely over the internet (including to Action Aid e-addresses all over the world). To date, there has been no response from Mr Mander or Mr Thapar.
Sincerely, Krishen Kak

After the release of the book under review on September 9 2006, there was also a report in The Deccan Chronicle on 10 September 2006 which contained many mis-statements. Radha Rajan sent a letter to The Deccan Chronicle (published as a part of Appendix 12 of the Vigil Book) questioning the preposterous claim of Sandeep Pandey. The report in Deccan Chronicle had quoted Sandeep Pandey as saying: "First I am glad to be clubbed in the August company of Aruna Roy, Nirmala Deshpandey and Harsh Mander.... The accounts of ASHA are open for scrutiny and our website has details about the funds we spend and get. As a principle we do not accept foreign funds and even institutional funds from India. So the criticism that we are being used by foreigners who fund us is baseless"

Radha Rajan challenged the response of Sandeep Pandey. To my query regarding the response of Sandeep Pandey, Radha Rajan has replied to me as follows yesterday:

Dear Shri Sundaram,
Vigil Public Opinion Forum was compelled to write the rejoinder to The Deccan Chronicle to nail Sandeep Pandey"s lie that ASHA for education did not receive foreign funds. As pointed out in the rejoinder, Chapter 8 of the first edition of the book titled "ASHA projects: Where does all the money go" is only about foreign funds as attested to by ASHA's own website. And the clever device always used by these activists to deceive and fool is to pack a falsehood inside a truth so that the falsehood escapes notice of readers. Take Sandeep Pandey's reaction as a typical example of this ruse -"So the criticism that we are being used by foreigners who fund us is baseless". Nowhere in the book have we alleged that Sandeep Pandey was being used by "foreigners". What we have alleged is that Sandeep Pandey's ASHA raises money abroad, in the US and in Europe ostensibly for "charity" but that their website does not provide details about where and how the money was going. The book also alleged that Sandeep Pandey's charity work, like that of many other similar activists featured in the book, was cover for his political intentions.

Sandeep Pandey and his friends in the book, predictably have not responded to these specific allegations nor have they been able to issue any credible or effective rebuttal to our allegations. The fact that these NGOs and activists have maintained stony silence even after being so completely exposed validates Vigil's expose of this huge money-spinning anti-nation industry."

These foreign - funded NGOs and "Peace" and "Human Rights" activists like Harsh Mander, Sandeep Pandey, Aruna Roy, Nirmala Deshpandey, Admiral Ramdas, Arundati Roy and several other artificially sponsored, supported and sustained stuffed men and women, backed by the European Parliament and the US State Department, continuously raise a raucous cacophony about communal harmony, secularism, pluralism and even democracy being in danger in India because of the sudden rise of "Hindutva- Fascism". With the tacit consent of Sonia Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh they are all in the endless queue for the award of Bharath Ratna!!

V Sundaram, IAS, Retd.

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