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  Intelligence Summit Discusses Jihad in India  


By: Narayan Kataria
March 26, 2007
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


A three day Conference starting March 5, 2007 in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, United States was organized by Intelligence Summit, a non-partisan, non-profit educational forum. Intelligence Summit website has recently surpassed in popularity even the Jane’s Weekly, the most widely read source of intelligence news in the world.

In this Conference Maj. Gen. Paul E. Valley, Deputy Commanding General, US Army (Retd.), Gen. Thomas G. McInerney USAF (Retd.), Cmdr. Richard Marcinko, USN (Retd.), and many other former CIA officials, counter-terrorism experts, and experts on Islamic studies participated in deliberations and enlightened the audience about the danger posed to the humanity at large by radical Islam, political Islam, Islamo-fascism, Wahabi Islam, or by whatever name you call them. Some of the topics discussed at length in the Conference were as under: Can radical Islam escape the opprobrium that it is systematically using the violence, threat, murder and terrorism to establish the Islamic Law called Sharia all over the word?

Is the existential threat to humanity from the political Islam real? Will the rising Muslim population in regions like India, European Union and United States ultimately transmogrify the decent and civilized people into suicide bombers prepared to kill all of us? Is the doctrine of Jihad really meant for the purpose of purifying one’s inner self only, as expounded selectively by the apologists of Islam all over? Or, is the Jihad a doctrine of permanent military warfare eventually to annihilate infidels and to subjugate them completely? Is there any way out to mitigate the effects of this hateful ideology that not only instigates but literally commands its followers to kill others in the name of Allah? Should the civilized nations insist on the doctrine of reciprocity while dealing with Islamic nations? Are the concepts of Dar-ul-Islam (Islamic country) and Dar-ul-Harb (Enemy country) at the root of Islamic terrorism? Is the Far Left media hand in gloves with the Jihadists? Is the 145-million strong Islamic nation Pakistan which is already armed with the nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver these weapons more dangerous than Iran? Can the sanctimonious rhetoric of Pakistan that she is an ally on ‘fighting the war on terrorism’ be relied upon at its face value? Is Pakistan actually becoming a safe sanctuary for the terrorists, as often reported?  Will Bangladesh also, in not too distant future, turn into the next global epicenter of the Islamic terrorism? Will the pervasive prevarication of the political class and its willful malfeasance embolden the political Islam, and ultimately ruin all of us?

Officials of the Indian American Intellectuals Forum of New York were invited by the Intelligence Summit to speak on “Indian Experience with Jihadists. In a small get together of VIPs, the President of IAIF, Mr. Narain Kataria, Senior Vice President Mr. Arish Sahani and the Board Member Mr. Mohinder Singh Gulati, brought to the attention of Gen. McInerney the duplicitous, deceitful and disingenuous role played by Pakistan’s Gen. Musharraf in the war on terror. They elaborated the terrorist activities conducted by ISI and Far Left militants in collusion with the sleeping cells in the region, and the unparalleled atrocities perpetrated by Islamic invaders in the past on peaceful Hindus. Gen. McInerney expressed confidence that a very powerful action would take place at an appropriate time which would eliminate terrorism completely from the Earth.

In the Conference deliberations, Dr. Babu Suseelan, a Board Member of Indian American Intellectuals Forum and a well-known Hindu scholar presented the Hindu view point to the Conference delegates covering India’s past and present History.

Hindu View Point on the Islamic Terrorism - Addressing the gathering, Dr. Suseelan said: “In the first instance, it gives me great pleasure to thank all of you for giving me an opportunity to present before this august body the Hindu views relating to their Experience with the Islamic Jihadists of Indian subcontinent.

“I am a firm believer in Hinduism, the ancient civilization of India, with more than one billion adherents. We Hindu people believe in the peaceful coexistence with all cultures and religions on the globe. Hindu people, in the past known history, never went out of their country to attack, loot, rape and forcibly convert other nations to their way of thinking. We have maintained this civilized tradition for almost 6000 years. India like United States, has always given unconditional shelter to the tired, sick and persecuted people from other countries. India has provided the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, equality and justice to all. India is, probably, the only country in the world where Jewish people were never persecuted. As recently as in 1950, India gave shelter to Dalai Lama and thousands of his followers who were driven from their native land, Tibet, by the Communist China.

To the bewilderment, dismay and shock of the audience, Dr. Suseelan poignantly described the cruelties that were perpetrated on hapless Hindus during the long Islamic rule as under: “The barbarity, the butchering, the savagery practiced by the practitioners of Islam were so extreme in nature, so enormous in scope, so stark in reality, so brutal in action that they demand eternal condemnation from the civilized world. The utter vandalization of India under the Islamic rule continued for a long period of 600 years. There is a deep stamp of hatred and Islamic vengeance in each and every city all over the country in India.”

Tracing the history of India, Dr. Suseelan narrated: “Before the advent of Islam, Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation. To safeguard their ancestral religion and beliefs, the brave people of Afghanistan confronted the brutal Islamic invaders for 300 years but finally were defeated and, then, Islamized. After converting to Islam, the same non-violent Buddhists eventually turned into the Talibans of today. They took to terrorism and even destroyed the centuries old priceless statues of Bamyan Buddhas. In 1990, these fanatics forcibly drove out or converted the 50,000 Hindu-Sikh minority population of Afghanistan.”

Quoting Mr. M.A. Khan of Islamic Watch, Dr. Suseelan said: “Eleventh century saw the barbaric assault of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni on India. Mahmud’s army slaughtered 15,000 fighting men in what they described as the ‘splendid action’ before capturing 500,000 men and women as slaves. The barbarity and cruelty of Sultan Mahmud was proudly and vividly described by contemporary Muslim historians. In the attack on Thanesar, ‘the blood of the infidels flowed so copiously that the stream was discolored and the people were unable to drink it’. Mahmud attacked and destroyed the famed Somnath temple in the Western India and massacred over 50,000 Hindus guarding the temple.

“Sultan Allauddin Khaliji (1296-1316) attacked Chittor in the present Rajasthan State and killed 30,000 people in cold blood. No wonder that 50,000 slave boys were engaged in his personal services and 70,000 slaves worked continuously in his buildings. Firoz Tughlaq, who ascended the throne in 1351, killed another 180,000 Hindus in Bengal and erected the infamous ‘Tower of Skulls.’

“As recently as 1946, the Muslims slaughtered more than 5,000 Hindus in Kolkata in one day alone and threatened Hindus at large that this action would be repeated in all the major Indian cities if Hindus refused to the partitioning of India; this ultimately was agreed upon. In 1947, India was divided into the Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. Hindus mistakenly believed that by agreeing to the separate Muslim Pakistan their problems with the Islam would be over.

“But in Pakistan, the worst reign of repression awaited the minority Hindus. Millions of them were uprooted, butchered and slaughtered like chicken and goats. Hundred of thousands of Hindu girls were kidnapped. Their chastity violated, they were raped and forcibly married to Muslims.

“Muslims ethnically cleansed the entire Hindu-Sikh population from Pakistan, the land they got from partitioning of the historic India. They systematically used all official machinery and resources to reduce the Hindu population to merely 2% from its earlier 20% in 1947. “Bangladesh is another perfect example of the ethnic cleansing. Its population of Hindu-Buddhists-Christians was about 39% in 1947. During the 1971 India-Pakistan war, Hindus were the prime target of genocide and gang rape by Islamic Pakistani army. In a period of nine months, three million people were mercilessly murdered by Pakistan army, of which more than 80% were Hindus. From then on, the covert and overt assault on Hindus continued relentlessly. Three hundred thousand girls were raped, out of which 95% were Hindu girls. Over ten million Hindu refugees took shelter in India.

“The slaughter of Hindus in subcontinent continued and the world remained unperturbed. In 1990, more than 400,000 Hindus were forcibly driven from the Indian controlled Jammu and Kashmir region by the Jihadists that were militarily trained and funded by Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI (Inter Services Intelligence).”

There are articles in Koran which enjoin on Muslims as under: “O Prophet! Make war against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.” And in 8:12, the Koran says, “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”
The big question that still remains is: “Have these Koranic injunctions on Muslims outlived their utility? Is it not possible to adequately modify the above religious teachings in Islam so as to suit the needs of modern civilization,” quipped Dr. Suseelan.

The Rising Muslim Population in South Asia, the Greatest Danger to the World
In South Asia the number of Muslims at this time is as under: India 150 million, Pakistan 145 million, Bangladesh 140 million and Afghanistan 16 million. Thus the total number of Islamic people in the region is about 450 million; one and half time the US population. South Asia is sitting on a tinder box. Hindus alone will not be able to stem the wrath of ferocious brutes. Hence the cooperation between India, Israel and United States is absolutely essential to save the world from the impending doom and imminent disaster.

It is difficult for a civilized person to understand the Muslim psyche. Hindus foolishly thought that by conceding to the demand for Pakistan, they could buy peace with the Muslims. They were one hundred percent wrong. Now Islamic Pakistan and Muslims are aiming at the separation of Kashmir from India. It is a matter of great regret that many Hindu scholars, particularly the Far Left Liberals in India, still fondly believe that coexistence with Islamic people is possible!

Why the converts to Islam ultimately end up being the terrorists?
Appealing to the top-notch experts on the counter-terrorism, Dr. Suseelan asked them to ponder over the question as to why the converts to Islam become violent and fanatic and kill the innocent people without any remorse. Is there something in their religious scriptures which motivates them to kill in the name of Allah?

Dhiren Barot, a Hindu convert to Islam, became Al Qaeda’s top operative. His Islamic name is Abu Musa al-Hindi. He traveled to Pakistan for terrorist training in 1995. He has written a book “The Army of Medina in Kashmir.” In this book, he has described in detail as to how to kill the Indian army in Kashmir. He conducted a good amount of research work in the field of radiological weapons which he wanted to use in the terrorist attacks on New York Stock Exchange, International Monetary Fund Headquarters, World Bank, etc.

Adam Gadahn, an American, converted to Islam at the age of seventeen rose to the position of top operative of Al Qaeda operations. In one of his speeches in 2005, he said: “We love slitting the throats of Infidels.” He invited Americans to convert to Islam before it is too late. He praised the attackers of the World Trade Center as “dedicated, strong-willed and motivated individuals.” His Islamic name is Azzam al-Amriki (Azzam the American).

Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Father of Pakistan, was grand child of a Hindu and very secular at heart. But when he came in contact with Imams (Muslim priests), he became a dangerously fanatic Muslim and broke India into two pieces.

The current ground situation in the South Asia is fraught with dangerous consequences. There has been an astronomical rise in Islamic fundamentalism in India. Islamists, in democratic societies like India, exploit the vulnerabilities of constitutional governance to the hilt. Almost all the Hindu leaders in India are facing death threats from the Islamic extremists. Muslims use chicanery, stratagem and subterfuge to beat the democratic system. Imam of Ghaziabad district in India has appealed to Muslims to adopt the Sharia law to settle their dispute.  In February, 2007, the State Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir passed a bill bringing the country's only Muslim-majority state in the ambit of Sharia laws. Moved as a private member's bill from the Opposition leader Abdul Rahim, the House passed the legislation by a voice vote without any dissent.

Hindu leaders killed in India
The India Government at this time is so wracked of Islamic rowdies that two days after the Mumbai bombings in July 2006 -- that killed more than 180 people -- the government of India issued a directive banning 17 websites that were critical of Muslim misdeeds. These websites were singled out because, according to the Indian government, they might incite religious violence. The nine American websites banned by India are all critical of the Islamist movement. Shockingly enough, not a single website of the Islamic extremists justifying -- and even celebrating -- the Mumbai bombings was banned.

According to Mr. Fitzgerald of the “Jihad Watch,” 60 to 70 million Hindus were killed by Islamic Jihadists (http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/015399.php#more). However, it is a matter of disgrace that no Hindu leader in India ever broaches on this subject. Actuated by a desire to crush and obliterate the Hindu people in India, an overt and covert war has been unleashed by Jihadists on them. The aim is to frighten them into submission and push them into the vortex of pan-Islamic movement.

Islamic communalism has taken a fatal turn in Bihar and U.P. -- two of the biggest -- provinces in India. According to Pramod Kumar, a renowned Indian journalist, more than three dozen Hindu leaders have recently been eliminated by the Islamists. Hindu leaders are murdered in the broad daylight by Islamic goons. Mr. Sukhanand Shetty was murdered by Islamic fundamentalists in Dec. 2006. In January, one Hindu leader Mr. Ravindran was brutally murdered by Jihadists. On February 12, one Hindu Mr. V.K. Shaju was attacked and killed. In Assam more than 60 Hindus were killed by a separatists group in North East India allegedly supported and trained by Bangladeshi intelligence.

One Muslim scholar Mr. Tawfik Hamid loudly declared in the Conference that the militant Islam is a cancerous disease and has to be eradicated. “We have to liquidate this mindset, or else it would wipe us out,” thundered Mr. Hamid amidst a great ovation.

Dr. Suseelan spoke with volcanic intensity for about an hour and won accolades of the audience. In the end, Dr. Suseelan fervently appealed to the global experts on counter-terrorism and Islamic studies to emerge from torpor, come out openly to denounce the ideology of savagery and hate. The need of the hour is the leaders with farsightedness, perspicacity and Machiavellian steeliness to them who can find the lasting solution to the fast spreading menace of Islamic terrorism in the world.

Narayan Kataria

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