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  FOSA Leaks As Comrades Squeal  


By: Ari Saja
March 01, 2007
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


The Pakistan ISI's faithful Bay Area operators appear to have tripped over themselves in their latest assault on children of the Indian Subcontinent. But first a question, please.  What would your reaction be, if you were an Editor of, say, a prominent New York newspaper, and you got a letter[1] signed:  

" ..all of us working towards a peaceful and hate-free South Asia .


Girish Agrawal, Sabahat Ashraf, Yasmeen Fatimah, Shalini Gera, Anu Mandavilli, Balaji Narasimhan, Aamir Qureshi, Roshni Rustomji, Ramkumar Sridharan

Note: Friends of South Asia is a San Francisco Bay area based group"  

Choose one answer:

a) Immensely impressed?
b) Teary-eyed with gratitude?
c) Rush to the restroom to throw up?
d) Fall off your chair laughing?
e) Roll on the floor laughing? 

Here's Hint #1. Two of the above peaceful, hate-free and sincere authors (Shalini Gera and Girish Agrawal), have also declared that organizations that helped the families of the fallen 9/11 New York firefighters were "anti-Muslim" because "most of the victims were non-Muslim and the perpetrators were all Muslims". I am sure NYT’s editors will be delighted to read that. 

Hint #2:

Pakistani newspapers[2] told us in 2003 that the "Kashmir Forum" organized by the "Friends of South Asia" (FOSA), was in fact sponsored, down to approving the list of invitees, by the notorious Inter-Services Intelligence terrorist outfit in Islamabad. The same folks who started the Al Qaeda, organized the 1993 mass bombings in Mumbai, the counterfeiting of Indian and American currency, the assasination of Afghan Resistance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud on behalf of the Taliban, the hijacking of Flight IC814 in December 99 and slitting of a passenger's throat as a rehearsal for the 9/11 hijackings, the attacks on the Indian Parliament, and most recently, the attacks on the commuter trains in Mumbai, and the latest attack on the Samjhauta Express.  

Hint #3:  One of the writers is the Official Spokesperson who said of the FOSA: "So what if we are all Marxist communists"?  

Hint #4: On August 15, 2005, several of this gang were seen carrying placards shouting: "ALLAH WILL DESTORY TERRIST INDIA AND AMERCA!" or something like that.  

The FOSA have now polished and refined their letter to the New York Times, conveying outrage at the NYT’s failure to sneer again at the victims burned to death in Sleeper Coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express by a mob of ghouls at Godhra, Gujarat, on February 27, 2002. They stoned the train, locked the doors from outside, and tossed burning rags into the sleeper to ignite the 140 liters of gasoline that they had poured in. Fifty-eight humans were burned alive, many waking up too late to do anything to escape the overpowering smoke and fumes, as those fiends of South Asia yelled and danced in ghoulish glee outside. The western media of the day, led by CNN and Associated Press, immediately rushed to “rationalize” the atrocity, calling the victims “Hindu Activists” (thereby implying that it was OK that they were burned to death). Now their California agents are upset that the victims are not again blackened in name, on top of what FOSA's sponsors did to their bodies.  

The Godhra atrocity was timed to cause the Indian Army to pull back from the border, where it was ready to smash the Pakistani terrorist camps located just a few miles inside Pakistan. The FOSA had already gone into overdrive as the Indian buildup progressed, desperate to save the terrorists. The Pakistani campaign succeeded, not through FOSA’s efforts, but through the Indian reaction to the riots triggered by Godhra.  

The rage exploding from the Godhra atrocity resulted in the deaths of about 1000 more Indians, of whom roughly 700 were Muslims and 300 Hindus. That included many policemen who died trying to control the riots before the Army could deploy in much of Gujarat, as FOSA danced in condemnation of India. For comparison, note that the American reaction to the 9/11 atrocities resulted in the deaths of an estimated 100,000-plus Afghans and Pakistani Taliban.  

India did not carpet-bomb Godhra, as America might have done, nor did it ship the blighted town’s population to the Gulag to break rocks, as FOIL’s Chinese sponsors do routinely in Xinjiang[3]

FOSA/ISI has their own scientific explanation of how the children (some 20 of the 58 were children) died. They burned themselves to death! That's right. Read the recent book by FOSA's brilliant legal eagle, Professor Nussbaum of the University of Chicago (the lair of a notorious porn writer), how the sleeper coach because the passengers (who included the wife of the Muslim Station Master of Godhra, besides the 20 children), combusted spontaneously in their sleep at 7AM on a winter morning, because of their own hate-filled “Hindutva” minds. No one has ever published the religious affiliations, if any, of the dead passengers. In the recent attack on the “Samjhauta Express”, the dead were about 50-50 Hindus and Muslims. On a sleeper coach in Gujarat on any given morning, the adult passengers (who usually have to make reservations weeks or months in advance, and hence have little correlation with immediate events) must have been Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains, Jews, Buddhists, and Communists, and the children were, well, just children, worshipping Hritik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai or Zaheer Khan, and praying to all forms of the Almighty when exams came around, and for their mothers, as they died screaming with gasoline burning their little bodies. FOSA’s non-hate-filled, peaceful and sincere minds do not allow for any such possibility. The victims HAVE to be condemned – even 5 years later!   

Any concern that this spontaneous combustion theory might violate a few laws of science, is dismissed by considering that FOSA represent the very best of Bay Area South Asian Science. Dr. Shalini Gera, a signatory of the letter to the New York Times, was at Stanford Medical School until she had to leave, and later at Frost and Sullivan, a company now running advertisements in Indian media.   Anu Mandavilli is the famous authority on history, religion, scientific archaeology, politics and California Middle School textbooks, a colleague of the equally famous St. A. Farmer, assistant to Harvard Professor Herr Doktor Michael Witzel. According to a Bay Area resident, Comrade Mandavilli has also been a graduate student longer than the dinosaurs roamed the Aryan hunting grounds of Bavaria, and as long as Angana Chatterji has been declaring in classrooms of the California Institute of Integral Studies that she is a communist and proud of it.  

Leaks in the Cesspool? 

The most curious aspect of this new FOSA atrocity is the manner of its publication. Someone appears to have leaked the entire correspondence on the FOSA website leading up to this letter, so that it now appears at the blogspot http://intellibriefs.blogspot.com/  

According to well-informed sources who insist on anonymity (wouldn’t you, given these connections?) the leak stems from serious discord between the Pakistani-American Alliance and FOSA. Apparently PAA members are peeved at FOSA's clumsy efforts to get into the limelight, invariably ending in disasters.  They point to the "attack on the IDRF", the “Kashmir Forum”, the infamous "Allah will Destory Terrist India and America" placard, and FOSA's ill-fated meddling in the school textbook issue, as an unbroken string of disasters. You may remember that FOSA's grand "amicus curiae" brief and their lawyer were tossed out[4] of the court as being completely irrelevant.  The PAA also blames FOSA for the raids in Lodi, CA, where several PAA members have been arrested, resulting in a sharp drop in the (public) membership revenue of PAA.  

According to these sources, a certain "intellectual" leader of FOSA has come under severe pressure at the workplace, with employers monitoring email, and permitting continued employment / enrollment only on condition that the person act as informer. This led directly to the Lodi, CA arrests, and more arrests are feared at any moment. Now the PAA may be retaliating, according to this source, by leaking FOSA emails to people who don't like FOSA. 

The cracks widened last year, when Stanford University shut out a widely-advertised FOSA diatribe by Biju Matthew[5], their East Coast intellectual giant, who used to teach students to admire the UnaBomber until Ryder College or the FBI deleted the website for him.  With two or more professors traumatized and disabled by the UnaBomber's letter bombs, Stanford authorities apparently did not share the enthusiasm for UnaBomber admiration. Bay Area Pakistanis, already hypersensitive to mention of their homeland's record as a terrorist sponsor, saw this needless exposure of FOSA's lurid past as another disaster.  

Matters came to a head when FOSA’s sister organization, FOIL (Forum of Indian Leftists) got irritated by the blatant disloyalty in FOSA's sudden concern about media perception of the Maoist massacres of innocents in Nepal. On top of this, FOSA's interference in the California Textbook issue, on the side of Witzel's Aryan supremacist theories, did not sit well with FOIL, because it drew unwelcome media attention to the Communist Party's revision of history textbooks in the Indian states of West Bengal and Kerala. When that interference ended in disaster, with a State Court judge kicked FOSA out as unceremoniously as Stanford did to Matthew, and agreeing that the whole textbook issue involved serious violations of established procedure, FOSA’s stock dropped further.  

The latest FOSA decision to toe the terrorist line and abuse the little children who were burned to death at Godhra, so soon after the ISI’s latest train-burning where more children – this time including Pakistanis were burned to death, apparently sickened some Pakistani members of FOSA. They worked with disgruntled Bay area FOIL intellectuals to convey the FOSA correspondence in full to the desi media.  

So does all this herald a new humanity among the communists and the Pakistani ISI terrorists? Are blizzards or common sense common in San Francisco?

Ari Saja

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[1] Anon, “FOSA justifies death of Hindu Children”, Feb. 24, 2007. http://intellibriefs.blogspot.com/

[2] Khalid Hasan, “Acrimonious Kashmir conference fails” Daily Times, Lahore. http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=story_27-7-2003_pg7_41

[3] Ron Gluckman, “Strangers in their own land”. http://www.gluckman.com/UighurTerror.html

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[5] See “Stanford Locks Out FOSA Comrade, Biju Matthew”. IVarta.com, http://www.indiacause.com/columns/OL_060420.htm

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