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  The Hail Mary Strategy    


By: Ari Saja
February 15, 2007
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


In American football, there is a play called the “Hail Mary”. Down by 6 points, pushed way back to their own 5-yard line, with one minute left to play, the Quarterback puts everything into one final throw. The pass catcher sprints down field, hoping, praying (hence the name), that the pass will be thrown before the QB gets hit and sacked, that it will loop eighty yards down the field, and land miraculously in his hands, leaving the path clear for a touchdown run. Ignoring the reality that in 89 minutes of all-out struggle, his team has been unable to get anywhere against the opposition’s defense.

Chances of success are about … well, the same as those of President Bush’s Urge to Surge in Eyerak, to miraculously stop the daily carnage without talking to any of the parties that have any influence there.

How did America come to this sorry state? What happened to all the billions of dollars poured into the Think Tanks and the famous universities, with their brilliant faculty, the famous American professionalism giving the deep, detailed understanding of how any part of the world works.

Read this latest article by University of Southern California Professor C. Hallinan, titled "The Vishnu Strategy" http:// www.fpif.org / fpiftxt/3958

Read, and ye shall understand. In fact, just read the title and the first sentences, and try not to throw up.

Now I have no disagreement, or agreement, with Hallinan’s thesis – whatever it is – in this article. You see, Hallinan eliminates most doubts about his credibility with the pompous title (modeled no doubt on such grand ones as “The Bourne Ultimatum”, “The Da Vinci Code” etc). The remaining doubt is eliminated by his demonstration of intimate knowledge of Eastern traditions, that establishes his credentials as an American Expert on Middle-Eastern culture. Kissinger quality.

Remember Kissinger? The Harvard professor whose brilliant advice led the US to carpet-bomb Cambodia and Laos? To ignore the desperate pleas from the US Consulate in Dacca to stop the genocide unleashed by Yahya Khan’s West Pakistan Army?

Kissinger, famed for his “I want to p*ss on those Indians! Indians are all bastards, the most aggressive people on earth!”, and yes, the same Kissinger who now sidles up to stupid Indian Dhimk tanks, meowing for consulting handouts? Kissinger, who started the sale of America to the Communist Politburo of China?

Hallinan casually ascribes the scorched-earth, mass-murder "strategies" and tactics of various western armies to a "Vishnu" strategy. In one stroke he demonstrates the art of taking grossly out of context a random quote from some other westerner, and slandering the most sacred beliefs of … well… some durn pagans and heathens, right? In the process, he shows that USC faculty, even in the year 2007, have not advanced beyond the level of thinking demonstrated by the white-sheeted pointy-hooded drunks who passed for the Saviours of Western Culture in the America of the 1900s. Or worse, than their present-day successors – the upholders of Aryan Superiority at Harvard’s Indology Research Hate Group.

Hallinan's bigotry destroys his thesis on a - - well- - JESUS scale. How can one take a guy seriously if he is THIS bigoted and stupid at his age?

Sadly, it is routine in the American and British establishments for “experts” to misquote and distort the sacred beliefs of others" religions while citing the atrocities conducted by their own. Thus, the mindless massacres and the dismemberment of children conducted by these very, yes, BIBLICAL followers of Jesus and Jehovah and Zion have to be rationalized as a "Vishnu Strategy", never mind that in Hindu lore, Vishnu is the Protector, not the Destroyer. Noooo, they can’t be because of the poor upbringing and education imparted to Western leaders.

This is par for the course, American “mainstream” media style. A recent ABC News/ Reuters report on the appalling prevalence of prostitution in America, started off expressing shock that while “women in India and Nepal are often forced to turn to prostitution..” such a thing was happening, horror of horrors, in America. Never mind that America was the center of the slave trade as recently as 1865, a full 90 years after they had gained independence, advertising the birth of Da Land of Da Free.

Of course, it is quite true that the Almighty is, well, Almighty, and does make the promise:

"Paritranaya sadhoonam,
vinasaya ca dushkritaam..
dharma samsthapanaarthaya
sambahavami yuge yuge"

For the functionally illiterate who may be sent this article, that means: "To save the good and meek ("Sadhu implies someone who lives a decent, simple life, not doing any harm to anyone) , and to destroy habitual evil-doers, and to establish Dharma (justice, righteousness, fairness, charitable behavior towards others), I will take form, from time to time, over the aeons

And yes, in that context the Almighty does convey that the Almighty is Omnipotent, and that includes having the power to both create and destroy.

This is a basic description of the human belief in the Almighty. As any child would know, who had been taught about the major religious of the world, but Professors at USC and other bigots may be unaware.

To use that as a description of the Anglo-American-Israeli policy of
dropping cluster bombs on Afghan and Lebansee children .... wow! words fail me in seeking to describe the sheer lack of depth or thought or basic decency of USC faculty. Except that it is, when I think about it, no worse than the child pornography that passes for “psycho-analysis” among faculty of Emory University in Atlanta.

Remember, Emory University Professor Paul “Limp Paulus” Courtright, whose deep research led him to conclude that if a young student expressed a liking for sweets, that was a clear invitation to nearby adults (presumably Emory faculty) for oral sex?

Dean Paul of Emory University, held that his faculty were blessed with the “academic freedom” (never mind such outdated concepts as “decency” and “law”) to publish and test out such theories. That such writings were completely in line with his university’s Methodist standards of decency and, well, civilization.

Today we find that the same Emory University’s top pooh-bahs are being entertained by Ms. Sonia Gandhi and her friends. Reinforces what I wrote some time ago – that there is no lack of suckers among Indians or Indian-Americans. One wonders if any self-respecting nation would have given visas to such abusive entities, much less wine and dine them at the highest levels.

And then I remember Professor Michael Witzel of Harvard University, who published his demands that pictures of women cleaning toilets (from a video made by a rabid Christian extremist gang, where the toilet-cleaners were speaking fluent English) should be inserted in the middle-school textbooks to humiliate Indian-American children.

Sadly, again, even in California, education on basic decency is being
stamped out by bigots imported from Nazi Germany, even at the middle school level, so I am not terribly surprised that Professor Hallinan is this backward.

Hallinan's use of the term "Vishnu" for this idiocy is blatantly racist and bigoted. It"s not really extraordinary, because he is merely mediocre. He is no worse than fellow racist-bigots in the American and British foreign policy establishments.

There is little hope for American foreign policy if even its critics are
this stupid.

Yes, I know, I used up the time I have, writing about his bigotry. Because that completely negates the credibility of anything he writes. Bigots are stupid, period.

The “thinking” in American foreign policy schools and Think Tanks needs to come out of the sewers by quite a bit, before the world’s most powerful democracy can again aspire to the high ground of standing for truth, freedom and compassion. It ain’t going to happen with idiots teaching foreign policy at American universities.

We’ll just continue to see the same cycle of “Damn right there’s WMD” to “Shock and Awe” to “Urge to Surge”, sending the Good to die young.

Ari Saja

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