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  Crush the Present Day Jihadi Fever by Throttling Money Supply to Middle East  


By: Hari Sud
October 03, 2006
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


Politicians in the Muslim world are not controlling Jihad; it is the Mullahs, who control it. The latter have an unlimited supply of money, thanks to the conniving governments and oil wealth of the Middle East. This is a very convenient way for the western supported kings, amirs and sheikhs to avoid any responsibility for the Jihad and its bloodshed. Oil in Middle East is not going to run out soon. Hence Mullah’s money supply will stay in tact. That means Jihad is here to stay. Vulnerable becomes the Christian world in Europe & Americas (including Jews in Israel) and Hindu society in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Buddhist in China and rest of South East Asia are untouched today. But that is not for long. Mullah spokesman have already advised every non-Muslim of the world to either convert or face Jihad. Right now Mullah attention is diverted towards the West and India. Pretty soon Chinese will be face the same. In last 25 years, Mullahs and their henchmen have mastered the power of gunpowder strapped to their bodies or IED explosive devices. Suicide bombing has become their weapon of choice. It is their F-16. It inflicts greater damage to the civilian population than bombs laden jet fighter. All the Mullahs need to initiate their dreaded weapon is a cause and a bunch of indoctrinated young men and women. They can begin Jihad anywhere in the world and any time of their choosing. Bombing in London, Madrid, Mumbai, Indonesia are all example of Jihad and its nefarious dimensions. Security & police services cannot cope with these challenges, as it is harder to pin down the boy or girl next door as a potential candidate for Jihad.

Can this catastrophic challenge be averted?

The above is possible only if money supply and technology to Middle East is cut for a generation or two. The forgoing means that oil imports from Middle East are to be cut in half. The world will have to find oil elsewhere in Russia, Venezuela, Canadian tar sands and Alaska and also in the Indian Ocean floor. Immediately, the supply short fall, is to be made up with conservation and reaching out for supplies from Russia. Come to think of it, the latter will be the wisest move after the great disaster in Iraq. West’s dispute with Russia and Cold War were US creation. Briton and US did not win the WWII in Europe. They were smaller partners to the big effort, which the Russians put. The latter lost 25 million lives and turned the tide of the war and ultimately defeated Germany. West’s dislike of the present day Russia is on flimsy grounds, considering that they have dumped Communism, wish to be part of greater Europe and has for the time being unlimited oil supplies. Hence, if US were to dump the past and deal with Russia on equal terms, oil supply shortfall can be easily met. Hence, why is US so shy to deal with Russia. As a matter of fact West’s fight with the Muslim world can have Russia as another partner. These whole new moves will deny the Middle East Sheikhs and Mullahs financial advantage and ultimately squelch the fires of Jihad.

First Thing First, US has to End the Iraqi Occupation

This drain on US taxpayers has to be ended. US tried to grab the Iraqi oil but failed. In the process lost $400 Billion and 2,700 lives. Iraqi oil is as far away from the US reach as it was five years ago. In return every Muslim in the world hates US. Result: it is a fertile ground for Jihad’s cause. Even the US studies are confirming it now. Mullahs are exploiting the Muslim anger. US can boast of only one achievement in Iraq i.e. one set of tyrants has been replaced by another set. Saddam can be blamed for all the ills of the world, but recent US private and official reports indicate that repression today exceeds repression under Saddam Hussein. So what has US gained? They have gained anger of one billion Muslim on this earth. Continued resistance to US occupation has become motto of Muslim masses. Mullahs have utilized this anger by funneling Jihadis into Iraq and elsewhere. Iraq was a fairly secular society under Saddam Hussein. It has now splintered itself into three groups, with irreconcilable differences. Shiites, who previously had no power in the government have sensed power, hence will continue the fight to get more of it. Kurds are happy to be rewarded with autonomy and a homeland for helping to defeat Saddam. The Sunni minority, which controlled all political power in Iraq for the last 400 years, is not willing to give up power without a big fight. Hence, welcome to a civil war in Iraq. The forgoing is the net conclusion of US occupation of Iraq.

Wisest thing to do for US is to step aside and let the two groups decide a power sharing arrangement without US interference. Saddam Hussein be released and allowed to organize the Sunnis. When Sunnis and Shiites become well-balanced power blocks within Iraq, then civil war will be averted. Foreign Jihadis running around today under Mullahs control will have no choice but to flee the land. The neighboring Arabs, if needed, provide any stabilization force. If US forces are to be used, then they have to be subservient to the Iraqi authorities. Ultimately Iraq may become a loose federation with power sharing at the center. A similar arrangement could be made to share their oil wealth. US have messed up things so bad that all other scenarios put forward by US themselves are not workable.

Elsewhere in Middle East

Middle East from Egypt to Pakistan is a powder keg. Hezbollah has been emboldened with their recent success in the battlefield with Israel. US have picked a nasty fight with Iran over Iranian desire to acquire nuclear weapons. US are unable to explain why Pakistan can have nuclear weapons but not Iran. Both are equal sized neighboring states with Iran having economic advantage over Pakistan. Pakistan should be the last to be accorded the nuclear status because it has proliferated nuclear technology. In addition, Pakistan has just killed an important Baloch leader. Repercussions of this action are just about now beginning to unfold. Taliban has begun its pressure on depleted NATO troops in Afghanistan. When NATO rebuilds its strength, Taliban will be the first to run. In the process create turmoil for next 20 years. Monarchy in Saudi Arabia has come under internal pressure again from the radical Mullahs. Sudan has become hotbed of Arab militancy against the Christian neighbors. Hence, peace is eluding Middle East. One reason for that is availability of excessive oil revenues. In seventies Arabs used the cash to build palaces and luxury infrastructure and kick off Islamic resurgence in the Muslim world. They built fortress like Mosques all over the world. Now the same money is being used to preach Jihad from these Mosques. Part of the blame lies with the US for making Monarchy based political system as center stage of its policy to grab Middle East oil. Another part is, Israeli inability to reach an accommodation with the Arabs. Last war, which Israeli fought with the Hezbollah, was a dismal failure for Israelis. Muslim clergy feels that they have won hence they should celebrate. And they did with pomp and show in Beirut. Not only that, additional fallacies in US policies exist, include fattening up of Pakistan with arms and money to get their co-operation to catch Osma Bin Laden. The latter is unlikely to happen. Pakistanis are simply not interested to catch Osma. But to get US money they will catch minor Al Qaeda operatives here and there. Even if Osma dies of natural causes or in a shoot out, another graduate of Muslim seminaries of Pakistan will come forward and take up the cause of Jihad in place of Osma Bin Laden. Let me remind you that Taliban leader Mullah Omar is a graduate of a Pakistani Islamic seminary. These seminaries are capable of producing another Osma like figure to continue the Jihad.

How Much Middle East Collects on Oil Revenues

Middle East countries Iran, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya and Saudi Arabia collect about $385 Billion in revenues from oil exports (2005 dollars). Total OPEC production excluding Russia, China and India is about $500 Billion. Of all the oil exporters, Saudi Arabia is by far the largest producer. Their yearly income is about $150 Billion. There are only 27 million souls to share this bonanza, of which 5.5 are guest workers with no rights. They have a budget of about $90 Billion (Year 2005) of which $57 Billion is capital expenditure and remaining as operating expenditure. This gives them a comfortable surplus of $60 Billion. This high surplus is double than the last year’s surplus of $27 Billion (2004). A portion of this surplus retires the debt, which stands at about $100 Billion or so. Leaving them a huge surplus of unencumbered cash in US and European banks. Again a portion of this enters the stock market. A small but significant portion (figure unknown) is used to give gifts to needy countries. Pakistan is the first to claim this gift. Another portion is used to fund local charities, which build and operate Mosques, runs Madarssas (Islamic seminaries), print copies of free Koran for distribution all over the world. You do not have to look too far, for the forgoing. In North America, huge number of Mosques has been built in last 20 years, with beautiful architecture and materials. There are not enough community bases anywhere in US & Canada to build such edifices. Thus Saudi money disguised as charity is sent to build them. As a matter of fact money is funneled through individuals with connection to Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs. These mosques are breeding ground & recruitment centers for future terrorists right in the heart of Christian and Hindu world.

Not only the above, the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs also requires training of priests or Mullahs in their seminaries in Saudi Arabia, before they are appointed to the job. These properly indoctrinated Mullahs by Wahabi tutors preach fundamentalism. The Saudi royal family is mixed with Wahab family through inter marriages, hence Wahabis enjoy major influence in Saudi politics (Muhammad Ibn Al Wahab, circa 1703 – 1792, a Sunni fundamentalist has become model for today’s Jihad). Have you ever wondered why the whole Muslim world goes up in flames when an individual out of fun publishes a flimsy cartoon or say something which the Wahabis do not like. Instructions are wired or now e-mailed from Saudi Arabia to local Mullahs, who instigate the local population.

All the above is possible because money supply is unlimited, laws in the West are liberal and local Mullahs always cultivate local politicians. In the process the liberal politicians come out to support their cause. Although I do agree that - one must not make fun of any religion. Hence the West has to cease and desist from these activities. Pope is no exception to it.

Is anybody listening in the Muslim World? Are they free from these Malaise?

Muslim ummah cannot claim to be pure. They are perpetuating much bigger atrocities in Sudan, Darfur today as they accuse the West. In seven hundred years of their rule in India they converted 30% of the population to Muslim. None of the converts were willing to change their religion, barring a few. The choice offered was death or conversion. It is only in 1857, when the British took full control of India, that these atrocities stopped. Now Jihad is again being preached to re-conquer India. All agreements with the Muslim intelligentsia to behave fall on deaf years. Now young boys and girls have started to go to Pakistan and Arabia, to get indoctrinated and return as fundamentalists. They on their face value look like any people next door, except that they wait for instructions to explode an IED device or become suicide bombers.

Let us Just Make a Beginning and Cut their Money Supply Now

In a very planned manner the oil imports by the West is to be cut by 30% in next three years. The US has to get its oil shortfall from Russia, Venezuela, and Canada. Oil conservation measures are to be seriously put in place. Price of gasoline is to be raised to cut unnecessary consumption. Building up of additional oil extraction capacity from the Canadian tar sand is to be taken up at priority. Development of newly discovered oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico is to be hastened. Last two projects, will take 5 years to materialize, but by the time they come on stream a 50% reduction in oil imports have been achieved. Alternative fuels like H2 for fuel cell motor vehicles by then will be in place to impact long-range consumption of oil. Its delivery infrastructure may take additional five years to build but it will be well worth it. Additional licenses to build nuclear power plants are to be issued quickly. Electricity is needed to generate H2 for the fuel cells. Abundance of H2 is there in water, except that it needs to be split in a complicated manner and requires huge amount of electricity. Alternatively, natural gas has H2 bonded to carbon very tightly. A similar complicated process is required to separate H2 from the natural gas. I rather would conserve the natural gas and use nuclear energy instead.

When these measures are in place, Middle East will get the message. If the West cuts imports by 50% from Middle East, it will result in serious shortfall in revenues both with reduced volume and lower prices. Developing economies like China, India cannot make up the difference. They would wish and follow the West’s example and opt for conservation in energy consumption and greater exploitation of nuclear energy. Hence Middle East clout will be reduced. Mullahs will be forced into self-control. Over a generation with reduced revenues and with less to spend the Middle East countries would order Mullahs back to the Mosques and Wahabism back into antiquity.

The above is a sure fire method and it will work. It has not been tried seriously because politicians in the West are too tightly connected with oil lobby. Anything to diminish their influence is not acceptable to them. On the other hand the benefits of the above arrangement are so great that in one stroke multiple problems are solved. Hence one more time the author pleads to control this Jihadi fever in the Middle East with cutting their revenues in half.

Hari Sud

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