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  Stanford Locks Out FOSA Comrade, Biju Matthew  


By: Ari Saja
April 20, 2006
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


(This article was originally published at India Forum)

Organizations that helped the families of the fallen 9/11 New York firefighters are "anti-Muslim" because "most of the victims were non-Muslim and the perpetrators were all Muslims".

- FOSA and Dr. Biju Matthew, Rider University, New Jersey

Stanford University authorities have enraged the Communist / Islamist Friends of South Asia by refusing use of university facilities by Rider University “Professor” Biju Matthew. According to an angry announcement FOSA, with no university credentials, but with friends including a Stanford Lecturer, had as usual ignored campus requirements for use of facilities. Predictably, FOSA blamed the denial on a capitalist imperialist bourgeois American Hindutva plot, and launched a vicious attack on the Stanford Daily for giving a factual account of the controversy preceding the lockout.

Lionizing the UnaBomber

According to the Stanford Daily, someone had pointed out Dr. Matthew’s notoriety for using his Rider University official website for many years to advertise the UnaBomber Manifesto, and exhorting Rider students to join similar organizations. The “UnaBomber” was a Harvard graduate and former Berkeley assistant professor of mathematics, who retired to a forest hut in Montana and mailed parcel bombs. In an 18-year career of terror, his bombs killed three people and wounded 29, many of them losing eyes and hands. Though his “biographers” blamed Harvard mind-control stress tests, he is serving “life without parole”.

Stanford faculty who remember the terror were perhaps not amused at Dr. Mathews’ apparent advertisement of the UnaBomber’s anarchist treatise, and particularly with his enticing students to follow such examples. Sources familiar with Dr. Matthews’s Rider U. website recall that the site also advertised his links with the Puerto Rican secessionist movement, and asked students for donations to his “SINGH” Foundation. SINGH is known mainly for its administrative overhead rate (in 2002) of over 52% and for sponsoring travel expenses for leftist propaganda troupes from India.

The Comrade's Credentials

Dr. Matthews is also a prominent writer in “People’s Democracy”, the weekly organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), and in “Liberation”, the official organ of the Communist Party (Marxist/Leninist). In 2004, CPI (M/L) merged with the People’s War Group to form CPI (Maoist). The latter was included in the US State Department’s list of Other Foreign Terrorist Groups in 2004. Indian media associate the Maoists with the murders of several hundred police personnel and villagers in northeastern and eastern India, and in Nepal.

South Asia Scholarship

In 2002, Dr. Matthews, along with FOIL/FOSA members Shalini Gera, Girish Agarwal, and Angana Chatterji of CIIS, San Francisco, released a 91-page report touted as a “product of five years of meticulous research”, accusing a successful and effective Indian-American charitable organization of channeling funds to rioters in Gujarat. This reflected the political agenda of the Communists in India, who were mostly likely responsible for the events that triggered the 2002 riots in Gujarat. Despite initial successes in browbeating one or two corporations, the report was comprehensively examined refuted. It was revealed as a product of blatant academic dishonesty. For instance, the authors had tried to con Americans ignorant of Indian languages by claiming that leprosy patient relief shelters, orphanages, and even a hospital run by the North American Presbyterian Church, were organizations set up to “spread hate” in India. In one of many demonstrably false statements, FOSA had simultaneously claimed that their 2002 Report was a “product of five years of comprehensive report” (though it consisted of downloads from a website) and that they had only met and come to know of each other in March 2002. FOSA claimed to have a long list of Faculty supporters, but many of these turned out to be Communists and Islamists, including one “Islam scholar” known for his precise directions and encouragement on how husbands should beat their wives without leaving marks.

Matthew’s “report” also made the interesting claim that the Charity they were targeting was “anti-Muslim” because it had sent $25,000 to the families of New York firefighters killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, arguing that “most of the victims were non-Muslim while all of the perpetrators were Muslim”.

Chatterji, Matthew and other FOIL/FOSA “faculty” were later found to be routinely inflating and misstating their academic credentials – apparently a routine practice at Rider University and other schools where few actually rise to the rank of full professor. Most recently, Dr. Matthews has released a book on the conditions of taxidrivers in New York City, whom he has been trying to unionize.

Multi-Talented Anarchism

After the failure of their attack on the orphanages and leprosy relief centers, FOSA became “Kashmir Researchers”, organizing “Kashmir Forums”. The Pakistani press declared these to have been sponsored and controlled by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence service (ISI) , creators of the Pakistan Army of Islam and Al Qaida. Recently, FOSA leaders have turned into experts on K-12 history textbooks, linking up with Harvard demagogue Michael Witzel, and his “Indo-Eurasian Research Forum” which over 3100 people have declared to be a hate forum. Articles authored by Witzel under the FOSA byline have appeared in several publications, and been uniformly condemned as being false and malicious by informed reader opinion.

FOSA appeared especially enraged by mention of their association with the Pakistan American Alliance (PAA) and the so-called Allahs for India’s Destruction (AID). In August 2005, these entities were seen holding up posters saying “Allah Will Destroy Terrorist India” and “Death to USA and India”. The FOSA website explained that they had not pre-screened PAA’s posters, but generally endorsed their philosophy.

Freedom of _Expression - TianAnMen Style

Reaction to the Stanford Daily report was swift and vicious. FOSA condemned the report as “slanderous”, although the facts stated were well-known and understated. They loudly decried the criticism of their (undeniable) association with the Communist Party of India, declaring that CPI (M) was a member of the ruling coalition of India. Observers could not help comparing that to FOSA’s loud attempts to condemn the Indian-American charity for inviting an Indian Union Cabinet Minister to the inauguration of one of their development projects, and for their President to have been seen on the same dais as the Union Cabinet Minister!

Several readers commented that Mr. Leahy’s article was factual, well-researched and well-balanced. However, FOSA’s awesome power at Stanford became evident by evening, when the Daily’s Chief Editor posted an abject apology, retracted Leahy’s article, and made demonstrably false assertions that Bju Matthew had absolutely no association with the UnaBomber, nor FOSA with the Communist Party. Upon the falsehood of these assertions being pointed out, the Editor altered the retraction statement. In an Internet age equivalent of the legendary O.J. Simpson Jury level of awareness, The Daily now asserts that the statements about FOSA’s connections have not been corroborated. However, with classic Marxist regard for free speech, she still censored out the entire discussion under the article without explanation. Informed sources cited pressure on the Editor from certain “faculty members” to censor the comments revealing the nature of FOSA.

We Shall Return!

FOSA’s website evoked memories of capitalist imperialist military industrial complex hero General Douglas MacArthur, as it ominously declared: “we assure you that Biju Mathew WILL speak at Stanford and FOSA WILL address problems of working classes, sectarian politics and US imperialism.” It is not known whether Stanford administrators are quaking in fear.

Ari Saja

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