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  From Mecca to Varanasi  


By: Prabhat Varun
March 22, 2006
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


On 07-03-06 another Hindu city came under Islamic attack. This time the target was the nerve center of Hinduism the holy city of Varanasi, also called as Kashi, the city of Lord Shiva. More than 25 Hindus died in this Islamic terrorist attack. 

The holy Hindu city was rocked with several blasts. Several bombs exploded at three places in Varanasi. The fist bomb exploded at 6:15 p.m. in the inner sanctums of the Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple, killing more than ten people and inuring several more. The temple was crowded at the time of explosion because it was the dusk time, usually the time for evening ‘aarti’. At 6:25 p.m. another bomb exploded at the Cant. Railway Station killing more than 15 people. Then at around 9:15 p.m. another bomb was reported to be exploded in a running train. Several undetonated bombs were recovered from many places in the city, confirming that the Islamic terrorists meant no nonsense. 

The nature of the serial bombings in Varanasi reminds one of a similar terrorist attack in Delhi last year, just before Diwali in which three bombs detonated serially, killing more than seventy Hindus. The resemblance becomes greater when one brings it in the view that the Varanasi was attacked just before another great Hindu festival Holi. 

The Islamic was very well placed both in time and space. It was timed just before Holi, the greatest Hindu festival and just in the innermost sanctums of the Hanuman temple in the holiest of the city of Hindus, Varanasi. The message of Islamic terrorists was that even the holiest of Hindu festivals are not safe from the followers of Allah and Hindus are most vulnerable on these auspicious occasions. The aim is to demoralize Hindus, to intimidate them, to show that they are helpless against Islam and their gods are unable to protect them. 

This attack by Islamic terrorists was very well timed and placed. It was timed just before Diwali and was targeted at the innermost sanctums of the holiest of Hindu temples, in order to demoralize the entire Hindu society.  

Islam intimidates its enemies into submission through terror. This terror tactics is not new but has been in practice since the very beginnings of Islam. Prophet himself used assassination and terror to intimidate his enemy, being true to his call I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” (Quran8:12) There is an interesting episode from his life which illustrates that he indeed practiced this principle. Here it is, 

On the morning after the murder of Kab, Muhammad, exasperated at the opposition of the Jews, gave a general permission to his followers to slay the Jews wherever they met them.             

Muheisa slew a Jewish merchant Ibn Suneina in July, A.D. 624, just because he was a Jew. The event is reported by the early pious Muslim biographers to explain the sudden conversion to Islam of the assassin’s brother Huweisa.             

Huweisa reprimanded his brother for killing the fellow citizen Jew, and stealing his wealth; ‘By the Lord!’ replied assassin Muheisa, ‘if he that commanded me to kill him had commanded to kill you also, I would have done it’.             

‘What!’ Huweisa cried; ‘would you have slain your own brother at Muhammad’s

‘Yes, even so’, answered the fanatic. ‘Strange indeed!’ Huweisa responded; ‘Has the new religion reached to this? Then, it is a wonderful faith’. And Huweisa was converted to Islam from that very hour. [See, The Life of Mahomet / Sir William Muir / page, 249]

This episode illustrates why Islam terrorizes its opponents and why has it been successful to convert such a large number of people in it history. The terrorized person develops a psyche in which he starts to admire his oppressor.  

9/11 was followed by a large number of conversions in US who had been previously reserved about Islam. The ghastly terrorist act of 9/11 frightened them unconsciously and made them to capitulate. But consciously they became even more convinced of the genuineness of Islam. The unconscious fear of death and torture turned into the conscious faith in the goodness of Islam. 

Similar events followed the 3/11 attacks in Madrid. The ruling conservative party opposed to militant Islam was going to win. Muslims blasted one of their trains, killing more than 250 of Spaniards. And what happened? Spain capitulated. A record number of Madridians marched up to the city square protesting the presence of Spanish troops in Iraq. They demanded that Spain should not fight for what is not the immediate concern of Spain. They said that Islam was not an immediate concern of Spain. It may be of America, of Britain, of France, but not of Spain. So why should they fight for it? This logic didn’t appeal to them until the 3/11 attack. But then it suddenly surfaced. Why? Fear, of course. The terror tactics of Islam at work. Another terrorist attack. Another intimidation. Another capitulation. Here again the unconscious fear became the conscious nationalistic logic. And there was one more warrior less from the army fighting against Islam. The nationalist government lost the elections. The next government gave Muslims sanctions and reservations. In the words of Ali Sina, 

Just imagine how a few terrorists in Spain managed to overthrow a government by blowing a few passenger trains and killing a few hundred people. It did not cost them much to do that. Think of how a few terrorists, have succeeded to make the entire country of Philippines to capitulate and comply with their demand. All they had to do was to kidnap one of their citizens and threaten to kill him. How much it cost them to do that?           

Just like Spain and Philippines, the world will capitulate, one country at a time.  The good people of the world will become weary of war and resistance. They will give in to the demand of the Muslim fighters, one demand at a time. They will have to; they will have no options; resistance would be futile; surrender will be inevitable. [From Mecca to 9/11, Dr. Ali Sina] 

The Moscow theatre siege achieved its purpose. And like always the purpose was terrorizing the victims. Even when the Russian commando operation was successful and not even a single terrorist escaped alive, Moscow became convinced that they will be continuously targeted in future if they will not capitulate and give Chechnya independence. Their fears were materialized in the Beslan genocide of innocent children. (In which more than 450 children were massacred at the hands of Islamic terrorists) 

The 7/7 attacks in London followed by an upsurge of journalists and politicians who were yet more convinced of the goodness of Islam and who campaigned yet more ferociously of the ‘peaceful’ nature of Islam. 

The Civil War in France, the carnage in its countryside made President Chirac reprimand only his own white Catholic countrymen to maintain communal and racial harmony. 

2005 elections in Iraq successfully installed a Shariat abiding Shia government to power. Democracy after democracy gets Islamized in this process and country after country the discussion of Islam is censored by the terror tactics of Islam, but the faster and more effective the process Bush is even more convinced of the belief that democracy will liberalize Islam. 

The beheading of the Danish cartoonist Van Gogh by the Islamists was followed by an invisible protocol in Netherlands according to which the criticism of Islam became prohibited there.  

The publication of Prophet’s caricatures in the Danish daily was followed by an abject apology from Denmark and all other countries which published the cartoons. 

After every terrorist attack in India be it the attack on the Parliament, the Delhi blasts on Diwali, the Akshardham attack, the Bangalore IIT blast, the Varanasi blast, our Secularists are even more convinced that Islam means ‘peace’. (As if terrorist blasts by Islamists are a sign of the peaceful nature of Islam!) After every Islamic attack the Secularist din of ‘good Islam’ and ‘peaceful Muslims’ increases. 

After every Islamic attack on Hindu shrines all TV news channels and newspapers show how really peaceful are Muslims and how genuinely are they trying to live in harmony with Hindus. The greater is the frequency of attacks, the greater is their belief that Islam and Muslims are peaceful. Why is that so? 

It is a general perception that terrorism does not help the cause of terrorists but backfires on their cause by mobilizing the general public opinion against them and their case. 

But this is not true about Islamic terrorism. We form prejudices according to our social environment and gradually start treating these prejudices as our opinions. And humans tend to defend their opinions life long. Rational behavior is special to the intellectual race of humans. Rationality does not have a great appeal to masses. In masses faith replaces rationality. Gradually opinions become imperceptible with our ego, and there are no bounds up to which a human being can go to defend his ego. The environment in which the post-Independence India and post-World War II world is living is such in which the criticism of Islam is prohibited to the extent that it has become a taboo. Criticizing Islam is politically incorrect, and in a feudalist mock-democracy such as India being politically incorrect is to pay a heavy social price. So the two post-Independence generations have only got a goody-goody image of Islam. This prejudiced image has become their opinion, and this opinion is what they defend when they professedly say that Islam means peace.  

So every terrorist attack is accompanied by a renovated and reasserted faith in the goodness of Islam and its peaceful nature. The greater is the frequency of the terrorist attacks the greater is our faith in Islam’s goodness.  

So when Muslims protest the publication of the caricatures of Prophet in the Danish violently all over the world we become convinced of the grievances of Muslims and the insulting treatment accorded to Islam in West. And when UP Hajj Minister Haji Yaqoob Khan declares a prize of 51 crore to the Muslim who beheads the Danish cartoonist, we do not become disenchanted of Muslims and their methods of protest, but become even more convinced of their grievances. 

From the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley, to the attack on Parliament and the J&K Assembly, from Akshardham to Varanasi, from Delhi blasts to the Bangalore IIT campus blast, from the attack on Diwali to attack on Holi, we have become increasingly convinced that Islam means peace, and that forgiving these terrorists will one day reap peace for us. 

Islamic terrorists are increasingly choosing Hindu temples and festivals and we are increasingly becoming convinced that it is not a concerted effort to destroy Hinduism but a random terrorist attack by some misguided youth.  

The more situations compel us to come out in open and confront our enemy the more we recoil into our cozy homes. Terrorists need an aim and we want to shrug it. They have got it in Islamic terrorism and we have lost it in individualism. They want war and we want peace. (They are of course getting war but where are we getting peace?) After so many differences there is one similarity. Terrorists want War in pieces; we also want peace in pieces. We will continue to shrug our responsibility progressively from humanity to nation, from nation to family, from family to ourselves and Islam will continue to conquer its enemies nation by nation, state by state, and individual by individual until at last we will stand alone helplessly against the ever powerful Islam. 

This terrorism has nothing new in it. It is the same old belief of the 7th century Arabia. In the words of Ali Sina again,  

Fourteen hundred years later, the world is again facing the same feisty, vicious and unrelenting Islam. Islam has come back. Islamic terrorism is the same Islam brought by Muhammad. It is the same belief, the same fanaticism, the same fierceness and the same mindless savagery. The policies are the same, the only thing that is changed are the tactics. Today’s Jihadis are far more deadly than their ancestors, who were merely a bunch of savages wielding their swords and shouting Allahu-Akbar from their horseback. Our military might and sophisticated warfare are powerless in front of a handful of technologically savvy terrorists.   

From Mecca to Varanasi, Islam has been terrorizing the non-Muslim world using terrorism as a tool of intimidation and submission. The conquest of Arabia, the exploits of Hashimid Caliphate, the ravages of Fatimid Caliphate, the great raids of Chengez Khan, the terror age of Moorish Spain, the oppression of Balkans under the Ottoman Caliphate, the medieval Dark Age in India, the annihilation of Buddhism from Central Asia and Indonesia, the ethnic cleansing of Armenians and Greeks from Turkey and Crete in 1921, the Moplah riots of 1921, the Direct Action of Jinnah, the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus, the terrorist attack at American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1996, the 1994 terrorist at World trade center, 9/11, 3/11 Madrid, 7/7 London, assassination of Van Gogh, French Civil War, Australian riots, beheadings of non-Muslims in Iraq, terrorist attack in Bali, attack on India Parliament and J&K Assembly and on Akshardham, Mumbai blasts, Delhi blasts, Bangalore blasts, the attack on Varanasi – these all are not isolated events but episodes of a terrorist chain whose aim is to Islamize the world. If we do not see the history of terrorism in its reality then the day is not far when Islam will be victorious in its designs.

Prabhat Varun

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