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  Secularism will lead Hindus to extinction  


By: Devendra Singh
January 15, 2006
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


Secularism has poisoned Bharat for many years. In reality, all religions are not equal.

Let me ask a point blank question. Does any other religion teach that all religions are equal? So why do Hindus have taken the responsibility (read ‘theikha’) of believing this non-sense. If all religions were equal, we would not have to worry about all the conversions and ‘Jihadi’ activities conducted by missionaries and Muslim terrorists. ‘Sarva dharma sambhaav’ thinking will lead Hindus to their extinction. I am not advocating hatred towards anyone, but I am advocating that we must accept the truth that other religions have nothing good to offer to the world. Calling a spade a spade is not advocating hatred or violence, but acknowledging a sheer reality. How many people will have feelings of ‘Sambhaav’ or ‘Sadbhaav’ towards me if I continue to hurt them? So, why harbor these feelings towards those who continue to rape our culture and dharma?

Sometimes ago, the EBC radio owner in New Jersey accused me of being a fundamentalist when we were trying to stop a Muslim propaganda program at their station. Well, in a way I am since my ‘fundamentals’ are better than his! A similar accusation was labeled on us at Shaan restaurant in NY last month by a Muslim. A Muslim calling us terrorist! Can it be a compliment or what?

Other thing thrown at me is that Hindus always fought among themselves. The episodes of Mahabhatat and Ramayan are presented to me as evidence of how bad we were. It is also told to me that good and bad always exist together and bad things will not remain bad forever. The example of Lalu Prasad Yadav is thrown at me to convince me that Hindus are also engaged in hurting Bharat. I also get advice to not pay attention to ‘silly’ people like M.F. Hussain who paint Hindu Gods in distaste.

These are all diversionary tactics taught to us by our ‘rulers’ who could not have kept us slave without making us think inferior about our own culture. It is true that good and evil co-exist side by side and Hindus have a long history of fighting among themselves. So, did we learn any lesson from our fighting and make any attempt to bring unity among ourselves? USA went through the bloodiest civil war and learnt its lesson. Did we? Pointing out our shortcomings will not make us strong. If there are shortcomings in us, who would work to remedy them? Should we leave those weaknesses to be exploited by our enemies? Why don’t we learn lessons from Mahabharat and Ramayan? Our battle is bigger now because then we were fighting evils in our own society, and now we have to fight the external enemies also. Whose side are we? By simply stating that in a cycle of universe, good will prevail someday is not enough. Good will certainly prevail, but not by our inaction, but by standing against the evil forces. Could Pandavas have won by simply retreating to the forest and not engaging in just action? Could Ravan be defeated without war with him? Didn’t all negotiations to release Sita failed and then the war was the only option? People who avoid hard choices and think good will prevail by singing ishwar allah tere naam… are actually helping the destructive forces. If the war was justified against crooked Kauravas and evil Ravan, then the resistance is equally justified against the forces that are bent to destroy Hinduism.

What is our limit? How far our tolerance is justified? Would ignoring M.F. Hussain paintings that depict nude Sita Ji on Hanuman’s back be helpful in stopping such sinful actions? Can I ignore M.F. Hussain if he makes nude paintings of my wife and daughter? Do we care for our dharma as much as we do for our family members? Those Hindus who advice tolerance do not help the cause. Tolerance against intolerant people cannot and will not solve our problems. ‘Eye for an eye’ phrase popularized by Gandhi Ji is one of the worst teachings and cannot be applicable in today’s world. Did Lord Krishna advice this in Gita? If we continue to give our eyes, hands, and legs, wouldn’t a time come when we will have nothing else to give? Many of us are like Arjun, confused about our duties and dharma. We have our scriptures to teach us, but we have paid more attention to others and read our history through others’ angle.

I am not against Muslims or Christians. They are like my brothers and sisters. They have same bones, flesh, and blood flowing in them as in me. But the problem is in the ideology of Islam and Christianity which are devoid of any true teachings and are strictly exclusionary. So, the generally speaking, their followers have no chance to turn out fair and good towards the humanity unless they question the teachings of their own scriptures. I have more respect for Rahim, Raskhan, and countless other patriotic Muslims who served their country well than I have for the corrupt politicians like Lalu Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, and others. But there are not many contemporary Muslims who speak the truth and are patriots.

Hindus argue and fight among themselves, but the same fortitude is not shown against the adherents of other faiths even though it is clearly evident that they engage in villainous activities against Hindus. This is a sign of a weak society. Our roots have been so damaged that we are easily swayed against our own culture and speak the language of ‘Brown Englishmen’.

The purpose of this article is to help us kill our own ignorance. Muslims and Christians are not ignorant. They are ‘correctly’ following the teachings of their own scriptures. It is we who incorrectly interpret our shastras that have answers to all our problems.

Secularism as taught to us for the last many years is a biggest anomaly and insult to our dharma. There is no such thing as secularism (‘Dharm Nirpekha’) that can have any logical explanation. In dharma, artha, kaam, and moksha, dharma is the underlying and supporting factor for the other three. We can never be ‘dharm nirpekha’, but can only be ‘panth nirpeksha’, if we so choose to. We want a nice house (house-sapeksha), a nice car (car-sapeksha), and so on. So why not be dharm-sapeksha? What wrong has dharma done to us? All US coins inscribe ‘In god we trust’, even though their concept of god is different. Where is secularism in that statement?

Hindu society currently lacks action oriented people who would undertake purposeful activities to promote our culture, language, and dharma. We have too many Raichands and Raibahadurs in our society who are ready to provide Rai (suggestion), but hesitate to involve in actions that can lead in removing the veils of ignorance from the true teachings of our scriptures. Even the current crop of most swamis and preachers are ignorant of their dharma and only care about their own ‘Sampradaya’ and followers. We all admire the courage and sacrifice of Bhagat Singh and Shiva Ji, but never attempt to follow the path they took and never consider the possibility of our children becoming one of them. We wish for a Bhagat Singh to be born in our neighbor’ family and not in ours.

If we know and accept that there are ailments our Hindu society is suffering from, then it is our dharma to help institute solutions to remedy them by doing our part. Inaction doesn’t solve anything. Secularism is one of the biggest problems for Hindus and it must be first clearly understood and then slowly removed from our society. It is like Karna’s Kavach and Kundalas that have stuck to our flesh for a long time and their removal will cause a considerable amount of pain. But the pain we must bear for the betterment of current as well as future generations of Hindus.

Devendra Singh

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