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  Baba Mourya: An Artist with a Mission  


By: Shachi Rairikar
September 24, 2005
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


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An ordinary looking bearded man with extra ordinary talent, that is, Satyanarayan Mourya, fondly known as Baba to his friends and admirers. Well known for his famous Bharat Maa ki Aarti, Baba is a gifted poet, musician, singer, orator, painter, cartoonist and above all a patriot. A philosopher by nature, Baba endeavors to bring about an awakening in the Indian masses in his own unique way.

Born in a humble family of a schoolteacher at Rajgarh in the Byaora district of Madhya Pradesh in 1965, Baba rose to fame with his extra-ordinary talent with the paintbrush. Painting came as a hobby at an early age and without any formal training. To begin with, Baba funded his high school education with signboard painting in his town. After having completed Masters degree in Commerce, Baba achieved a gold medal in Masters of Arts in drawing and painting from Vikram Vishwa Vidyalaya, Ujjain.

Baba has an impressive collection of art work. His paintings include a wide range of subjects, from Kargil to Badrinath. His depictions include the idyllic village life as well as the frenetic routines of the city life. From rails to fairs and from prisons to temples, he has painted it all. The speed with which Baba is able to capture an idea and express it meaningfully as a painting is truly fascinating. He is especially dedicated to the painting of Gods and Goddesses.

Just like painting, poetry also came as God’s gift. Baba’s poems reflect the pain he feels for the plight of Mother India and her children. Through his poems he tries to shake the Indians out of their deep slumber and inspires them to work towards building a strong nation. More than twenty audio cassettes of his poems have been released, the most famous being “Aur Ab Baba Bhee Roye Re”.

Baba has tried his hand at writing and found that it came as a natural extension of his writing poetry. He is the author of many dramas, television script and articles. He has about 250 series of television episode to his credit.

Baba worked with Zee TV for more than six years as a script writer for programs on sanskar and bhakti. He has produced more than two thousand episodes of “Jagran” and “Bhakti Bhav” series. The credit of identifying and promoting many good saints on that series goes to him.

With his intensive research and study of Indian history, culture, scriptures, Baba is an authority on ancient Indian sciences. He has created a wide range of exhibitions to share his knowledge with all. His exhibitions include Aitihaasik Ram, Swadeshi, Goraksha, Ved – The way of Light, Understanding Hinduism, The Child, Hindu Customs and Traditions, Hamare Vanvasi.

The brilliant fusion of Baba’s multiple skills can be witnessed in his programs like Bharat Maa Ki Aarti and Shiv Parvati Vivah. During his programs his charismatic and charming personality keeps the crowd enthralled while he conveys his message through music and painting and in a language that appeals to all. In spite of his at-times harsh, highly critical comments on the status of the present Indian society, right from an illiterate farmer in the village to the sophisticated urban professional, Baba – a darling of the masses - is loved and understood by all. During, what inevitably turns out to be a power packed session, Baba’s message comes out loud and clear. Bharat Maa Ki Aarti begins with Baba’s own beautifully composed song which he sings as the main lead with his team.

“Bharat Bhakton Bharat Phir Se Vaibhav Paye Param,
Sab Dharmon Se Badhkar Bhai Hota Rashtra Dharam!”

As the progamme gradually unfolds offering paintings of national heroes, patriotic songs, poetry and talk, it concludes with the Aarti of Bharat Mata, Baba’s another excellent composition:

“Do Shabdon Ki Divya Chetna Rashtra Bhav Sancharati,
Vande Mataram Gakar Karlo Bharat Maa Ki Aarti!”

Having extensively traveled and performed throughout the country, Baba has made forays into the Western world, with exhibitions and private commissions in the U.S., Europe, Hong Kong and the Caribbean countries. He is specially adored by the Indians abroad, including heads of states of Indian origin. With his patriotic poems and exhibitions depicting the various aspects of Indian culture, Baba has played a vital role in helping the non-resident Indians find their roots, their religion and their culture.

Much of the success of the Divali Nagar celebrations, the premier Indian cultural festival in the Caribbean, has been due to the monumental work of this very talented artist. He has been responsible for the research and preparation of the exhibitions that depict the themes of the Divali Nagar. Exhibitions produced thus far include the Vedas, Understanding Hinduism, The Indian Contribution to Science and Technology, the Child and Hindu Customs and Traditions. Apart from the thousands who eagerly imbibe their contents, Baba’s exhibitions have been regularly visited by the top echelons of the Trinidad society, including the Presidents of Trinidad and Tobago, its Prime Ministers, members of the Parliament, members of the Senate and the clergy of other religions.

In the various cities in the U.S., like New Jersey, Washington D.C., Rale, Houston, Atlanta, Baba is in high demand and eagerly awaited by the audiences of Kavi Sammelan.

Baba has great regard for our soldiers who shed their blood so that we live in peace and security. His reverence for our brave jawans made him travel to the borders during the Kargil war to motivate them and salute them for their great sacrifice.

At a very early stage in his career, Baba joined the Ram Janmabhoomi movement and the Cow Protection movement. Later, he was also a part of the Swadeshi movement. Soon, he became a part of every nationalist movement as he was able to effectively capture and promote the movement’s message.

Currently, Baba has become an integral part of Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad’s on going project, Shivganga Abhiyan in Jhabua district. He has been visiting the interior villages of Jhabua inspiring the vanvasis to work for their villages with his programs. He has lived with the vanvasis for days and worked with them in the hot sun to make check dams, contours, etc. for conserving water.

The best part of Baba is that international fame and adulation have failed to change him one bit. He still remains simple, down to earth, easily approachable person sans the typical celebrity attitude and tantrums. His life style – food, dressing, accommodation are still those of an average middle class Indian.

Throughout his career, Baba has looked upon money, not as a motive of his expression but merely as a way to compensate and finance his pursuit for his mission – to awaken in the heart of each countryman the love for our motherland. His mission is best understood when in one of his poems he says,

“Main Duniya Se Aisi Gandi Reet Mitane Aaya Hoon.
Jaago, Jaago, Jaago, Jaago, Tumhe Jagane Aaya Hoon.”

Baba has founded Bharat Bhakti Sansthan which propagates love for Bharat Mata by establishing Bharat Mata statues, conducting patriotic programs, exhibitions, audio cds and cassettes. Baba severely criticizes and is vehemently opposed to people who only give lip service to patriotism. He believes in people who are patriotic and honest to Bharat Mata in practice and invites such people to join him in his mission. It is Baba’s dream to see Bharat Mata crowned once again as the Jagat Guru, and every passing minute he is busy pursuing his goal.

Shachi Rairikar

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