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  Red Badge of Umbrage  


By: Narayanan Komerath
July 01, 2005
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


It’s a searing image from the Gulf War of 1991. There were 180,000 Indians trapped in Saddam’s Iraq, starving.  But the well-fed cats and dogs of the citizens of western nations, sobbed the Indian Ambassador in sheer frustration, had higher priority on the UN’s evacuation flights than starving Indian children. Last week this priority system came flashing back in the words of President Subbiondo of the California Institute of Integral Studies.  

It was a terrible week again for Indian children. According to Times of India, “a large number of Maoist guerrillas ran amok in a Bihar district bordering Nepal reportedly killing up to 21 people. ..Over 300 Maoist guerrillas.. attacked the Madhuban bazaar, opened fire,.. set fire to the police station and block office, killing two policemen and a bank guard… exploded bombs,.. ransacked (banks) .. bombed houses .. looted cash and jewellery.”[i]   

Nothing new there, except the brand-new set of bereaved families. The Comrades have been doing this for the past 60 years.  A little primer for those too young to understand what “Maoist” means, or how it relates to “Marxist”, “Communist”, and “People’s Tribunals”:  

Red Amoebic Fission 

Frustrated with elections, dissent etc., the would-be Stalins and Maos of the Communist Party of India (CPI) have spun off ever-more violent terrorist groups. The Chinese-funded CPI (Marxist) successively delegated Class War to the CPI (M-Leninist), CPI (ML-Trotskyite), and CPI (ML-Maoist). This last entity is also called “Naxalite”, after the West Bengal village of Naxalbari where they started Class War by robbing and beheading farmers and any other productive citizens in the early 1970s. Short-lived in Kerala, where it ran afoul of the CPI (M)’s own protection racket, Naxal terrorism has thrived in Andhra and Jharkhand, and is now starting in Orissa. The “People’s War Group” (PWG) of the CPI (MLM) had a website announcing “People’s Tribunal” Death Warrants for 3 elected, serving Chief Ministers of Indian States. In 2003, CPI (ML) and CPI (MLM) merged into CPI (Maoist), which is on the US State Department’s list of terrorist groups along with its Nepalese counterpart, CPN (Maoist).  

Back to the news.  

Reuters: “Suspected Maoist insurgents set off a bomb under a police jeep in central India (Maharashtra), killing seven policemen and the (civilian) driver… as police in (Bihar) arrested a Maoist leader for the murder of 80 policemen in the past decade”. [ii]  

Nothing new here either. From 2000: “MCC (Marxist Communist) activists participated in the killing of 12 people, including seven children in a single family, after storming a village in Bihar's Palamau district.”[iii] 

And yet another: “At least 36 bus passengers were killed and scores more wounded when Maoist rebels detonated a landmine along a road in southern Nepal yesterday.. “The place is littered with blood. Limbs are scattered around the site,” one said. “Many women and children have been killed.”. [iv] 

These are not isolated incidents. Please visit the South Asia Terrorism Portal (  to see incidents sorted by State and Month.  

Most Newsworthy: Our Heroine’s Travails 

So does any of this trigger concern? Apparently not at the San Francisco Chronicle, nor at CIIS. What is far more important is that Associate Professor Angana Chatterji of the CIIS managed to get citizens in otherwise-peaceful Orissa state so mad that they walked out on her “People’s Tribunal” and made her destroy the tapes she had made of their comments under false pretences. Apparently they got mad when they realized that the “professor” had come by in an earlier year posing as a “journalist”, and written articles casting them as savages, and co-authored a “Comprehensive Report” falsely casting their brave struggle to rise from the wreckage of a monster cyclonic storm in 2000 as “religious hate-mongering”. Among other antics.  

The agreed facts are:  

1. A team of some seven leftist (or “People’s”) activists calling themselves the “People’s Tribunal” came to Bhubhaneshwar, Orissa and started taping statements from the gracious locals. Presumably, the locals were led to believe that this was an official government delegation.

2. The con was going hunky-dory until the witnesses got a FAX from someone who recognized their interrogators. Calling back, the witnesses learned with growing rage that the interrogator(s) had been seen addressing meetings of the CPI (M), were probably foreign-funded, with at least one member being considered to be rabidly anti-Hindu (anti-India?)

3. Tribunal member “Dr. Hans”, a local professor, went out to see what was keeping the witnesses, and upon finding out, “went home directly”. Didn’t see any need to return and warn the damsels-in-imagined-distress, or call police. Drove home. Perhaps didn’t appreciate being made a goat.

4. The locals, realizing that the “Tribunal” was not an official government delegation with senior jurists, but a gang of leftists with their hired lawyers, returned and demanded that the tapes be destroyed, and advised the Tribunal to leave town. Whether they yelled: “Rape!” “Tape!” or “Ape!” is open to question, per comments at the portal, but certainly tempers seem to have flared. The hired lawyers promptly left town in disgust, seeing that the con game was up.  

Houristan Hath No Fury Like…  

“Ms. Malik FORCIBLY took my picture with her mobile phone camera”

Associate Professor Angana Chatterji in report to Bhubhaneswar Police, June 15.


Not so our heroine, the CIIS Associate Professor, whose reaction was exactly that of someone caught red-handed (no pun intended). She fired off emails and cell-phone calls, and published a letter she sent to the local police chief accusing the locals of threatening to rape and dismember her, etc. etc. More tellingly, unlike her associates who went home in disgust, she saw no reason to leave, citing “other business” in town, and coolly went to the best hotel in town.

Was there any violence? Consider what Chatterji has to say: “Ms. Malik FORCIBLY took my picture with her mobile phone camera!” Wow! What a horrible crime! Brings back nightmares of my 5th-grade class, where we 8 boys were terrorized by the 24 girls with constant complaints of  “Teacher! TEACHER! LOOK what this BOY did! DREW A PICTURE OF ME WITH A TAIL AND HORNS!” etc. etc.  

In some primitive tribal societies like CIIS, that may be a capital offense. Of course, Ms. Malik could have just typed the associate professor’s name and used the “Images” option on Google – like I did. I found 20 pictures, many from CIIS and Pakistani media sites. One cannot help wondering why the People’s Tribunal Coordinator, never missing a chance to get her picture in the Pakistani papers, takes so much umbrage at being photographed when it is to alert Indian villagers to her identity.  

What was the “other business” that kept our heroine in this town where she “feared retaliation”, like The Boy Who Stood On The Burning Bridge? Within 48 hours, there was a large demonstration by AIDWA, the All India Democratic Women’s Association (translation: She-Commies), the organization led by Brinda Karat, wife of Prakash Karat, CPI (M) General Secretary. So maybe there WAS something to what the FAX said about her antecedents, heh? Say, if you get a crazy driver “flipping you the bird” on Route 101 in San Jose (as lewd and violent a declaration of intent as those claimed by Chatterji) what are YOUR chances of the CPI (M) Queen Bee sending the Cadres to demonstrate in your cause?  

What did Chatterji do the last time around in Orissa? Some indications can be found here[v], along with a thorough debunking of her propaganda[vi] and a point-by-point rebuttal. Chatterji, of course, failed to defend her hate literature, but this lets us understand, if not sympathize, with the locals’ reaction when they found her back under different pretences. The CIIS’ role in exploiting simple villagers to generate hate propaganda for cash from dubious sources needs serious investigation.  

So What Was the Actual Plan?  

One wonders what would have happened if the locals had NOT been warned off in time. Were the demonstration and all the Petition activity organized on the spur of the moment, or were they pre-planned? Weren’t the poor locals being set up for an “incident”? Think back to the curious behavior of Dr. Hans. Consider how long it must have taken to organize that AIDWA demonstration, with all the Red Banners and posters. Wasn’t this calculated to start in Orissa what was so effectively ignited in Gujarat in 2002?  

It was clearly Big Communist Party, augmented by San Francisco CIIS Power, arrayed against a small group of third-world villagers. One could almost hear the B-52s coming in. The locals were not amused, however, at the assault on their names and honor, and were heard getting ready to file suit for defamation and slander. The result was amazing. Next day, Our Heroine sent another letter, informing the Police Chief that what she had sent before was not a First Information Report of an offense, but just an admonition to the Chief to “not let such things happen again”!   

Instant Umbrage: The Comrades Discover Petition Online 

The Forum of Indian leftists, the Communist umbrella organization in the US (see “FOIL Primer”), has discovered Internet Petitions:

1. To Stop Gujarat Chief Minister Modi from Coming to the US.

2. To Stop funding to Tsunami victims.

3. To protest the NYPD’s questioning of bearded comrade Rakesh Sharma who was videotaping the Metlife Building in NYC for over 30 minutes nonstop. This worthy cites his hosts to prove his bona fides, including Arjun Appadurai, New York college professor. One wonders if this is the same Arjun Appadurai who signed another FOIL Petition in 2002, “endorsing” the Report co-authored by Angana Chatterji. The NYPD should be most gratified to hear what Appadurai and his South Asia cohorts endorsed – the claim that sending money to help the families of New York Firefighters after the 911 terrorist attacks was proof of “anti-Muslim” behavior, since “all the attackers were Muslim and most of the victims were non-Muslim”. The same FOIL gang is also the ones who chortled about how they conducted demonstrations in New York, flouting orders from the NYPD and thus snarling traffic.

4. A Petition to get the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation to stop telling the truth about Gujarat being the best-run state in India, with low crime, high freedom, and opportunity for all, since it was not in line with pre-approved Conclusions of the Politburo.   

For people who don’t believe in democracy, the Commies are certainly pleased with Petitions where the inconvenience of different opinions need not be tolerated. So it was no surprise that a Petition was cranked out within hours by a CIIS graduate student (advisor unspecified), addressed to the Ambassador of India, demanding that the Orissa People’s Tribunal be “Protected”.  

Vote Early, Vote Often 

Now this is a most interesting petition. Last seen, it boasted “636 signatures”, but most of those were “Signature Rejected” and “Line Voided”. Perhaps Comrade Rejected and Comrade Voided are top leaders in CIIS, AIDWA, AID-India or in the Marxist Politburo and practise General Musharraf’s Referendum policy: “Vote Early. Vote Often”.  

The full list of signatures approved by the CIIS Petition Originators after due diligence as of Monday morning, June 20, was posted on the internet by some far-sighted person. The start of the list is a veritable Who’s Who of the FOIL.  But it gets much more interesting.  

There is the doyenne of Petition-Signors, Kamala Visweswaran. Try “Google” with her name and “Petition”: seventy-nine came up!  Almost as many as Mr. Shrikumar Poddar’s organizations and fund-raising schemes. There was the legendary  “Kutti Chatthan”, more feared by Malayalee children than even Prakash and Brinda Karat. Marwan Al Shehhi, the Sep, 11 terrorist, had taken time out from Houristan to sign, as did the Muttahida Jehad Council. There was “Dr. SemilyTerait CIIS alumna” and “Bev Aquoof, CIIS Student” They joined legendary (notorious) Naxal terrorist figures Kanu Sanyal, described as an “Honorary Fellow, CPI (MLM) Politburo”, and Charu Mazumdar, now described as a political activist in the so-called “charity”, AID-India. Many AID-India signatories described themselves as “Political Activists”. This might appear a bit curious to the IRS examiner, given AID-India’s 501c3 claims, but shouldn’t surprise desis familiar with AID-India’s recent history and Communist links. 

Signature Approval and Freedom of Expression – CIIS style 

Amazingly, the Pakistan American Alliance, AID-India’s Comrades-in-Banners as they marched under the “Allah will Destroy India” signs in San Francisco, were conspicuous by their absence. It is unthinkable that an anti-Indian Petition by the FOIL not have the usual compliment of Pakistanis telling Indians how to run a free democracy. Perhaps they had all been “Signature Rejected” or “Line Voided”. How former Comrades fall out! The “purge” was reminiscent of the news from Beijing during the Red Guards’ era.  

"She could be here in cool San Francisco, but she's over there in hot India really pushing for the people”.  

President Subbiondo of California Institute of Integral Studies, explaining the heroism of CIIS faculty in visiting India during the summer recess.

Now you can’t see most of these names on the Petition any more. Following their posting on internet forums, and unkind user comments, (and perhaps a few questions from the IRS, DHS, FBI etc.) their names were “line voided” or “signature rejected”. Just like AID-India “purging” their websites following questions about their DYFI / CPI (M/L/M) connections in January of this year.

But the Communist - Islamist Alliance wasn’t absent after all. The San Francisco Chronicle, in a breathless article by one Mark Williams and Jehangir Mocha[vii], explained the grave situation where the “Professor” had suffered the equivalent of the flipped middle finger. It is common practice, the expert journalists explained, for Indian “high caste Hindus” to strip and parade women, and then chop them up.  Oh! I wonder, though, if it is as common as Editors at tenth-rate American newspapers publishing garbage written by bigots without checking facts, as long as it fits racist stereotypes?  

But the June 2005 Hot Air Prize must surely go to President Subbiondo’s declaration about how heroic his faculty member is: "She could be here in cool San Francisco, but she's over there in hot India really pushing for the people”.  

Hmmm! I suppose CIIS will be awarding honorary doctorates to the hordes of heroic Winnebago drivers swaying down Interstate 95 this June from “cool” Canada and Detroit, down to “hot” Miami and Key West? And all those other heroes and heroines braving the hot sun in near birthday suit, on the beaches?   

Yes, CIIS President Subbiondo, please accept my deepest concern for the safety of your faculty member and her bruised vanity. And please, as a token of our admiration for her courage in going to “hot” India, tell us where we can send her an umbrella and dark glasses, and a false nose like Inspector Clouseu so she can go “incognito” to her Tribunal’s next deposition, now that her photo has been posted at the Post Office in so many Indian villages.  

An Open Letter on the internet asks some tough questions about CIIS’ recent practices and ethics[viii]. President Subbiondo might want to read that. I would agree that it must be “amazing”, as CIIS alumni state, for students to sit in a California classroom during the reign of Governor “Terminator” and hear a teacher say: “I am a Communist, my father is a Communist, my grandfather was a Communist”.   

So you see, dear Reader? I bet you’ve already forgotten all about those Indian children whose policeman daddies, their heroes, won’t be coming home, having been “liberated” by the Comrades. Or those children and mothers lying in pieces on the road, in the burning debris of a “liberated” bus. Courtesy of the Communist Party. And that was the point of all the petitions and demonstrations and noise. Not one of those friends of CIIS, those India-experts, CIIS “Professors”, can be found shedding a tear for those kids.  The Red Badge of Umbrage has been managed smoothly to cover up the bloody hands of the Communist terrorists. Download their names before they are “Purged”.   

If this concerns you as a human being, please consider supporting the Open Letter to CIIS by the Citizens Insisting on Integrity in Scholarship. That’s

Narayanan Komerath

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[i] “It's now a Maoist jihad that makes India stunned”. Times of India, June 24, 2005.

[ii] Maoist rebels bomb police jeep in India, 8 killed”.  Reuters, May 31, 2005.

[iii]Maoist rebels kill two Christians in India”

[iv] Catherine Phillip, “Maoist “Liberators” kill 36 passengers on packed bus”. June 7, 2005.,,3-1643847,00.html

[v] Angana Chatterji, “Hindu Nationalism and Orissa: Minorities As Other”. Published in: Communalism Combat. Human Rights Magazine. India. February-March 2004; Issue No. 96 .

[vi] Aditi S. Ray, “Re: Hindu Nationalism and Orissa - In response to Jul 16, 2004

[vii] Mark Williams, Jehangir Pocha, “S.F. professor fears Hindu retaliation

Militants threaten rape over investigations of caste tension, she says” San Francisco Chronicle Foreign Service, Thursday, June 23, 2005.

[viii] Open Letter to CIIS.

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