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  Can India afford this?  


By: Rasik S Sanghvi
May 18, 2004

The results are out and we wish them good luck who have won and will form the new federal government in India but from all accounts Council on Foreign Relations, May 14, 2004 Frank G. Wisner II, a former U.S. ambassador to India (slot2_051404) India will return to the instability of 1990s when the govts. were changing yearly. It may go back to corruption, stagnation ( Partnership with communists), labor leisure, degradation of vast majority of people, vote bank politics and non development, if the 55 years in last 60 years are of any guide. The question is can India afford this? Should India allow angry and ignorant people to decide the future of governments and goverance in India? A foreign and therefore, possibly detached journalist visited some place near outskirts of New Delhi and asked people did they know who was ruling India (during Vajpyee’s short second term premiership) and the answer he received was Indira Gandhi, daughter of Mahatma Gandhi! Not only Indira was alive in 1998 but was the daughter of Mahatma! These people are deciding the future of India who have no concepts of growth rate (like for example, income doubling in 11 years at 9% rate or in 14 years at 7% rate etc.), infrastructure, economized exchange of products and services, Hindu India’s tradition, value and customs which have contributed to all paths leading to one truth -the rock foundation of modern true meaning of secularism and safety, security, prosperity and development of all people in India creating such miracle simultaneously as Muslim President, Christian (possibly) Prime Minister, Muslim richest man, Muslim top stars in Indian film industry. Frankly, these angry and ignorant people have gone overboard being not aware of their inborn contribution. When a precious thing is gifted away unaware it invites, degradation, exploitation, undue advantage, manipulation of history, loss of territories, defeat in wars corruption, economic stagnation and suppression and manipulation of vary voice emerged from Indian tradition, value and customs, which made this miracle possible. And suppression and manipulation invariably cause backlash, false accusation of Hindu fundamentalism and instability and parroting of secularism. And here we go again.

But then what is solution? Even education and prosperity do not guarantee election of candidates on merit. In modern day best governing system even in educated and prosperous countries, the democratic system is invariably linked with war chest, fund raising, propaganda, populism, appearance inspirer etc. evils. The cost involved in putting across the message and recognition alone requires party machinery and funds not available to every true potential great leader. The economic system dominating individuals by employers, business chances, screwed labor system both ways (anti labor in some western countries and pro non performing in countries like India), stigma attached with safety net system even where it is existence etc. do not leave enough opportunity in time, energy and resources conducive to emergence of true leadership unlike emergence of cost effective artists and scientists which are supported during their emergence. But any alternative to even defective democratic system is much worse. But democratic system is not good in countries like India where a performing, restructuring, developing, reforming administration can be thrown by overboard, angry (NY Times), ignorant (western media) and people unaware( R.S) of their inborn tradition, value and customs of which even the chosen leaders are unaware. If they were aware they would not have stigmatized (Vajpayee, Congress leaders) whole Gujarat who have shown their maturity in federal elections where Federal administration had taken Gujarat for granted for long and thus make them eat their criticism of Gujarat.

Since India has concluded millenniums ago and confirmed in last century again that violence is ineffective, it puts even greater pressure to find alternatives to revolution against such anomaly of inborn equality of Hindus and non Hindu leadership in last 55 years of 1billion mostly Hindu population (Congress rule may be termed Indian but not in any day as Hindu rule). Just as a few billionaires can not make a country rich but a vast number of people with substantial wealth can, similarly a development opportunities gone overboard for a few sprinkled Indians who have no knowledge or respect for Hindu values, tradition and customs can not make an India representative country. It can be very clearly seen as not accidental. In this circumstances it is time to reflect on some of the concepts like “Great day for democracy, black day for India" or Raam Anad Aam Rajya: India’s Next Contribution to World.

Unless a dedicated efforts are made by all Hindus to address this anomaly, India will go on in circle of instability. 

Rasik S Sanghvi

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