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  Raam Anad Aam Rajya: India’s Next Contribution to World Civilization  


By: Rasik S Sanghvi
January 04, 2004

Whereas democratic system is better political system than any system so far experimented by human societies in their long history, this system has run out of its steam and requires to be replaced by an innovative system developed by human experience acquired so far.


The drawbacks and ineffectiveness of many above-mentioned systems, except, democratic and monarchy are obvious therefore we will discuss monarchy and democracy before introducing innovative new possibly more advanced and more perfect system of governance.

It is true that many of the golden periods of the world were during native monarchy in different countries. The monarchies had done good particularly in countries like India where the king was always constrained by the powerful representative council of spiritual, cultural, political and economic advisors. However, this system was inherently short and unstable because of shortage of virtuous rulers coming from a limited one family. It had not enough pool for rulers even if the family included all segments of society.

The democratic system of governance is best of all systems way far better than military dictatorial, communist, autocratic, theocratic systems, but it is defective nevertheless. The democratic system, even in most advanced and successful country, is war chest driven, propaganda based, appearance inspirer, money motivated, secretly powered (reason for women exclusion?). Despite its rhetoric claim of representative ness no person with ordinary background without money or glamourous support can ever be people’s representative with even greatest vision. In about 200 years of democratic experiment in USA, the most successful democratic country, no woman has become a president despite their being 50% of the population. It is either democratic system’s fault or society’s.

Another example of faulty nature of democratic system is provided by recent election for Governor in California. An appearance induced, glamour influenced, larger than life exposure for decades, fantasy imbibed voting by populace of California voted an actor in place of a dedicated life long public servant. Public service is not an immediate trait acquired instantly. Public Service like any profession requires life long inclination, dedication and preparedness. We see today professional politicians inept, unprepared, inefficient and corrupt not because of any fault in requiring inclination, dedication and preparedness but because of poor quality of professionalism brought about by lack of inclination, dedication and preparedness as well faults in democratic system for glamour, money, power and domination. Not to expect life long inclination, dedication and preparedness for public service professionalism in politics is like asking a plumber to execute a medical surgery.


For the truly representative, efficient, inspiring and macro capable administrative system we should have vision and capacity to put a new system beyond present day democratic system. In the absence of any other better system the humanity is stalled in this defective system The horror of this system is apparent where in the past in country like India when the corrupt and inefficient politicians did not hesitate to harm vast majority of people due to loopholes of unabashed interference caused by unequal currency rates facilitating corruption, internal widespread corruption for power and selfishness, antinational internal and external forces, vote bank politics etc. The cost of elections in democracy forces either only rich candidates to seek nomination or the ones who have to borrow and pay back mostly by corruption. It should be remembered that any political system should not become a holy cow and always the system is for the service of people. A political system beyond present day democracy but based on justice, equality, efficiency, truly representative, truly based on leadership of merit from one billion population can be established by the following ways.

A complete network of school system offering an ultimately measured certification after many years of academic and training courses should be available for free schooling to all the children of India. Together with other modern courses of studies the course in such administration should be offered to willing inclined aspirants. Even lesser successful participant from this course should be assured minimum paying administrative jobs and careers. The more successful can diversify either in material prospective economic private businesses or glory and power prospective public service. The ultimate teams of local, state and national administration and leadership should be chosen and elected from the students and trainees from the graduate of this system showing unselfishness, sacrifice of even glory, power and life when necessary and having quality of many layered vision and understanding, presumably few out of billion, at one particular time. The qualities of strategy, planning, (surviving) plotting, mettle, courage, sacrifice, foresightedness, farsightedness, energy, macro managing, logistics, scientific and psychological understanding should be taught and certification achieved by the ultimate candidates. This system should be named Ram and Aam Rajya- a political system based on representation, equality, justice, based on merit without fund raising, without special lobbies, without appearance driven, without propaganda driven etc.

Rasik S Sanghvi

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