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  Rape Charge on Hindu Swami
Why we require Swamis to reform ourselves?

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Rape by Hindu swami, Hinduism Yoga Swamis Babas

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By: Ganesh Sovani
July 05, 2007
iews expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


(The author is an Advocate at the Bombay High Court)

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In the last week, I heard a news that a Hindu swami has been charged by a twenty-two year old Caribbean women of Indian origin (Guyanese to be more precise) for committing a rape on her, at Port – of – Spain, in Trinidad & Tobago, initially I was bit startled. However, when his eighty plus age came to be revealed, I had a definite inkling, as to who this charlatan Swami could be.

Now Trinidad Express a highly respectable and responsible newspaper published from Port – of – Spain, T & T has revealed http://www.trinidadexpress.com/index.pl/article_news?id=161155562 that the name of the rape accused is Swami Jagatguru Ram Tripathi! But going by his photograph, which has appeared in its edition dated 1st June, 2007, one realized that he was long haired Krupalu (benevolent) Maharj from India.

Until this news item appeared, no body was knowing his real or legal name was Ram Tripathi as he was known as Krupalu Maharaj all and sundry. His figure is quite popular on Astha and Sanskar religious news channels which have become popular all around the world.

Undoubtedly, a very high profile cult figure from India having thousands of followers all over the globe, who literally scramble to pay an obeisance to him. Even the ministers (more so of Indian origin) whenever he travels those countries having substantial Indian population, queue up to take his Darshan!

Nearly fifteen months ago, he had faced similar controversy in the Indian state of Maharashtra. But the matter some how got subsided. One can read it at length on the recently hosted block by the celebrated journalist from Nagpur Shayam Pandharipande http://guyanafriends.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/860604972/m/20610617041

Those people, organizers, committees, both in India and abroad would find themselves in a very piquant position as long as his name is not cleared by the T & T police.

I have always wondered how, why and for what purpose we Indians (more so Hindus) literally surrender before the Swamis, Babas Maharajs, Ammas, Akkas, etc. without checking up their credentials. Are we mentally so week, that we can"t direct a path of our own life, without their blessings?

I literally abhor any such Swami or Baba who claims to be an incarnation of any God, say for instance Lord Krishna, Lord Shankara, Lord Dattatreya, etc. Nearly hundred years ago, in India"s premier state of Maharashtra the people have witnessed three great saints. Shree Swami Samartha (www.swamisamarth.com), Shree Gajanan Maharaj (www.gajanandarshan.com) and Shree Sai Baba of Shirdi(www.saibaba.org). Millions of people then and also even now believe that first two of them were the incarnations of Lord Dattatraya(www.dattapeetham.com). It is difficult to say anything about Shree Sai Baba or his roots, but undoubtedly he had spiritual powers.

But, one must notice and appreciate that these three great saints never trumpeted or proclaimed directly or indirectly, that they were incarnation of any God. So selfless, simple and humble life they had leaved with and left heavenly abode, at their own sweet will.

I am literally shattered with the crop of Swamis, Babas or Maharajs which has spread all over the country and even outside India as well.

If one were to put on any Indian television channel every morning, he or she will notice that barring a few, practically every news channel beams across a talk, lecture, Kathasar, discourse of a Hindu Swami or Sadhu or Babas, or Sadhvi or Swamini (i.e. religious lady) being telecast or aired relentlessly. However, with the passage of time, these discourses literally become monotonous and are quickly ignored and even and forgotten as well, as they turn out to be the repetition of the earlier versions.

However, one must confess that Baba Ramdev"s yoga teachings have brought sea changes in the lives of millions of people all over the country. A visit to his celebrated website www.swamiramdevyoga.com would be a thrilling experience to anyone. He has a credit of curing nearly 2 crore (20 Million) people who were suffering from bulge diabetes, hypertension, asthama, bronchitis, arthritis, and all other kinds of ailments, which were until other day, were labeled as" un-curable" just by means of Yoga. Undoubtedly, a phenomenal achievement by any standards. He has truly ‘made Yoga simple".

New York Times had written an edit on him two years ago, when he had traveled to US. He has substantially trimmed both the sales figures and thereby the annual turn overs of many ‘fat reduction" drug manufacturing companies in India, while simultaneously reducing the flab of his followers.

Just prior to 2006 Deepawali (i.e. festival of lights) he was invited by the United Nations to deliver a talk on the ‘significance of Yoga". One is saddened to know that America, rather US, has now secured a patent on Yoga which has really affronted us in many ways more than one.

Yoga, a neglected Indian health science, has now become popular after it got the recognition in the West. Though Dhirendra Bramhachari attempted to popularize it thirty years ago, through then ‘Black & White" Doordarshan (state owned channel), nobody took it seriously, because its preacher Dhirendra Bramhachari himself was involved in numerous political and financial controversies and hence some how failed to impress upon the people due to the loss of his own credibility.

However, for nearly twenty five years or so, an opportunity was lost to popularize yoga through an effective medium like television, especially after the advent of cable television after 1991 in the wake of US led war on Iraq which saw the flooding of the numerous news channels like CNN, BBC, etc. apart from our own news channels in India.

Yoga has indeed changed the lives of millions. Yoga makes person first mentally strong, which subsequently results in strengthening of physique.

It is heartening to note that thousands of males and females have started practising yoga these days. However, majority of them when they take up yoga, they are above forty or even fifty as well, when they realize that none of the allopathic or homeopathic medicines which they were using for curing their aliments were not able to bring the desired results. However, the younger generation is still unable to get hooked to it.

If one accepts yoga as his way of life, then he or she need not take any recourse to any Swami, Baba or Maharaj for achieving anything in life. Because, yoga makes him or her mentally strong and it gives an ability to think ‘within", which is a great quality to enjoy with. One can attain this position in life after great practice, patience and persistence. It can"t be gained or attained overnight. Mind Well.

But on the other hand, the present younger generation is bee lining before Swamis, Babas, Maharajs, Ammas, Akkas, Tais, etc. whenever they meet with frustration in life. This generation does not hesitate to shell out lots of money or even kind before these so called holy figures, (many of whom who have now acquired almost a demi God status), in the hope that their offering would result in eliminating their miseries.

However, with a passage of time, their hopes turn into despair, when they realize how they have been fooled by these Swamis or Babas.

Quite sadly, today"s younger generation is living an ‘aimless" or ‘goalless" life. This generation has no ‘objective" before them. In nutshell, they are on ‘unguided path" of their life. When there is no ‘goal", there can not be any planning to achieve it. When there is no planning, there is no question of execution of the things planned. No follow up. Hence, no necessity of retrospectively thinking.

Couple of weeks ago, 227 youths were caught by Pune (Maharashtra State of India) police when they were enjoying a ‘rave party". Amongst them, there were many girls with good family background who were working in trade & industry at responsible positions. When their parents came to know, the ‘deed" of their kids, many were initially aghast to know it. Some sensible parents even tried to disown their kids.

In today"s marketing and business economy culture, though this young generation is garnering fabulous salaries, the major chunk of their earning is drained off in various kinds of unproductive vices. In today"s world the concepts of pleasure, happiness, etc. have considerably changed. In the present scenario, this generation has lost faith in itself and its abilities. They do not know how and for what purpose to spend this money?

That is why Sanskaras (an upbringing) by the parents play an important role in ones life. When both the parents are working during the day, a child is kept for ‘baby sitting" and it is highly unlikely that it can get raised in proper atmosphere and good environment. Today"s parents are unable to imbibe on child"s mind the significance of life. What it should do to achieve it? What is meant by the sacrifice? How the previous generation, rather their (i.e. parent"s) generation, scarified many things first to get stabilized in their life and then enjoy the fruits of the life.

Unfortunately in the present Indian context, the concept of ‘institution of marriage" is also waning quite alarmingly. Can any one believe that the family court at Bandra (Mumbai, India) receives nearly 30 to 40 petitions per day from either spouse seeking the dissolution of marriage? While the ‘cruelty" is the commonest ground, over a period of time, ‘adultery" and / or ‘bigamy" grounds too find place in these petitions.

With the advent of BPO and / or ‘call center" cultures, where in the survey indicates that nearly 35 to 40% employees attract migraine, sleeplessness within in a short span of six to eight months, after joining and their marital life gets derailed in the process.

Both the economic freedom, coupled with the influence of Hindi television ‘K" letter serials by Ekta Kapoor are also blamed by many for spoiling the marriages. Quite surprisingly, no female organization in India has taken any bold step seeking ban on such kind of serials which have lent an astonishing credibility to ‘extra-marital affairs"!

All this is resulting in anxiety, frustration, disinterest in life, which culminates in the person landing in the fold of various ‘cults" thrown by the Babas or Maharajs. Due to our mental weakness, it is the fortune of these Babas and Maharajs which prospers, rather than that of ours!

Today"s Swamis, Babas or Maharajs have become an industry in itself. A sting operation carried by Rajdeep Sardesai"s CNN – IBN (www.ibnlive.com) in early May, 2007, showed how many unscrupulous saffron clad swamis were involved in converting ‘black money" into ‘white" in various Ashrams of the religious places in the Hindi heartland. The leaders of some of the religious organizations had a torrid time, in defending these Swamis, who are some way or the other connected with these organizations.

Many Swamis, Babas or Maharajs in India, have also acquired a ‘middleman" status. Thanks to the proximity which they enjoy with the politicians of the day.

In India, the police are often blamed for their inability to curb incidents of rape, which have become an order of the day. Unfortunately, India"s capital Delhi has acquired a dubious distinction of county"s ‘rape capital"? But, how many women organizations have come forward for condemning the obscenity or nudity promoted by the models like Mallika Sherawat or Rakhee Sawant? How many dance bars have been closed down in Mumbai and other surrounding areas, due to an initiative taken by female bodies?

If today"s India"s female young generation is falling into the trap of sexual assaults, then the root cause of the obscenity which is being propagated through films and Page 3 culture through press by their female counterparts can not be ignored. All this has given to a very perverted concept or thought of ‘sexual pleasure". That is why even Swamis or Babas too become the perpetrators of sexual acts.

In today"s India, a youth has totally forgotten the ‘purpose or the significance of life"! What it is meant for? How one can make the best use of it. What is the guarantee that after our demise, we would be getting one more or another opportunity to become a human being, so that all that unattained goals in this life, can be achieved in the next incarnation!

The God is so great, that he has given us, i.e. all human beings, a tremendous mental faculty, that is why we are able to invent or discover so many wonderful or beautiful things in our life. However, if he would have given us an ability to think or recollect about our past, i.e. of previous birth, then we would have failed to discharge even our daily chores or rituals, as would be often ruing over the missed opportunities in our previous life. Similarly, he has not given us any ability to think about our future i.e. second or subsequent life, whether it would be again reincarnation as a human being, or as a bird, or as a fish, or a reptile, any other mind of mammal, etc. Had it been so, then we would have always submerged ourselves in dreaming, what we would be doing in our future or the next life!

Which makes me wonder, why can"t a human being decides to believe in his or own abilities? Why can"t he do an ‘inward looking"? Where he or she has gone wrong? What he or she ought to have done or ought not to have done?

My own experience is that an inward looking enables a person to trace or find out his own mistakes in the past, when he or she was on the wrong track. Moreover, it also enables him to draw up a strategy to mend the things in his own way. Repentance is the first and best step to reform one self.

As the younger generation has lost an ability to think about itself, it is taking recourse to Swamis, or Babas or Maharajs, etc. in the hope of altering their own life swiftly and that too drastically.

It seems that the twenty – two year old Guyanese girl of Indian origin, too might have lost a faith in herself and in her own abilities and might have come into the lap of the controversial Swami Jagatguru Ram Tripathi for seeking better fortunes, only to find sexually assaulted !

When our younger generation would start looking within ‘itself", for its own better future?

Perhaps, only The God, and not any Swami or Baba or Maharaj can answer that!

Ganesh Sovani

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