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  Sonia Gandhi wants credit for Saving Ram Setu?  

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This article about:
Save Ram Setu Protest Rally, Sonia Gandhi

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By: V Sundaram, IAS, Retd.
June 26, 2007
iews expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.


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There is an unholy and dynastic political marriage between the perfidy of Sonia Gandhi and the Dravidian falsehood of T R Baalu. More than 800 millions of Hindus in majority in India and several millions of Hindus outside India in different parts of the world heaved a sigh of relief when the VHP, the RSS and other sister Hindu organisations, acting together under the auspices of SHRI RAM SETHU RAKSHA MANCH, DELHI, organized a massive rally on Ram Lila grounds in New Delhi on 27 May, 2007 to protest against the decision of the UPA Government in New Delhi to destroy for ever the sacred Ram Setu Bridge in Rameshwaram which has held the hearts of Hindus captive for trackless centuries. Every self respecting Hindu in India knows today that the politically criminal plot to blow up the Ram Setu Bridge in order to destroy the soul of India and to demoralize the Hindus of India by making them refugees in their own native land, was taken by the trio consisting of a non-Hindu called Sonia Gandhi and two belonging to the Periyar anti-Hindu perfidy tradition called T R Baalu and Karunanidhi. For this tricky trio the political survival of the rickety, shaky and shakeable UPA"s collusive Coalition in New Delhi is more sacred than the soul of Barath Mata.

Addressing the massive rally, VHP president Ashok Singhal, thundered like Winston Churchill against Nazi tyranny during the dark days of II World War, when he said: “We give an ultimatum to the UPA Government to stop the planned destruction of Ram Setu in Rameshwaram forthwith. The Hindu Saints, Sages and Seers of India have set 22 July, 2007 as the deadline for the Government of India to honourably withdraw from the path of Pseudo Secular Anti-Hindu destruction of Ram Setu, failing which an unprecedented, uncontrollable and unimaginable national agitation, will be launched not only to protect the sacred Ram Setu but also to heroically defend the timeless honour, self respect and dignity of the Hindus of India. There will be a DHARMA SANSAD in Delhi on 22 July, 2007 in which the saints from all parts of the country are expected to participate. The democratic battle cry of all the Hindus today who are firmly committed to the deathless cause of the eternally sacred Ram Setu Bridge can be summed up in these words: unflinching, unswerving, inflexible, indomitable and irrepressible-into broader lands and better days, freed from the draconian dictatorship of the Sonia-directed UPA Government in New Delhi”

Explaining the conspiracy behind the demolition of Ram Setu, Ashok Singhal said that the people of Europe do not want to recognize the history and culture of Bharat and all of them want to destroy it. That is why they refer to Shri Ram and Shri Krishna as mythological characters. The British in the days of the RAJ treated them as mythological figures and not as historical heroes. And now Sonia Gandhi, with her supreme contempt for Hinduism and all things Hindu, also holds the same colonial and European view. All of them do not recognize the period of Indian history prior to the Buddhist era. They feel that if the history of RAM SETU is accepted, then the historicity of Shri Ram will get proved and established. That is why Gandhi went to inaugurate the SSCP in Madurai on July 2, 2005, keeping in mind her avowed mission of destruction of RAM SETU through the good offices of T R Baalu and Karunanidhi.. He asked the question: “Why should the Government of India be bent upon spending Rs 2400 crore in a wasteful manner on the SSCP by dredging the Ram Sethu in Rameshwaram? If it adopts the alternate route by digging a canal in the barren land, the project will cost only Rs 1200 crore. Thus there will be a massive saving of Rs.1,200 crore in which the faithless and irresponsible Shipping and Transport Minister is not interested at all.”

While addressing the massive Hindu rally in New Delhi on 27 May 2007, Ashok Singhal rose to great heights by mobilizing the glorious Hindi Language and sending it into battle to save the precious Ram Setu Bridge. The vast concourse of people participating in the rally responded in raucously enthusiastic affirmation to this clarion call of Shri Singhal by loudly shouting the slogan of "JAI SHRI RAM" and "JAI SHRI RAM". According to some of my friends from the Civil Service who were present at the rally, the anti-UPA mood of thousands of people, was very much reminiscent of the hectic days of the storming of Bastille in Paris in France on 14 July,1789. I am delighted to hear from them that the popular mood of the Hindus at that rally was very much akin in spirit (if not in letter) to the explosive public mood of the suppressed and oppressed French people during the days of the French Revolution in 1789 and the Russian people during the days of the Russian Revolution in 1917.

VHP general secretary Dr Praveen Togadia declared: “If it were Mohammed Ali Sethu, instead of Ram Setu, the Manmohan Singh Government taking hourly instructions from Sonia Gandhi, would not have dared to touch it. Besides preserving it, the Government would also have declared a special subsidy for the devout Muslims to visit it, drawing inspiration from the politically spiritual message of the disgraceful Justice Sachar Commission. The Government of India is working round the clock to destroy the identity and culture of the Hindus. Ram Sethu is a Punya Teerth for all of us and we will not allow anyone to destroy it at any cost. The Governments of Egypt and China are spending crores of rupees to preserve their ancient sites but our anti-Hindu Government is spending cores and crores of rupees to destroy our ancient sites, which are internationally important”

Speaking at the massive rally, senior BJP leader and former Human Resource Development Minister Dr Murli Manohar Joshi gave a detailed account of his visit to the site at Rameshwaram and also the indisputable scientific facts about the Ram Setu. He said those who claim that it is not Ram Sethu are the biggest liars.

Janata Party president Dr Subramanian Swamy called upon the people to be ready for a bigger battle. He said: “The main battle today is between "OM" and "ROME". "OM" (Hindus of India) would defeat "ROME" (Soni Gandhi). Greatly moved by the inspiring and incandescent words of Dr Subramanian Swami, massive crowds attending the rally went into a state of ecstatic frenzy when he declared in Hindi:

“Aane waala sangharash hoga Om aur Rome ke beech. Jeetega Om. Naash kerenge Rome bhatkti. Vijaysri hogi Om shakti” (The imminent bloody battle is between OM and ROME. We will destroy ROME BHAKTHI! Hail victory for OM BHAKTHI !!)

All the Hindus of India are very happy that Dr Subramanian Swami has issued a clarificatory and self-explanatory, indeed a historic statement, yesterday to the effect that the Government of India are abandoning their plans to breach RAMA SETU. The following facts are seemingly coming to public view following his statement:

1. The Government of India deputed the Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Suresh Pachouri to fly by special plane to Jhoteshwar, Madhya Pradesh to meet Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, one of the Jagadguru Shankaracharyas at his Ashram. Suresh Pachouri, met him yesterday afternoon to seek the Acharya"s help in containing the growing VHP-led agitation for protecting the Rama Setu.
2. It is reliably understood that Pachauri told the Acharya that the Centre has decided to abandon the plan to breach the Rama Setu for the Setu Samudram Canal Project, and that it is seeking "an amicable way out".
3. It is learnt from my sources in the Government of India that the Prime Minister has also told the Union Shipping Minister, T R Baalu "not to touch the Rama Setu".
4. After a one-to-one talk with Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati at the latter"s Ashram at Jhoteshwar near here for about 20 minutes last night, Pachouri told UNI that he would convey to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other Ministers concerned about the discussion he had with the Shankaracharya.
6. After the talks, Swami Swaroopanand told UNI that he was optimistic that the central government would forthwith stop the demolition of the Ram Setu as it is a centre of religious faith for Hindus.

The nation as a whole is highly amused by the reported news item that Sonia Gandhi wants to corner the glory and the credit for saving Ram Setu making the stellar role played by the VHP and the RSS in organizing the country-wide movement for the protection of Ram Setu trivial and insignificant. When Mahatma Gandhi called off the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1922 following the Chauri Chaura Massacre in UP, he called it a HIMALAYAN BLUNDER. He said “If I make a mistake, I will not hesitate to retrace my steps and claim from the housetop that I was wrong.” Thus there was nothing mysterious about the ways of Mahatma Gandhi He was both moral and humble. We cannot expect Sonia Gandhi to follow Mahatma Gandhi"s example because she is neither moral nor humble. She can only re-enact a sham Dandi March or organize the humbug of a World Satyagraha Conference.

V Sundaram, IAS, Retd.

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Save Ram Setu Protest Rally, Sonia Gandhi

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