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We do not expect NewYork Times Editors to be "Educated Enough" to know the distortions in the Indian History TextBooks. At the same time it is expected of them to project the balanced view of this subject (We hope they are not supporting anti-India propaganda). Here is article from NYTimes "Hijacking India's History" which is nothing but a typical mouthpiece of Pseudo-Secularists.

The fact is: Indian History textbooks have several distortions to intentionally misinform our future generations. All these "DISTORTIONS MUST" be corrected. Our future generations have right to know the facts and not the propaganda of vested interests. India is not in "Mughal Era" or "British Raj" to be misled forever.

Want to know the distortions?
"Islam and Christianity are the only religions which treated man with honour and equality," is an extract from a textbook for Class V in West Bengal. From the books written by our "eminent" historians, we learn that Veer Savarkar, Khudi Ram Bose and Hardayal were terrorists; Bengal's disparate revolutionaries, bound by their devotion to Ma Kali, were terrorists; Aurangzeb was a "zinda pir"; in ancient India, "people ate beef but did not take pork on any considerable scale"; Chhatrapati Shivaji's victories were a mere "growth of Maratha national sentiment"; Jats were "plunderers"; the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur "was due to the intrigues of some members of his family"; and Alauddin's attack on Chittor to get Padmini is a "popular legend." (Varsha Bhosle, Rediff)

NYTimes editors should be educated on "History Distortions". They should know that India’s future generations have right to the "Factual" History. Their Publisher needs to know there are several unsatisfied readers that expect balanced views and not "Ideological Propaganda" form NYT. Sample letter is given below.

Hijacking India's History – By Kai Friese
Sample letter

Contact ids of NYTimes editors:
letters@nytimes.com, executive-editor@nytimes.com, managing-editor@nytimes.com, publisher@nytimes.com

Dear Editors, NYTimes

I wish to express my disappointment at your article "Hijacking India's History" dated Dec 30. I do not expect Editors at NYTimes to be "knowledgeable enough" to know the details of "Distortions" in Indian History textbooks. But I do expect to read the views from both the sides on this serious issue.

The fact is: Indian History textbooks have several distortions to intentionally misinform our future generations about the History. All these "DISTORTIONS MUST" be corrected. Our future generations have right to the "Factual" History and not those versions of history that suit particular "imperialistic" ideologies. Indian is a independent nation, not a "Mughal or British Raj".

I hope NYTimes cares for reader’s views and hope to see more balanced (read NOT anti-India) views in future.

"Un-Satisfied Customer"
Phone #
Two researched letters from IndiaCause members:

It should be "Rescuing India's Hijacked History"

Let us look at the points he has made in his article one by one


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