Our Successesful Campaigns March 2002: Kashmir Interview on NBC-TV Station  

'Toronto Star' Apology for insulting Durga

Maxim Magazine Apology for Gandhi Bashing

American Eagle Apology for Ganesha Slippers

CNN withdraws India Map without J&K

FoxNews withdraws India Map without J&K 

BBC removes 'Militant' tag for Godhra Victims

Kanchan Rescued, Bihar Gangster Sultan Arrested

Toilet Seats with Ganesha & Kali withdrawn

Denver Post / author publish "regret" for racist column

Apology from 'Gold Medal Hosiery' President

Tampa Tribune publish report on 'Indian Cannibal'

Chicago Radio Host Apology over anti-India Talk

'Sabrang' withdraws India Map without J&K

PBS dilutes Anti-India Propaganda

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In March 2002 Local NBC TV channel (KOMU TV) in Missouri, USA reported following:

Fighting in Kashmir's been going on for more than a decade. A University of Texas professor has written books on the topic. And today, he was in Columbia to talk to students about the situation. He says the U-S should not ignore the situation in south Asia, especially now. Prof. Sumit Ganguly said: "Once the snow starts melting in late April and early May, that's when we witness a surge of troops coming in.  Indian troops firing at those people, and that's when the levels of violence very quickly surge.

iVarta wrote to NBC for this coverage asking "Why NBC did not mention anything about Pakistan sponsored terrorism responsible for J&K violence"? NBC News Director, Stacey Woelfel, accepted this view and offered a separate interview to iVarta on J&K.

Mr. Joshi was interviewed by NBC for half an hour. The excerpts of this interview were shown in different news bulletins in May 2002.

Here is text of this news coverage on KOMU TV.


News Reader: Tension's still high between India and Pakistan, as well. Both countries have nuclear weapons...and world leaders are watching that closely. As K-O-M-U's Alvaro Ortiz reports.

Mr. Joshi has lived in USA since 1998. In August 2001, he launched a Website to discuss current events related to his home country and undertake Internet campaigns in favor of India.

Joshi accuses Pakistan of harboring and sponsoring terrorism.

Mr. Joshi: "The Hindu minority of Jammu and Kashmir, they have been under ethnic cleansing and more than 0.7 million have left that state." Joshi says Pakistani terrorists have killed 60-thousand people...of the Hindu and Muslim faith...since 1947.

"Kashmir is a very strategic location in Asia, which has got passes to China as well, and that is surrounded by the highest mountain ranges in the world, that is Himalayas."

Speaking in his national interest, Joshi posts background information, and other events such as news reports and Indian activist campaigns. And though Joshi keeps up to date here, he hopes to return to India some day, but knows the current priority is peace.

K-O-M-U tried to reach the Pakistani Embassy regarding Joshi's opinions. But, no one returned our call.


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