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Recently there was a report by Josy Joseph on Rediff "US firms, NRIs being duped into 'funding hatred': Study"

In simple words this is nothing but a researched HATE attack by Pseudo-Secularists (pinkos+Christians+Muslims) towards USA based Indian charity organization (IDRF) working for the community in India and abroad including victims of 9/11 in US. Given the caliber of Josy Joseph, Biju Mathews and the gang, this hate campaign was not at all unexpected.

Varsha Bhosle on Rediff has given an excellent rebuttal for this HATE attack. Please take time to read both the columns. And do distribute this information among NRI’s. It is very important to protect genuine organizations against such attacks full of COMMUNAL-HATRED by the P-Sec vultures. We request all IndiaCause members to support IDRF organization in future (IDRF)
. If becomes necessary IndiaCause shall conduct a campaign in support of IDRF against this malicious attack.

Whom these vultures target?
The only aim of the campaign is to halt the funding of the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad, Vivekananda Kendra, Vanvasi Seva Sangh, Sewa Bharati, and Ekal Vidyalays -- ALL being educational institutions set up for the upliftment of Dalits and Adivasis.

According to Mathews, IDRF has raised funds for Bangladeshi Hindu victims of Muslim violence, Kashmiri Hindu victims of Islamic terrorism, and relief efforts following the Islamic terrorist attacks in the US. Er... what's evil about that? Does raising money for the victims of Islamist crimes amount to spreading hatred...?

In which case, why don't these dorks ask for a ban on all madarsas (which also receive foreign funds) for spreading hatred? Why aren't all "minority institutions" banned for spreading hatred? Just because Hindus are a majority, anything Hindus do for Hindus is tantamount to spreading hatred...? And what about the Islamists going around killing Hindus???

And guess who's the prime sponsor of the report: Teesta and Javed Anand's Sabrang Communications, of course! Take a look at their India-Pakistan friendship forum's logo on the Aman page: Observe the relative scaling of the two countries. Note the drawing of India -- with the State of Jammu & Kashmir lopped off. Not pushing towards Balkanisation...?

(This Big-Pakistan/Small-India-No-J&K logo is withdrawn by Samrang/Amen after strong protest click here)

This novel attack "Project Saffron Dollar" has started deriving their results for P-Sec community which is hell bent towards balcanization of India. Varsha Bhosle says "Sun Microsystems stated that all donations to the IDRF have been placed on hold pending a directive from the IRS; Cisco has terminated all matching donations to the IDRF; and Intel has promised to "see that they do not commit the same mistake."

Where there's no will to reform, there's extinction

Here is another piece of rebuttal from Francois Gautier:

"Why is it that in this country, when for decades Saudi Arabia has been funding madarsas which are openly preaching sedition and are often dens of terrorism, the Indian Press finds nothing to say? Why is it that when foreign Christian organisations are pouring billions of dollars to deviously convert innocent Harijans and tribals, teaching them to hate their own culture and country, the media here keep quiet? And why is it that when a few Hindu organisations collect funds for a harmless programme like Ekal Vidyalaya - which are doing a wonderful job for tribal children - they are attacked as fundamentalist by most Indian publications?"
Reporting Bias

This is the original Hate-Report on Rediff: US firms,
NRIs being duped into 'funding hatred': Study

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