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Press Release
Hindus of Greater Houston
Saturday, October 26, 2002

(Thanks to Mr. Padmakant Khambhati, Houston for forwarding Press Release.)

Police case registered against Fake Shankaracharya

What do you call a twenty-nine year old man from Varanasi, dressed in saffron, who twice went to Puri to claim the seat of Shankaracharya and both times left following judicial orders and police intervention? What do you call a man in saffron who says that India's Home Minister L. K. Adwani is the world's worst terrorist and claims that Iraq's President Saddam Hussain is a great bhakta (lover of God).

Call him Adhokshyananda, or a fake Shankarayacharya. It would make no difference at all.

Adhokshyananda was in news again - this time in Houston. A police complaint was lodged against him when he hit a senior person of the Indian-American community who had come to hear him speak on Friday, October 25, 2002. The announced topic for Adhokshyananda was "Extremism: Its Long-Term Impact on India." The event was organized by the local chapter of AFMI (American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin).

Adhokshyananda seen with his staff with which he said to have hit a senior person in Houston on Friday, October 25, 2002. (Courtesy Akhil Chopra, Houston)

Adhokshyananda started his address with a prayer. But the prayer was followed by promptly by his spilling of venom. Without stating any facts or figures, the Swami spoke evil of many people, some of whom are respected and revered figures of India. He called L K Advani a terrorist; Dr. Hedgewar, founder of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), the biggest traitor; and Ashok Singal, the VHP-Bharat President, a leader of a terrorist organization. Moreover, he said that the current Indian Government, the VHP, and the Bajrang Dal were all responsible for the downfall of India. He said that these people are like bugs and rodents who need to be crushed and for whom sword is not necessary.

Adhokshyananda went on rebuking, perhaps unaware of the fact that he, by criticizing the present Government and its countrymen, was creating more wrath by widening the gap between Hindus and Muslims, in Houston as well as in India. He criticized the present Indian government, stating that it is responsible for the attacks on minorities. In stating so, perhaps he forgot that the present President who is the supreme commander of all forces of India is from that same minority community.

After patiently hearing to Adhokshyananda's talk, Mr. Ashok Dhingra, President-Elect of India Culture Center (ICC), went to see him. "Swamiji, I am disappointed to hear the tone of your language, which knows no love, peace, harmony and compassion," said Mr. Dhingra humbly. To which Swami retorted, "If you don't like to hear me, get out from this lecture". Mr. Dhingra, surprised but not losing an inch of patience and composure, replied: "The abusive language you used doesn't suit and fit the expectations one would have of hearing from a Shankaracharya-the highest of priests." Adhokshyananda, perhaps construing Mr. Dhingra's feedback as revealing his fakeness, started lashing out at Mr. Dhingra. In a fist of anger, Adhokshyananda hit Mr. Dhingra with his staff not once but three times, injuring Mr. Dhingra's thumb and finger. No wonder Mr. Dhingra filed a police report concerning the assault, hoping that the same type of violent acts might not be repeated upon someone else. Having personally experienced the wrath, Mr. Dhingra felt that Adhokshyananda is a terrorist, hiding behind the saffron robe, and that AFMI should screen their future guests before they present to the community.

It takes courage of people like Mr. Dhingra who dare to "call a spade a spade" and who can help separate the chaff from the grain, the fake from the real. Let us in the Indian-American community resolve that every Hindu boycotts the so-called Shankaracharya, Adhokshyananda.

India Abroad
Shankaracharya cancels rest of his tour and returns to India

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