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Our Successful Campaigns Mar 18, 2002: BBC removes "Militant" tag for Hindus. Now Hindus are "Activists"  

Toronto Star Apology for insulting Durga

Maxim Magazine Apology for Gandhi Bashing

American Eagle Apology for Ganesha Slippers

CNN withdraws India Map without J&K

FoxNews withdraws India Map without J&K 

BBC removes 'Militant' tag for Godhra Victims

Kanchan Rescued, Bihar Gangster Sultan Arrested

Toilet Seats with Ganesha & Kali withdrawn

Denver Post / author publish "regret" for racist column

Apology from 'Gold Medal Hosiery' President

Tampa Tribune publish report on 'Indian Cannibal'

Chicago Radio Host Apology over anti-India Talk

'Sabrang' withdraws India Map without J&K

PBS dilutes Anti-India Propaganda

more success....



When it comes to Hindu bashing the "Pseudo Secular" Indian and Western Media are leading in their attack on Hinduism. In their concerted efforts to malign India systematically they even forget the basic ethos of unbiased journalism.
Read how BBC described the Godhra (Gujrat, India) Train tragedy on March 16, 2002
"Hundreds of people have died in India in the past two weeks after Muslim activists attacked a train carrying Hindu militants back from Ayodhya."

Who were the Activists according to BBC correspondent Mike Donkin, in Delhi?
2000-strong mob of Muslims that attacked three packed coaches of the train with stones, swords and crowbars. They broke open the window grills of one compartment, with the crowbars and hurled petrol bombs and inflammable chemicals inside. As flames engulfed the coach, the mob prevented a fire tender from reaching the train.

Who were the Militants according to BBC correspondent?
57 Hindus that were forcibly trapped in a coach and burnt alive and charred to death. They included 25 women (militants??) and 14 children (militants??) and some infant (militants??) who did not have anything to save them form this ghastly massacre.

Most of the western media used the term
"Hindu Militants" for these victims who lost their lives. This was like calling "Killers the activists" and "Victims the Militants". It would have been appropriate if they had reported
"19 Moslem activists hijacked the planes in US and killed 5000 militants in World Trade Center"

This was extremely unacceptable and
'IndiaCause' took strong objection to these terms. We lodged a complaint with BBC. This was backed by emails of numerous supporters. We received email from BBC "We recognise that the use of the words referred to in your e-mail was Not appropriate. Accordingly, we have changed the sentence concerned." - BBC News Online (http://news.bbc.co.uk/)
The earlier BBC report stated
"Muslim activists attacked a train carrying Hindu militants back from Ayodhya."

BBC corrected it to:
"Muslims attacked a train carrying Hindu activists back from Ayodhya".  BBC Report (2nd paragraph)
Since then BBC Online and BBC TV News are using "Hindu Activists" in their reports.
Thanks to all our supporters for showing organized E-Activism in this cause.

This is a victory of the CyberActivism shown by IndiaCause members

This success story was reported by Hinduism Today & Gujarat Samachar


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