Our Successesful Campaigns TIME Magazine: ‘In the Heart of Hate’ (By Meenakshi Ganguly)  

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more success....


TIME Magazine, in their world edition of March,  published article giving vivid accounts of how "Hindu Extremists" (TIME phrase) killed Muslims and raped the women in Ahamdabad, Gujarat.

This article claimed: Mr.Ahsan Jafri (who was killed by Hindu attackers) had fired at the attackers and that a boy in the Hindu mob had watched Mr.Jafri’s daughters being stripped and raped. The Hindu boy sounded frightened & admiring. "When he grew up, would he do that?" The boy is claimed to have said: Maybe not rape, but he would kill Muslims when they have to be punished.

Three months later TIME Magazine admitted: "Mr.Jafri did not own a revolver, had only one daughter, she was in USA at the time of violence and WAS NOT RAPED"         http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1101020617-260709-2,00.html

This article, by By Meenakshi Ganguly, was full of quotes (form all possible unworthy references): Claiming Hindu rioters, giving counts of how many Muslims they each killed, how they were proud of their acts, they boasted while they did this themselves and many more  claims. (Article on TIME.com Archive: $2.50). Unfortunately Ms.Ganguly did not find single person describing how Hindus were killed mercilessly by the Muslim mob or how Hindus are refugees without media attention.

Do TIME publish anything said by any worthless TOM, DICK & HARRY? Is life so cheap at TIME Magazine? TIME published what Ms Ganguly wanted to believe in, rather than unbiased reporting. Ms Ganguly freely used the terms "Hindu extremists" & "Hindu Militants" but was careful enough not to use "Muslim extremists" whose BARBARISM (that can put even the animals to shame) was responsible for the riots that followed: Action & Reaction both must be reported without any bias. Why TIME has so much of hatred towards Hindus? Is it because the Hindusim does not preach intolerance, hatred, destruction and terrorism ?

Along with this correction, should TIME Magazine not apologize to Hindus for this biased & irresponsible reporting?


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