Our Successesful Campaigns Secular Indian Professor (?) and the US Radio (How much Hate for India and Hinduism? You decide!!)  

'Toronto Star' Apology for Insulting Durga

Maxim Magazine Apology for Gandhi Bashing

American Eagle Apology for Ganesha Slippers

CNN withdraws India Map without J&K

FoxNews withdraws India Map without J&K 

BBC removes 'Militant' tag for Godhra Victims

Kanchan Rescued, Bihar Gangster Sultan Arrested

Toilet Seats with Ganesha & Kali withdrawn

Denver Post / author publish "regret" for racist column

Apology from 'Gold Medal Hosiery' President

Tampa Tribune publish report on 'Indian Cannibal'

Chicago Radio Host Apology over anti-India Talk

'Sabrang' withdraws India Map without J&K

PBS dilutes Anti-India Propaganda

more success....


Prof.Angana Chatterji (Visiting Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco), belongs to "Indian Pseudo-Secular Tribe" that believes "Hindus" are responsible for every problem in India, from "Communal violence to Kashmir". Her arguments on J&K are more like an ambassador of Pakistan than the representative of India. Her article was published in Pakistani newspaper DAWN A Grave Confrontation

USA based Flashpoints radio station recently conducted her biased interview. We wrote two letters to the  Flashpoints Radio Host, Mr.Dennis Bernstein. Our first letter was for exposing the discrepancies in this biased interview (to which they had no answer). The second one was about some basic facts on Hinduism (to our surprise the Host replied hatefully mentioning imaginary "Hindi God").

We wrote (quoting non-hindu Western & Muslim analysts): "Hinduism respects every religion equally. Hinduism has never produced suicide bombers in their history of 5000 years. Hinduism does not have concept of infidels. This is the religion that has tolerated Islamic fundamentalism for more than 1000 years in India".

And Mr.Dennis Bernstein hatefully replied "It sounds like if you righteous people had the chance, you'd kill anyone who disagreed with you and feel justified" Read this communication

In her interview to Flashpoints Prof. Angana Chatterji compares Kashmir to Palestine (exactly on the similar lines of Pakistan President Mr.Musharraf). Parrots the Islamic fundamentalist lines on Kashmir. She cleverly hopes suicide bombing does not happen in Kashmir (Does she feel it is a logical step?). She says India did not fulfill commitment of plebiscite in Kashmir, but conveniently forgets to mention ‘United Nations Precondition’ for plebiscite (Pakistan withdrawal). Her interview on Flashpoints Radio. They could not defend what they claimed. Read our letter

When asked about her article in Pakistani newspaper Prof. Chatterji replied "I come from a family that has been actively involved in shaping India's secular fabric. It is a legacy I take seriously, and because of which I am compelled to write what I did."
Her reply that did not answer anything


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