We received following reply form White House (by First Lady Laura Bush)
Thank you for your letter. In these difficult days especially, the President and I draw strength and comfort from your words and prayers.

September 11, 2001 was a day of unspeakable tragedy and sorrow, and our world changed forever. But America's sprit is stronger and our hearts are more united thanks to the countless acts of heroism, compassion, and courage that continue throughout the country and around the world. Americans have much to be proud of and confident about  our nation is strong, the government decisive, our people resilient, and the military determined.
We hope in the coming months and years that you will remember and support those who bear the greatest burden: the injured, the bereaved, the Nation's children, and now the members of the military who will make us proud, as always, by defending our freedoms.
Laura Bush
Thank you all for your support.