Our Successesful Campaigns Jul 15, 2001: Peace Activist Vikas Singh released from Pakistan Jail  

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After strong email campaign with Pakistan Embassy (New Delhi), Peace Activist Vikas Singh was released from Pakistan Jail on July 4, 2001.

Vikas Singh, Lucknow
Vikas Singh is a peace activist from Lucknow, India. He left for a peace mission on his bicycle in 1987, toured 62 countries in 14 years spreading message of peace. On his return journey in Jan 2001 Vikas was stranded on Pakistan-Afghanistan border for few weeks and exhausted all financial resources. He was picked up by Pak security personnel for entering into Pakistan without valid documents and thrown in Peshawar Jail.

He was in Peshawar Jail for several weeks. All efforts by Indian Ministry of External Affairs failed to reach the deaf ears of Pak authorities. Pak newspapers published news of his arrest on April 23. Vikas was handed 3 years rigorous imprisonment by Pak court.

We strongly supported campaign initiated by ExpressIndia. Pak Embassy in New Delhi received more than 10,000 mails requesting Vikas's immediate release.

On July 4th Vikas Singh was released from Pakistan Jail as a goodwill gesture.

Thanks to all those who supported this email campaign for release of Vikas Singh. Thanks to Indian Express and many other news groups for bringing this issue to people's notice.

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