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Human Rights Watch (HRW) is a prominent New York based organisation wielding considerable influence on American policymakers and on western perceptions of India (http://hrw.org). Unfortunately, their reports on events in India have been one-sided and biased. Rather than making an objective assessment of communal violence and human rights violations, the reports generally are based on half-truths, distortions and sometimes outright falsehoods. For too long these reports have gone unchallenged. Here is a detailed analysis of some of the recent reports of Human Rights Watch and an attempt has been made to set the record straight.” Saag report.

The report summary and the url are provided below. If you agree with it, please send your comments to the HRW Chairman. You may use the following email ids and the sample letter

HRW Email ids: hrwnyc@hrw.org, hrwdc@hrw.org, hrwla@hrw.org, hrwuk@hrw.org, hrwatcheu@skynet.be, hrwgva@hrw.org

Start of the Sample letter --------------------------------

To: Chairman, HRW
Dear Mr.Jonathan Fanton,

Please read the report exposing HRW: “Politics By Other Means: An Analysis of Human Rights Watch Reports on India” at:http://www.saag.org/papers9/paper891.html   

After reading this exposure about the systematic bias by (so-called) Human Rights Organization, you should consider changing your mission statement from “Defending Human Rights Worldwide” TO “Defending Human Rights Worldwide - Excluding India”. 

Your Management is probably NOT aware about the following statement on your website – “Human Rights Watch believes that international standards of human rights apply to all people equally” - http://hrw.org/about/whoweare.html.  

You may agree with……..“The task of the propagandist is not the scientific education of everyone, but the indication to the masses of the facts, events, necessities etc. whose significance and morality enter into the field of interest."  

I wish the HRW Management will concentrate more on the Human Rights in future.

Thanking you.

Your Name

End of the Sample letter --------------------------------

Report at SAAG:
Politics by Other Means: An Analysis of Human Rights Watch Reports on India

Executive Summary:

After the Godhra incident of February 2002, Human Rights Watch (HRW) in a widely publicized report titled, “We Have No Orders to Save You: State Complicity and Communal Violence in Gujarat,” published in April 30, 2002, claimed that the post-Godhra violence was planned even before the Godhra incident occurred and the attacks on Muslims in Gujarat were “state sponsored.” HRW has authored many reports on communal violence and human rights in India such as a 1999 report on anti-Christian violence and two reports on the Mumbai riots of 1992-1993 in addition to its annual reports on human rights practices worldwide.  

Upon closer examination, it is seen that extensive and systematic bias exists in these reports. Their most glaring defect is the lack of concern for the rights and lives of the majority community- the Hindus. Incidents of communal violence in which both the Hindu majority and a particular minority community were involved in and share the blame for are portrayed as one-sided attacks by Hindus against “innocent minorities.” Human rights abuses against Hindus are either ignored or downplayed as compared to abuses suffered by minority groups.  

In the 1995 report on the Mumbai riots, HRW sought to place the blame for the violent events exclusively on the Hindu community and completely ignored the role of Muslim communalism in the riots. This should be compared with a more objective report on the occurrences by the Srikrishna Commission. There was not a single eyewitness account of attacks on Hindus in the HRW report even though Hindus had also suffered many casualties!  

Again, the 1999 HRW report on attacks on Christians in India blamed Hindu nationalists for all the violence, totally ignoring news reports and individual testimonies which go against such generalizations. Even more disturbing, this report demonstrated hostility towards the Hindu religion itself. It also attributed the 1984 anti-Sikh riots following the assassination of Indira Gandhi to the right-wing Hindu groups, while it is common knowledge that the riots were instigated by Congress Party goons!  

HRW’s most extensive publication on India was its 2002 report on the Gujarat violence. The report claimed that the attacks on Muslims were all state sponsored and planned in advance of the Godhra incident. Virtually all the blame for the violence is placed on the Sangh Parivar and BJP government. A detailed examination of the events shows that elements of both planning by Hindu extremists and a spontaneous uprising of the populace at the outrage of Godhra were present in the Gujarat violence. HRW, however, did not provide one iota of evidence in the report to back up its assertion of the state having planned the violence in advance. It also dramatically distorted the role of the police in the Gujarat violence.  

The bias is further confirmed when the report titled the chapter on attacks on Hindus as “Retaliatory Attacks on Hindus” while the chapter on attacks on Muslims was titled, “Overview of the Attacks Against Muslims.” While the Hindu mobs were said to have chanted “Jai Sri Ram” when attacking Muslims, the report conveniently avoided incidents where the Muslim mobs shouted “Kill Hindus. Allah is with us” when attacking Hindus.  

The purpose of this paper is not to ignore the role played by Hindu extremist groups in promoting communal conflicts. Hindu extremists were unquestionably involved in the attacks against Muslims in Gujarat. Furthermore, the Modi government willfully neglected its duty to protect the rights and lives of its citizens and promoted further communal polarization in a state with already tense communal relations. Rather, this paper is an attempt to objectively analyze the complexity of communal conflict in India and avoid the generalizations associated with HRW reports. 

Politics by Other Means: An Analysis of Human Rights Watch Reports on India




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