Our Successesful Campaigns June 20, 2003: Troops to Iraq: to send or not to send?  

To Send or Not To Send? 
By Colonel (Retd) A Sridharan

Reader's Voice: "Should India send troops to Iraq?"
June 21, 03

We should not harass PM's Staff with this email campaign
June 21, 03

Indian Government is currently considering the decision of sending the troops to help America in the Iraq occupation.

Facing daily assaults from a well-armed resistance, U.S. troops in volatile central Iraq say they are growing frustrated and disillusioned with their role as postwar peacekeepers. (Report from Washington Post).

"It's getting really frustrating," Sullivan said. "We took the city, but what was it for? We took one bad guy out but now there are lots of bad guys here."

"What are we getting into here?" asked a sergeant with the U.S. Army near Baghdad. "The war is supposed to be over, but every day we hear of another soldier getting killed. Is it worth it? Saddam isn't in power anymore. The locals want us to leave. Why are we still here?"










Vajpayee to decide on troops to Iraq: NDA
June 21, 03 - TOI


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