Our Successesful Campaigns Apr 27, 2003: American Eagle Apologize for Lord Ganesha flip-flops  

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American EagleApology for Ganesha Slippers

CNN withdraws India Map without J&K

FoxNews withdraws India Map without J&K 

BBC removes 'Militant' tag for Godhra Victims

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Toilet Seats with Ganesha & Kali withdrawn

Denver Post / author publish "regret" for racist column

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Tampa Tribune publish report on 'Indian Cannibal'

Chicago Radio HostApology over anti-India Talk

'Sabrang' withdraws India Map without J&K

PBS dilutes Anti-India Propaganda

more success....


In April 2003 American Eagle Outfitters in USA introduced following Sandals as one of their summer products. This company operates about 750 American Eagle stores in the US and Canada. 
On 27 April, 2003 IndiaCause launched an informal protest (which was not yet conveyed to our members). We also communicated our disappointment with the Management and expected their response before we launched a formal protest.

On 29 April, 2003 American Eagle Management responded positively to our protest and faxed their letter confirming "Please accept this letter as our formal apology for our use of the image resembling the Lord Ganesh on this product". In his letter
Neil Bulman, Jr. (Vice President and General Counsel, AE) assured "we will remove these flip-flop shoes from our stores".... (letter below)

(courtesy Ms.Nina Chavda)

We assume hundreds of visitors would have sent their protest to AE Management using our site.

Thank you
Team @ IndiaCause

Reader's comments

Apology letter from the "American Eagle Outfitters"

Sandals with Ganesha images anger Indians in US

News Today
My foot! now they have put God in sandals

Asian Age
US firm sells slippers with Ganesha

Hindustan Times
Hindus in US up in arms over picture of god on shoes: Report

India Express

US firmApology for sandals flaunting Ganesha images

News Today
Offending slippers given the boot

American co apologises for "Ganesha" flip-flops

Jang (Pakistan)
Hindus in US up in arms over picture of god on shoes

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