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Microsoft had shown whole state of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) as "DISPUTED" in one of its mapping software (MapPoint)

Our site had brought this issue before the company. Microsoft's International Public Relations Manager Helen Aaricke had said "the company was aware of complaints against the map and was taking it seriously. It had begun investigations, she added."
Microsoft ‘remaps’ India, opens window to dispute

Over 18,000 visitors expressed their concern over this map at our website. The issue was covered by media in
India, Pakistan and in USA

As of today, Microsoft has removed the world “DISPUTED” from J & K map.

The following images show how Microsoft has represented J&K then and now. These are is not the original images. The current version of the J&K map is available at their
Mappoint website. (Select 'Find a Place' and 'World Atlas', type words 'Jammu and Kashmir' and press 'Get Map')

Old image 2002: Jammu and Kashmir State (DISPUTED)


New image 2005: (DISPUTED) is replaced with (STATE)

Thanks to thousands of our members and visitors for supporting this effort at our site.


Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India by the 'Instrument of Accession of Jammu and Kashmir State to India'. India objects to the word "DISPUTED" to J&K. Even the United Nations has never made a mistake of using the word "DISPUTED" in J&K map.

In reality Pakistan was to have vacated J&K under the UN Resolution that it accepted but did not comply with. The only disputed territories are 'Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK)' and 'China Occupied Kashmir (COK)'.

Source: Indian embassy

IndiaCause note: Which is the  True Map of Jammu & Kashmir?



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