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Our Successesful Campaigns Dec 01, 2002: Sabrang removes "DIVIDED-INDIA" Map-Logos  

'Toronto Star' Apology for insulting Durga

Maxim Magazine Apology for Gandhi Bashing

American Eagle Apology for Ganesha Slippers

CNN withdraws India Map without J&K

FoxNews withdraws India Map without J&K 

BBC removes 'Militant' tag for Godhra Victims

Kanchan Rescued, Bihar Gangster Sultan Arrested

Toilet Seats with Ganesha & Kali withdrawn

Denver Post / author publish "regret" for racist column

Apology from 'Gold Medal Hosiery' President

Tampa Tribune publish report on 'Indian Cannibal'

Chicago Radio Host Apology over anti-India Talk

'Sabrang' withdraws India Map without J&K

PBS dilutes Anti-India Propaganda

more success....


For five long years Sabrang.com, in Bombay had two illegal maps of India on their website. One map logo showed Pakistan two times bigger than India. In reality India is several times bigger than Pakistan in size, economy, population and every other scale. The only scale Pakistan is bigger than every other country is the TERRORISM.

This anti-national representation on both the maps on Sabrang did not include J&K in India, but was included as an integral state of Pakistan. Are they not pushing towards Balkanisation on India?

Subrang sponsored the "HATE-Report-Study" against IDRF, an Indian charity that helps victims of Islamic terrorism in India and abroad.

Our members (and many other groups) wrote strong letters to Subrang. Under pressure they removed "Big-Pakistan-Small-India-Without-J&K (Balcanization-India)" logo from their webpage. They also removed the other logo. The logos were on this page before they were removed. Both these ILLEGAL logos are recorded by this site

On this occasion let us repeat:
Please donate to IDRF.ORG to help victims of Islamic terrorism including 9/11 terrorism. Its responsibility of every Indian to help IDRF.org that stands for "UNITED INDIA". Terrorists, Sponsors of Terrorists and Sympathesizers of Terrorists must be defeated if we have to live in a peaceful world.


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