Our Successesful Campaigns May 03, 2004: Denver Post / Author "regrets" for the "Racially Hateful" article  

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Denver Post / author publish "regret" for racist column

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Last updated on May 30, 2004

An extremely hateful column "A history of racial tension" appeared at Denver Post on April 28, 2004.
The article was authored by Pius Kamau, a thoracic and general surgeon and a commentator on National Public Radio in USA. The author carries a burden from his days in Africa and portrayed the entire Indian community and the Hindus with his bigoted views.
(more information of the author: he was censured and reprimanded for misconduct)

This "racist" article issue was published at IndiaCause website on Friday, April 30 and was also circulated to our membership on the weekend. After receiving strong reaction from the Indian community, Denver Post responded by publishing author’s regret and the Editor’s Note based on first 60-plus letters they received on Friday morning.

Denver Post Editor's note starts with: "An op-ed column last Wednesday by contributor Pius Kamau stirred up much interest and considerable anger, reflected in these letters to the editor......"

The author, Dr.Pius Kamau’s, comment ends with: “I regret causing pain to good people with my unguarded illustrations and words.”

On May 06, Denver Post also published a strong Rebuttal By P.K. Vedanthan
titled "Healing ethnic wounds"

We hope, in future, the editors at Denver Post would display the basic skills and the knowledge of the Indian community prior to publishing such "pre-meditated hate articles" against the Indians and the Hindus based on the author’s personal prejudices and bigoted views.

IndiaCause Thanks our readers and members for their great support on this issue.

Read Denver Post response and author's regret….. click here.

The following appeal was made on Friday, Apr 30, 2004 to our visitors and members.

Please send your protest to the President and Executive members of Denver Post for carrying this column full of “Racial Hatred”. You may also want to protest to the editors by calling them directly.

Kirk MacDonald, president, CEO, (303) 892-5050
Frank Dixon, senior VP production, (303) 820-1951
Gregory Moore, editor, (303) 820-1400 

The sample protest email and article is provided below. Such hatred must not go without a protest…… Please act and circulate. 

Start of the Sample letter --------------------------------

Email Ids of Executive members of Denver Post and NPR.org

kmacdonald@denvernewspaperagency.com, fdixon@denvernewspaperagency.com, tbotelho@denvernewspaperagency.com, gmoore@denverpost.com, worldwide@npr.org

I strongly protest "Racially Hateful" article published by Denver Post

Mr. Kirk MacDonald,
President, Denver Post 

Dear Mr. Kirk MacDonald,

I strongly protest “Racially Hateful” article published by Denver Post – “A history of racial tension” by Pius Kamau: http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,36%257E418%257E,00.html

I hope you understand that this article is misleading and full of anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda by a racist bigot. I request you to review this article in the light of ‘Denver Post Ethics Policy’. In my view, 'Denver Post' should apologize accepting the responsibility for promoting "racial hatred" against Indians.

I am sure you are aware that Indians have not only contributed to the American economy but also helped building this nation for several decades (without any religious hatred). I would request you to educate your editors in the history about India and the Hinduism.

Your Name 

End of the Sample letter --------------------------------

The Hate Article by Pius Kamau (he is a general surgeon and a commentator on National Public Radio - npr.org)

A history of racial tension… By Pius Kamau…Denver Post

Some new Indian doctors have been arriving in Colorado, the "whitest" medical community in America. A small nest of East Indian physicians has steadily grown around me.....

Dark foreigners have distinct pedigrees. Some Indians are Brahmins, others Warriors; to Hindus, blacks are a rung below Untouchables.......

Africans were always Indians' servants. Indians were second-class citizens.....

Mahatma Gandhi may have led his nation's fight against British rule, but Kenya's Indians never joined Africans in their struggle for independence; colonialism was just fine.....

Hindus can't help themselves. Humanity exists in a rigid chamber in Hinduism; one's caste never changes. Brahmins are empowered; lower castes enslaved. Blacks fit nicely within this group.....

Any religion whose gods consign a large number of its children to slavery and bondage is suspect and odious....

In 1972, Uganda's Idi Amin expelled 52,000 Indians from his country. It wasn't a smart move, but it expressed the frustration, anger and envy that many Ugandans felt.....

But there's no bitterness in me, only a wish they would open their minds to a world that's fluid and not always divided into rigid castes. I wish they could be convinced that we're not Untouchables.

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